21 new year resolution ideas for this year

The new year is coming. It is not just a time when the calendar will change to 2021, the new year motivates us to have something new with us. New plans for the future, new resolutions to us, could adopt a new lifestyle, or even we could start a new life. Without wasting time let’s go on the list where we discuss the top 21 new year resolution ideas. Let’s make some achievable goals for us.

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Let’s start

21 New year resolution ideas

1. Don’t give up

Most of us make a new year resolution or goal but give up after follow it for 2-3 days. The rate of giving up is more than 80% and it seems higher if we find ourselves in the mid-year. But promise to yourself that you will not give up this, you will achieve your target this year. At least you will try your best to achieve things. This should be the first change you need before entering the new year.

2. Be more strong

Promised to eat healthily, do healthy, and stay healthy

Health could be the first priority in most people’s list and it should be. Who doesn’t want to stay fit and healthy, who doesn’t want to enjoy life? Everyone wants a healthy life. So start working for your health this year, hit the gym, or go for a morning jogging at least 4-5 times per week. Remember the rule don’t skip two days in a row.

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3. Achieve perfect sleeping schedule

Enough, stop watching Netflix at night and don’t wake up like an owl at night. Your body needs appropriate sleep each night. The better you sleep, the more productive you become at work. Make a sleeping pattern that helps you to enjoy your days. You should be promised yourself that you don’t compromise your sleep for anyone. Manage your 6-8 hours of sleep.

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4. Stop procrastination

Tomorrow never comes, if you have time, do it now.

I will start gym on Monday, continue sleep, and say I definitely wake up early from tomorrow, I will study from the evening, and on and on. Just stop these excuses and don’t wait for the time to start something, start ‘do it now’ behavior. You should promise yourself to stop procrastination this year.

5. Make work/life balance

There are three types of people, one who lives in the mess they created in personal life and struggle in the office, and the second type who shine in office but have no time for family. Be the third one who manages to make a balance in work and life. Most people are struggling to make a work/life balance. Give first priority to your family. Making a balance between life will be one of the best new year resolution ideas.

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6. Stop time-wasting

Just take a close look at your previous year, what you achieved last year, If nothing stop regret and think how much time you waste a previous year, past month, past month, and even yesterday, a lot of time we waste. You should learn from the previous year if you don’t manage the time you didn’t earn anything. Time is precious and starts valuing your time from this new year.

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7. Break up with your bad habits

The good or bad we know better ourselves, better than any others. Make a list of all the bad habits that you have and give up them one by one. Break a bad habit each month and after the end of the year, you will meet better you. Your new year resolution could help you to break your bad habits.

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8. Read more books

Books help you to make the right decision, guide you to the right path in life. Promised yourself to read that more book this year. Just one book per week, help you to give access to knowledge of 52 books this year. This year could help you to be more genius in your respective field.

9. Be more kind

Try to remember how much you cost for your anger and frustration last time. The lose you face last time when you get furious. Try to be more kind this year. Manage your temper as long as you could. Smile more and be kind to everyone especially yourself.

10. Clean negativity

Cut negativity this year

Cut the negative people from your life, from your surrounding, cut the people who could have a negative impact on life on real or as well as social media. Unfollow those who spread hate in your life. Try to enjoy life more freely than ever. There should be no place for negativity in your life.

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11. Meditation each day

Meditation helps you to improve your focus and redirect your thoughts in a positive manner. It will give a positive approach to your life. Meditation helps you to relieve stress and control your anxiety of yours and an endless list of benefits. If a thing could have a long list of benefits on your life then their no reason to not doing mediation each day. Just give 15-20 minutes each day this year and see the result.

12. Take care of yourself

Stop thinking what words think about you, and take care of yourself this year more. Take care of your health, skin, teeth, style, and most important take care of your dreams. Take a resolution to treat yourself in a good manner this new year.

13. Don’t waste your resources

Let’s promised ourselves that we don’t waste water, food, money, and don’t overuse anything. I will save more and help to needy ones.

14. Eat less junk

We all know the effect of junk on our health but still, consume unhealthy food. Why not reduce the intake of junk this year, reduce the intake of high-calorie low food. Junk food like a slow poison that makes us hollow from inside. This year say a bye to junk food.

15. Reduce alcohol intake

Exceeding is bad of everything, how alcohol couldn’t be. If possible then you should quit or reduce the consumption of alcohol this year. Maybe you take it regularly to feel okay but take a look at those suffering because of you. Or you should promise to take in a small amount that it will not affect your life and neither causes trouble for your family.

16. Save money

There is a proverb that our ancestors use ‘to save for the rainy days. No one wants bad times and the reality is that no one wants to save money for that but if bad times come then condition become more worst if we don’t save our resources for it. So, remember to save for your bad time, not so much just save a small amount from this year.

17. Work on dreams

Dreams and goals are part of life If we don’t work on our dream then who work on our behalf. Make a schedule where you meet your dream each day. If it is not possible to make hours, just make 30 minutes each day for your goal. Do a little progress each day may be at the correct time these 30 minutes pay to you. Never skip a chance to achieve your dreams.

18. Try new things

Don’t be panic and try new things each day. Maybe your busy lifestyle didn’t permit you to do so. But we didn’t tell you to do big things, just give a try to small things each day. Learn a new sport, learn to cook a new meal, add new hobbies, or interact with new people. Do whatever that you have fear about because this life never meets you again.

19. Write your daily accomplishment

Diary helps you to motivate when you feel low, write your daily accomplishment in your diary, if you feel demotivated this old note will help you to gain energy. It will help you to connect with your best moment on their beat, the diary will help you to make your bonding strong with yourself. Take a resolution to write a diary on daily basis this new year.

20. Strength your personal relationship

We never take relationships seriously and never list this in our new year resolution. But it must be, relationships are important, our behavior depends on them. A good relationship helps you to reduce social anxiety and stress. it will help you to express more and beneficiary for mental and emotional well-being. Choose your partner wisely and if you are in a relationship then make it stronger than ever this year.

21. Take control of your life

Don’t be a slave of your life and don’t go where life takes you, take the control of your life in your hand, and write your own destiny. Do whatever makes you feel satisfy and maybe your reason for your happiness. Live the life you want and live the life you love.

The bottom line

Well, these tips and tricks will help you to start your new year more freshly. New year resolution is a good idea that helps you to add more value to your life. it could help you to make a change in life, help you to make a new target. So, don’t miss the chance to set up a new standard for yourself.

A very happy new year to you may be this year bring more happiness to you. Comment your favorite new year’s resolution that gives you a try this 2021. Comment if you have a more exciting idea for this new year. Stay connected and a happy new year to you.

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