Break Phone Addiction! 10 proven ways to Spend Less Time on Your Phone

Nomophobia, fear of being without a mobile phone. Actually, we have a term for mobile phone addiction. Today, an average adult spends more than 4 hours per day on a mobile screen, this is roughly more than 1/6th of life. Is it okay? Not at all, it is just a device and not so important that it cost 1/6th part of life.

In recent times, two of Apple shareholders write an open letter to the company to add more features that can help parents to set limits on children’s phones. Facebook tries to do the same with its algorithm. Seriously phone addiction is ruling our life and in a way to ruin it. You need to break your mobile phone addiction ASAP.

Read the motive of the Center of Humane Technology

As long as social media companies profit from addiction, depression, and division, our society will continue to be at risk.

Center for Humane Technology

Did you know average smartphone user checks their phone 47 times per day, people often check their phone even without notification? Various studies show that using too much of a mobile phone is bad for your focus and mental health.

Besides wasting your precious time, mobile phone addiction causes anxiousness, sleep disorder and sometimes depression.

Although the mobile phone is a very useful device but the addiction to anything is bad for us. Here are 10 proven ways to spend less time on your phone and get rid of your phone addiction.

10 proven ways to Break your Phone Addiction

1. Change wallpaper

The first thing that you can do right now, change the wallpaper of your phone in the way it reminds you of your life goals. Put a wallpaper that motivates you to do the right things for your life.

If you believe in short terms goals like me, then the best thing will be to set a wallpaper of your tasks that you need to achieve in the month or week.

I have used to do it for each month.

Change your mobile wallpaper to break mobile Addiction

2. Change your device passwords

Change the mobile password that reminds you of your goal. Set a strong password that questions you every time why you want to use mobile at this moment?

This will help you to use your mobile phone only when you need it actually.

3. Set a rule- No social media till 5 PM

Put it into the list of your daily tasks and set a clear rule ‘No social media till 5 PM and make sure to check it daily. Try to achieve the list of your daily tasks by the time limit. After this, you could reward yourself with the usage of your favorite app for some time.

I follow it in daily life and notice my productivity level increase.

4. Remember it is bad to use the mobile phone in bed

Remind yourself that the worst thing about a mobile phone addiction is to use it in bed. 80% of smartphone users do the same and most of them suffer from sleeping disorders due to their habits.

Did you know what is the most important hour of your day? The first hour after you wake up in the morning. Don’t ruin it just to see shitty likes, comments or news feed. Do your most important work at the most important time of the day.

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5. Make your most addictive apps difficult to reach

This is how psychology work, when you make addictive apps difficult to reach, you didn’t try again and again to reach it. Don’t put all of your social media apps on the home screen.

I usually do the same, I put my all social media platform in a folder with the name ‘Toxic Apps’ and they are password protected with the hint of my life goal.

I usually perform these steps when I seriously need to reach the app otherwise I didn’t trap in this boring process.

6. Turn push notification off

A fact about notification, on average only 10 out of 100 notifications are important for you. You didn’t need to react to each and every pop-up that shows on your phone. For this, you could turn off push notifications of your social media handles, eCommerce apps or other platforms that may distract you.

You can find it in Apps and turn it off, I also turn off more than 95% of apps that I used. When I need an app, I just go and check notifications.

Turn push notification off to break your mobile addiction

7. Put your phone on Do not disturb mode

Especially during the working hour, if you engage in your important work or study don’t let a shitty message or call grab your focus. Put your mobile phone silent or in Do not disturb mode before you start something important.

You could check in between breaks and make sure to take if you miss an important call. But when you take the phone in hand, always ask a question which thing is important for you at this time.

8. Stop multitasking

Do you think, you could scroll the feed, watch Tv and take your dinner at the same time and save your time? Stop, you are wrong more than 100%. Do one task at a time, it will save your time and give you a better focus on the only one thing.

If you want to work or chat with your friend or girlfriend, don’t cheat you, give your 100% in each task. Do one task at a time as your priority, complete it and then shift to another, otherwise, you feel it hard to concentrate.

9. Be loyal, check your apps’ activity

Check the app’s activity that you want to detach from your life seriously, this is the best way to measure your performance.

it was a while ago when I am addicted to Instagram and spent hours just scrolling news feeds and watching reels. But I detach myself from these social apps, and now I feel that I have more time in my day than usual.

You can check the screenshot of the previous month and this week. Before this, my activity is more than 3 hours per day.

check your Instagram activity and break your phone addiction by 10 proven steps

10. Repace with a good habit

The bad thing about habits, you could not detach them completely, they come back when you feel weak. The best thing you could do with your bad habit is to replace it with some good habit.

I replace it with books and currently enjoying it, I finished 9 books in just a span of 2 months.

You could choose your favorite thing to break your phone addiction. Currently, I read this superb book. You could also buy the same.

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How much time do you spend on your phone daily? Do you find these tips useful to break your mobile phone addiction? Share your thoughts in the comments! We are waiting for you.