20 leadership qualities of a good leader

top 20 leadership qualities

No one is a born leader, every leader learns and grows with time to become a great leader. Over the decades there are many leaders who joined their organizations with their vision, unshakable determination, and persistent hard work that led their respective organizations to great heights. Leaders may have different approaches and styles of leadership … Read more

How to be your own best friend – 15 life-saving tips

how to be your best friend

The most important relationship in your life is the relationship with your own. Literally, it seems awkward when someone says that you need to be your own best friend to live your best life. But that is the reality of life, that’s as weird as it is necessary for your life. Most of us suffer … Read more

13 good habits to have in life | Good habits to start your best life

Habits make you. Your good habits make your life best

Want a good life? then You need to adopt some good habits to start your best life. Success is the product of daily habits. Your daily habit decides what you will achieve in life. Good habit takes you towards success while bad habit takes you away from life and happiness. If you find that you … Read more

How to master the art of self-discipline

master the art of self-discipline

Sometimes do you feel guilty that your day passes without any achievement and you don’t have any control over your life? or sometimes you live a perfect day but you are not consistent with it. Mate, you are not alone who feel the same you just need to master self-discipline. In this post, we deal … Read more

10 bad habits to give up right away for a better life

10 habits to give up right away for a better life

What makes you? Your habits. Your life depends on your daily habits, it is your good/bad habits that take you success/failure in life. Some of your bad habits take you towards failure, and for a better life, you need to give up those bad habits right now. Bad habits interrupt your life and prevent you from … Read more

How to get your life back on track

get back on the track of life

A couple of weeks ago you are in better shape, feel motivated, taking a healthy diet, taking proper sleep, doing better in your personal and professional life but due to some instances, you lose track and now find it hard to get your life back on track. No doubt, there are some instances in life … Read more