10 bad habits to give up right away for a better life

What makes you? Your habits. Your life depends on your daily habits, it is your good/bad habits that take you success/failure in life. Some of your bad habits take you towards failure, and for a better life, you need to give up those bad habits right now.

Bad habits interrupt your life and prevent you from accomplishing your goals. In this article, we discussed 10 bad habits which ruin your life and that you need to quit right now for a better future. Follow this list of bad habits to give up and become successful in life.

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10 habits to give up right away

1. Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the worst habits that you need to give up right now, the nature of delaying tasks didn’t give you any kind of results. The person who procrastinates also delays their success.

Procrastination never lets themselves grow in life and push everything to the next day. Procrastinators waste their talent and skills just because they don’t want to do things right now. Maybe you want to give up this bad habit but a procrastinator says ‘from next day.

Stop procrastination, not every time you will be able to achieve the result within the last day of the deadline. If you have enough energy and time for a task, do it right now.

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2. Negative Thinking

A single fish pollutes the whole pond, in the same manner, a good day can be spoiled by a negative thought. Negative thinking of you is the reason for your many failures in life.

A negative approach to your life will be going to make your life hard. If you always have a negative approach to your life, you never grow. A person with negative thinking never takes the risk to jump out of their comfort zone and always surrounds himself with many problems.

You need a positive approach in life to find the solutions to your life problems, reduce problems and live a better life. Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones, and break your negative beliefs about yourself.

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3. Don’t take health as a priority

If you have everything in life but don’t have a healthy body, you couldn’t enjoy anything that your earn in life. But if you have a healthy body and mind, you could earn everything in your life. Your health is the most important aspect of your life.

A healthy person always has extra energy and time to do a certain task. Researches show that 1 hour of workout could improve your work efficiency by 3 hours.

Workout improves your energy level, reduces your stress level, helps you battle fatigue, is responsible for good sleep and helps you to take care of your diet. These are enough reasons to take your health as a priority.

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4. Mobile Addiction

On average, an adult spends about 6 hours on their mobile and often curses themselves for using this. We all know that excessive use of the mobile phone is bad for our health as well as the future. You spend your precious time just scrolling on social media feeds.

And the worst use of the mobile phone is in the bed, it makes it hard to sleep better at night and if you use mobile in the morning, it will take you away from real life and goals. Most sleep experts recommend finishing any screen time at least 20 minutes before you’re ready for bed.

Try to use your mobile phone less (if it is not connected to your goal), use this time to become a better version of yourself.

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5. Use of Alcohol/Smoking

The usage of alcohol/drugs makes your relationship bad, among family and formals too. Regular alcohol higher the risk of liver damage, high blood pressure and depression. Most people take it as a stress reviler but in any way, Alcohol/Drug can’t be a permanent solution to relieve your stress and tension.

According to health experts, smoking is the most harmful habit on earth, so far. it causes 80-90% of lung cancer across the world. According to a recent study, gender-wise, male and female smokers lose an average of 13.2 and 14.5 years of life respectively — that’s over a decade of their life.

Excessive use of alcohol/drug act as a curse to your family, it makes you unsocial. There is a long list of reasons that are enough to give up your habit of smoking and drinking.

If you have, please quit for yourself and your family. Please read helpful tips on Mayoclinic.com to quit smoking

6. Overspending your way into debt

Money problems can lead to serious health problems, and it always starts with overspending more than your income and pushing yourself into debt.

Many researchers show that under dept responsible for stress, depression, insomnia, smoking and drinking times. If you want a happy satisfied life always spend less than you earn and save a portion of your income for emergencies.

Spend wisely, for a happy life and cut all unnecessary expenses from your life. Live for yourself and spend on yourself. Don’t ever buy something just to impress this society, it will always take you into debt.

7. Don’t have a sleeping routine

Your sleeping schedule is directly affecting your physical and mental energy levels. Many successful people say in interviews that they need proper sleep before for better functioning of their body and mind.

But we are avoiding this secret like fools just for shitty web series or crazy people, the proper sleep of 6-8 hours(according to your body and work) is essential to earn the best from your daily life.

Research on about 5000 US employees shows that the people who slept less, significantly have less productivity at work and they estimate to lose the opportunity to earn the amount of approximately $2000 per week.

Proper sleep is the cooldown of your body and mind. Grow a habit of sleeping at a proper time and wake up early in the morning.

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8. Multitasking

Our brain is designed in the way that it works most effectively when it concentrates on one thing at one time and we are doing just the opposite of it. We all know, we are not good at multitasking but we are continually doing this. And result in us never reaching a certain goal.

Research shows that we are 40% less productive when we doing multitasking (You will take 24 minutes extra for a work of 1 hour if you doing multitasking). The secret to being most productive at anything, do one task at a time.

Multitaskers are often unable to finish a single task just because of the negative effect of so many distractions. If you want to be more productive during work, you should give up the bad habit of Multitasking.

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9. Skipping Breakfast each morning

Skipping breakfast is becoming common for many peoples but it results in many health issues. As we say health is a priority and a healthy breakfast is needed to start an energetic day. Breakfast skipper tends to live life with overweight and low energy level.

Taking a healthy breakfast leads you to some good habits, If you want to grow this habit, you need to wake up early in the morning to cook breakfast and need to burn some calories for hunger. it will help you have more energy in the early hours of the day.

If possible, take the fewer amount of calories in dinner, you could shift them to your breakfast.

10. Say yes to Everything

The last habit on our checklist is that you need to give up right now, saying yes to everything. If you truly care about your energy and time, don’t say yes every time when some through a task to you.

Saying yes to everything and everyone may distract you from your path of life and could take you towards some really bad experiences, Say yes when you are 100% sure of a decision or truly want something.

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Bonus: One of the bad habits that need to give up right away that thinking you are superior and didn’t need to learn anything. We suggest that you not stop learning, even if you are 200% sure about a thing. Keep learning, keep winning in life.

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Before you put down yourself about your bad habits just a reminder that everyone in life has certain bad habits. Give up all these bad habits and grow in your life.