34 best self-confidence quotes for women

best collection of self-confidence quotes for women

Sometimes you just need to hear confidence to build it and for this, we come with the best collection of 34 self-confidence quotes that are going to be special for women. Confidence always lies within you but you need to find it inside you. Confidence is a self-made thing and you will find it with … Read more

How to stop comparing yourself to other- 14 realistic tips to stop comparison

How to stop comparing yourself to others

Stop comparing yourself to others, life is not a race that you need to be first, second, or third to reach the finishing life (wait, finishing line of life = death). Life is like a never-ending scrolling media platform where you find someone better in nearly every aspect of life. The reality is that you … Read more

Stepping out of your comfort zone | Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

stepping out of your comfort zone

Life is beautiful and it is even more pretty when we step out of our comfort zone. There is nothing wrong to say that life starts outside the comfort zone. In reality comfort zone is a place where you never do a new thing and just live your life without any discomfort and barely any … Read more

How acceptance could change your life- The importance of self-acceptance

Self-acceptance is the first step to recovery

To do something in life, the most important step to accept yourself as you are right now. You are fat, thin, suffer a breakup, or face any body shaming, the first step to move on with it is ‘self-acceptance’. This article helps you to understand the importance of self-acceptance. You resist something for a decade, … Read more