Are we need to be satisfied in life?

Humans are not made to be satisfied. If someone has a sense of satisfaction in all conditions then the thinking level of that person is truly close to monks. It is true that satisfaction is directly proportional to happiness. Happiness comes from your nature of satisfaction but it is a doubleheader, satisfaction is somewhere responsible for the death of desires. In this article, we try to explain the value of satisfaction, and are we need to be satisfied in life or not?

Satisfaction – happiness or death of desire

It is a reality if we satisfy with things then our reason for being sad gradually decreases but equally true is that your nature of satisfaction may kill your desires. Satisfaction responsible for true inner happiness and that also true if we satisfy with our lifestyle of now then we can never change our life. Be careful to choose the things and conditions for which you need to satisfy or not.

What happens if we satisfy with our life

Just imagine, if Jeff Bezos would satisfy with his job or he was satisfy with his first book store, could we see Amazon? The answer is yes, but with a different name and a different owner. Nature of dissatisfaction is somewhere responsible for the big dreams and desires. If everyone has a nature of satisfaction then anyone is not able to achieve greatness. This nature of dissatisfaction leads to a life of desire and if you achieve it you will found success. Satisfaction is needed but after a certain age.

Is it good to be a monk in nature?

Humans are not designed for satisfaction. They always need more than they have. If they have a bicycle, they desire for motorcycle and when they have a motorcycle they dream of a car. This is just a human tendency. We just can control it but can’t change and if we have this nature then use it in a better way. But it is not going to be an easy task to be a monk. It requires a lot of sacrifices. If you are ready to sacrifices things then it will be a good idea to be a monk by nature.

You should be a Monk by thoughts not financially. The monk nature will grow within you with the age. Now at the time, you could take benefits from your non-satisfying nature.

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Does satisfaction depend on age?

Yes, it is true. Your grandparents tend to be more satisfied than your parents while you have less tendency to not satisfied in comparison to your parents. If you are in your 20s or 30s that things will go in your favor. Your dissatisfaction nature may lead to your success. If you have control over something then why you should satisfy with that? The most important thing will become to identify the things that need your satisfaction or not.

How to choose something to be satisfied or not?

The big question, you can’t satisfy with everything and you can’t dissatisfy with everything. so how to choose? Simple thinking things in your control and you can change it, somethings don’t need your satisfaction. and most obvious you should not settle for something less than you deserve according to your potential. But there is a list of things that you can’t change or these are things in your destiny and you need to be satisfied for that.

You need to satisfy with your relations, respect, and love from others you get. You need to be satisfy for what your parent did for you and need satisfaction with the natural recourses you get. If you did not satisfied with these things this will leads to sadness for you. You should be satisfy for what you have today have but not be satisfied with your future.

satisfy for the thing that you can't change

You should not satisfy with your future, your financial status, your desires, your lifestyle, your health, or what you can change in life. Let’s understand with an example.

Suppose you are working for a company and they pay you around 25-30k. Are you satisfy with it? Not at all, if you don’t get what you deserve. Don’t settle for less than what you deserve. If you think that this amount is not enough to live the lifestyle then do whatever makes it more. and if you want to work with any company, then use your free time wisely and improve your skillset and the company offers you more. If you think you are talented enough to skip the rat race, then why not change all scenarios and live your lifestyle.

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Don’t satisfy with bad things just to satisfy your soul

You are overweight or underweight and are satisfied with it because your family or your close friends didn’t utter a single word of reality to you, Or you wait for something bad to happen to you. Don’t satisfy with this. You know you are the only one who can change this. You need to work hard to get the perfect body shape. Sometimes we confuse with acceptance and satisfaction. We satisfy because we accept things can’t change but if we accept it with a ‘But’ life will be changed. My body shape is not okay BUT I will change it, it sounds more positive.

don't settle for less than your deserve

Why satisfy with a lose if you can win the game. Life is similar if you think you can change your lifestyle so why not start hard working from today. Things will go smooth as the day passes as you grow each day. So don’t be settle for something bad to you.

The bottom Line

Every coin has two faces as like in satisfaction has happiness and death of desires. Sometimes we satisfy if we need lots of effort to change anything. Remember always that we only have one life to spend and if we satisfy for less than we deserve in life then no one can change our life.

There is nothing like a destination in life, it is all part of the journey. Satisfaction is a good thing but it needs lots of sacrifices. At least don’t satisfy with something that you can change. You should satisfy when you find that you have what you deserve in life.

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