12 healthy ways to deal with sadness

Feeling sad? or you find it hard to deal with sadness?

You feel everything around you is messed up. it seems that everything is finished. You are not alone, everyone feels sad at some time.

Sadness is a common emotion but it haunts us badly. No one wants to be sad but it is harsh reality sadness is the cause to find happiness. To find happiness we need to deal with sadness.

Here are 12 healthy way to deal with the sadness. But first, we find the reason for sadness.

happiness connected with sadness

When we are sad, we memorized all the bad things that happen to us in life. We recall the people who are the possible reasons for our sadness and these things create an unbreakable chain of memories and give us more reason to be sad.

Reason for your sadness

Why you are sad?

Sometimes, something bad happens to you, it will be the reason for your sadness for some phase of time but our tendency to recall bad memories are the main reason for being sad for a long time. We recall some related and non-related things that make us sadder. These recalls can combine, exploit, and lead to depression. There is some common reason that leads to sadness.

At a glance, all problems have solutions. All reasons for sadness can be fixed but if we handle it one at a time. If we multiple the reason for sadness then it may lead to depression.

Depression vs sadness

Depression vs sadness

Depression and sadness are different things but responsible for each other. The reason for sadness is something unhappy around you but being sad for a long time is responsible for depression and a depressed person always feels sad. To prevent us from depression, we need to break the chain of sadness. We stop to recall bad memories and instead we should recall our good days that may lead to your happiness.

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12 Healthy way to handle sadness

Things to do to break sadness.

1. Go with the flow

cry, if it make you feel good

It sounds awkward but if you feel sad, be sad. We have been taught by the patriarchy you should not cry and become strong. But to be real crying doesn’t make us weak. Express your emotions and if it makes you cry. Let’s cry. By stopping your emotions you could harm your mental health more than that it could be by expressing the emotion. So if you want to cry, you should.

2. Listen to your favorite music

Music connects better to you emotionally than anyone could be. Try to feel the music, listen to your favorite one. It could help you to reveal stress. Music gives you the power to express and feel your emotions. Just lost in the music.

3. Share your sadness

Find someone that can help you to deal with sadness. When we are sad we feel that no one is here for us. It is okay. Drop your ego and share your thoughts as we know by sharing sorrow, the soreness will decrease. After sharing your sadness, you feel light.

When I was sad, I shared my sadness with my mom, I hugged her and share my sadness. She is with me how good or bad I feel. Talk to your mom, she will help you to release pressure from you.

4. Connect with your friends

You have created lots of moments with your friends. They help you to deal with your sadness. Maybe not directly but indirectly they could help you. Connect with them, give them a chance to break your chain of sadness. Try to find some reason for happiness again.

5. Remember sunny days

If good days bring a smile to your face, so why not memorize them? Open your album, view your smiling pictures, try to connect with the old days, and bring back a smile to your face.

6. Give yourself some time

It is true that everything that feels messed around you, will be fixed one day, and bad days don’t last long for a long time. Try to have patience with yourself. Give yourself some time and hope for a better tomorrow. Everything will be fine, give some time to yourself.

7. Try to get sleep

A night of sleep or a nap could help you to get rid of the sadness. You find it hard to sleep when you feel sad but if you manage to do this then it will feel light when you awake after some time. If you can sleep, you must go for it. That’s freshness helps you to find a new perspective on the problem.

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8. Engage in work

Read an interesting book, cook delicious food for you, clean your room, or try to give you some work. You just need to distract your mind. Give yourself some task and try to live a busy day.

9. Do something good for you

It works, as your mind is totally busy to find the reason for being sad. Do something good for you that change your mood. At least you should try a new hairstyle, take a hot bath, dressed well or go outside and find some sunshine. It will help you to light up your mood.

10. Entertain you

I remember I prefer to play video games when I was feeling sad. That’s true it didn’t solve the problem but it helps me to avoid the pain.

it will be fine if you find something to entertain you. Tv, mobile, video games or play outdoor games. Make a list of things that you want to do when you feel sad. This will you avoid sadness next time.

11. Plan new day

The world rests on hope and our slogan also depends on hopes – hope to achieve the best in life. Your today may be hard but you should hope for a good tomorrow. Try to plan your next day as it will be good and try hard to make it good.

12. Focus on the good and move on

deal with sadness

Pick yourself, everything in life comes with a reason, if you have sadness in life, there may be the reason that life wants to teach you something. There is always something good in bad. Try to change perspective, take good things from sadness. Be more solution-centric and find a solution to your problem.

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The last line

A thought, bad memories, or something bad that happens to you may be the reason for your sadness but it lasts long for some time. But things become worst when we multiply our sadness by recall all the bad things that happen to us and that makes an unbreakable chain of sadness. We need to break the chain to avoid depression and try to find some happiness around us. Happiness is possible if we can deal with sadness in a healthy way.

We glad if you find this article help you to deal with sadness. Share with your friends and help them to deal with sadness. We will be back with the solution to a new problem. Thanks for reading. Have a good day.