30 things to do in the 20s for a better life in 30s

Someone questions me that what age you must be live in. I say in my 20s because this age defines our life and we could learn new things to do in this 20-30 age decade easily.

Your 20-30s life is the moving decade of your life, your whole future depends on how you will work at this age. This is the best age of your life, because it is the time when you have the most time to develop your mind, and obviously more energy to do anything.

But people waste it. They did not know how their work in their 20s gives a better life to them in their 30s.

Let’s try to know.

You can change the direction of your life and achieve anything in this transition decade, only you need to adopt some change in you. You need to grow some life qualities.

Here we will discuss 30 things to do in the 20s for a better life ahead.

Let’s start

30 things to do in the 20s for a better life

1. Take responsibility for life

things to do in the 20s

Good or bad, best or worst, that everything that happens in our life, we are responsible for that. Sit on the driver’s seat of your life and take it where you want.

If you want to grow you need to take responsibility for your life.

2. Goal is essential

Goals give direction to your life.

Now you take the responsibility then the next step should be the direction of life. Set a life goal, connect it with yearly, monthly, and weekly goals. If it is possible make your passion or dream your life goal.

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3. Stop copying

Don’t be a clone of someone.

The worst thing in our life could be to live other’s life and live others’ dreams. You are different your ability is different. Yes, it is true that You need a role model that could help you to understand the path of goals. stop copying, live your own life.

4. Drop your ego

Learn to differentiate between ego and self-respect.

You are just in your 20s, not a great age to have an ego. The 20s is your learning phase of life and if your ego overshadows your personality then it may ruin your learning process. Live like a child and don’t miss a chance to learn from anyone. Don’t hesitate to learn from anyone even it is your junior. There is no loss of self-respect in learning something.

5. Live in the present

We suffer in memories or in the imagination that makes our present to suffer.

In most cases, the cause of our anxiety is our memories. Don’t struct in past or bond in imagination. so stop living in the past or future. The best gift is our present. Live it nicely and make it more beautiful.

6. Stop regretting

Regretting makes your decision-making ability weak.

Maybe you made a bad decision in life. No one is perfect and Everyone takes a bad decision at some time in life. Stop regretting and try to make worthy decisions in life. Make a proper distance from the people who say the words like, but, should, could…

7. Make yourself strong

Health is the biggest wealth. Take care of your physical and mental health.

A healthy person can do anything and enjoy success. If You want something for yourself so you need to be strong both physically and mentally. You should take care of your health. Take a proper diet, do meditation and yoga, if you can manage time, hit the gym from today. And make you more fit.

8. Read more

Books guide you.

Read more articles. Read more books. Books are the best teacher in life. Read more than you read in the last months. it will help you to make the right decision at right time in life.

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9. Express more

Express more, live more

We are born to express. Don’t hesitate to express yourself, it will release stress and life easier. So, express your emotion, affection, care, or love.

10. Change the perspective of life

Everything has two sides: one which shows and the other is hidden.

We live in a society, and where it is difficult to change the perspective of people. Sometimes, we are bound in a patriarchy or sometimes in our thoughts. But if we want to grow in our 20s and want to match with the next and previous generation, we need to view things from a different perspective. Different angles of a thing help you to understand things better.

11. Express gratitude

Gratitude plays a vital role to make connections.

Thanks to all who help you in your bad time. Say thanks to all who make a favor for you. Gratitude helps to make your connection better in life. Your Connection helps you to grow in life especially in your 20s when you meet a lot of people.

12. Stop making excuses

I Couldn’t wake up early because it was too cold in the morning.

Don’t put your effort to make an excuse. Analyze the reason for not doing it, take responsibility for your work. Find the solution to the problem Do it or left it. Don’t waste time finding an excuse.

13. Learn from failures

Winners are those who have dared to fail.

Failure is natural when we try. Find positive in your failure. Analyze your plan for why you failed. Learn from failures, make plans, and don’t repeat the same mistake again.

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14. Balance your life

Don’t put all day in the same thing

It is an important skill you need after your 30s when you have family, career, goal, and health. You need to make a balance between all. All of them are important but if one is not enough. We need all to try to make a balance between all.

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15. Learn to manage time

Time is priceless.


it is very important to manage your day when you want to live a better life in your 30s. Protect yourself from distractions and manage your time. And believe me, it is not a time to be a social media hero, so be careful about time-wasting otherwise time will waste you.

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16. Avoid a bad relationship

A bad relationship could take you on the wrong path.

You are in the age when you get attached to, it is a genuine thing. But be careful to choose your partner, it will decide your future, a bad relation affects you physically and mentally. Instead of looks or money, choose the person who understands you, and makes your life easy.

17. Don’t stop learning

Stop learning, you will stop winning.

Your winning streak continues until you don’t stop learning. If you think that you know everything and don’t need to learn, it may harm you. There is something left to learn. Try one new thing on a new day. New things mean new opportunities. Keep learning and winning.

18. Value your money

Preserve something for a rainy day.

To manage money is more difficult to make money. Learn to manage money, invest it rightly, and gain more. Preserve a fixed amount for a bad day. Start to save some amount of your income.

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19. Don’t waste your talent

Give a try to your talent.

We all have some hidden talent, recognize it, and groom it. Don’t waste it, if we are good at something, give at least a try to your talent. Improve it and shine.

20. Stop comparing

Stop comparing and live a peaceful life

stop being useless and raise your standard

Comparing is the root of problems. When you comparing yourself with someone who has a greater ability than you, you feel an inferiority complex but you forget the hard work that the person make. If you want to compare, compare with yourself, be a better version of yourself each day.

21. Learn to move from a bad phase

A bad phase comes with a lesson

A good or bad phase is a part of life, it is like two faces of the coin. Sometimes good or sometimes bad. But the best thing is that good or bad, nothing lasts long. Learn to move on, everything will be fine one day.

22. Stop caring what people think

Don’t think what peoples think.

Stop caring what people think about you and your activities. No one’s opinion can be greater than your happiness. If someone’s opinion hurts you, then you should give up that opinion. Free yourself and make up your’s mind.

23. Learn to take risk

Risk-takers are the game-changer.

Do you ever see any successful person find success without taking risks? Every reward comes with a risk. Maybe some have don’t worth it but some have. Don’t hesitate to take risks in life if it could result in a win.

24. Learn to say no

Say no to a non-worthy task.

it is important to say no to certain things in your 20s. Say no to the activates that didn’t come in your good books. Be selfish, say a clear no to things that didn’t worth your time. Sometimes, No can work better than yes.

25. Stop procrastination

If you want to do something do it now.

You need to avoid procrastination as soon as possible for a better life. The habit of doing a thing on the next day will be painful for life. If you have a plan for something, do it now because you have most time now.

26. Eliminate negativity

You the average of five peoples that you spend the most time with.

Value of good company

Eliminate the person who may have a negative effect on you. Learn to eliminate toxicity from your life. Choose your company wisely and cut the peoples with a shit mentality from life.

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27. Manage your sleep

A healthy brain needs proper sleep.

Manage your sleep for the proper functioning of your body and mind. You need at least 6-8 hours of sleep as your workload. Don’t compromise with it, lack of sleep may affect your mood, and too much sleep may give you a feeling of uselessness. So just be careful, sleep properly

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28. Stop overthinking

Overthinking creates a problem that never exists.

Thinking is good and we are made for it but thinking too many damages your decision-making ability. Try to engage yourself in work and don’t take the load for unnecessary think. Do more and think less.

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29. Learn to Know when to quit

Quit when things are not working out.

Yes, we say never quit and it is not a bad thing but making efforts for that thing that is not working for you. Sometimes we beg for the person that didn’t want to be with us, sometimes we chase an unreal dream. Give them a try them but don’t waste too much time when you sure that things will not work. When you don’t find any positive from your attempts. Don’t quit when you know you could achieve your target.

30. Stop wishing and start doing

Last but not least, action speaks louder

things to do in the 20s

it is time to act, don’t just wish that you will live your dream life and have a dream personality, instead of that we should make a proper plan to achieving them. Work for your dream.

The bottom line

The age of 20s is the moving phase of life, if we do it right then we could achieve a better life. We need some qualities which we need to be successful in life. Your habits and work decide your future. So, let’s start a journey to be the best version of ourselves.

We are glad if this article helps you to achieve your dream life before your 30s. Thanks for reading. We will be back with another interesting topic. Stay blessed.

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