Stepping out of your comfort zone | Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

stepping out of your comfort zone

Life is beautiful and it is even more pretty when we step out of our comfort zone. There is nothing wrong to say that life starts outside the comfort zone. In reality comfort zone is a place where you never do a new thing and just live your life without any discomfort and barely any … Read more

How acceptance could change your life- The importance of self-acceptance

Self-acceptance is the first step to recovery

To do something in life, the most important step to accept yourself as you are right now. You are fat, thin, suffer a breakup, or face any body shaming, the first step to move on with it is ‘self-acceptance’. This article helps you to understand the importance of self-acceptance. You resist something for a decade, … Read more

The importance of self-care | Best self-care ideas for teens

importance of self-care

Self-care is an important activity to do for. Taking care of yourself every day leads to a better future. There is no rocket science needed to understand the importance of self-care, we just need common sense to know why self-care is considered the best remedy to make your life better. Taking care of yourself mentally, … Read more

How to stop procrastination- get away from nature of delaying

stop procrastination

I will go to the gym from Monday morning, I will definitely wake up early from tomorrow morning. I will study in the evening. These are some common complaints of procrastinators and the chance of their tomorrow coming is nearly zero. We wait for the next day and other(successful people) grab the opportunity. We need … Read more

How to give up a bad habit

give up a bad habit

We all have habits, some productive or some unwanted. In order to live a beautiful life, we need to give up our bad habits as soon as possible. But it won’t be easy to break our bad habits as they urge us to do them. Bad habits waste your energy physically and mentally, which didn’t … Read more

12 healthy ways to deal with sadness

deal with sadness

Feeling sad? or you find it hard to deal with sadness? You feel everything around you is messed up. it seems that everything is finished. You are not alone, everyone feels sad at some time. Sadness is a common emotion but it haunts us badly. No one wants to be sad but it is harsh … Read more

How to deal with toxic peoples

how to deal with toxic peoples

Toxic people have a harmful effect on your mind. They can brainwash you and control you according to what they want. The harsh reality is that we are struggling to handle them. We suffer stress, manipulation, frustration, anger, or sometimes inferiority complex due to them. They just have one task that how could you put … Read more

How to deal with loneliness

how to deal with loneliness

We all feel loneliness and emptiness at some time in life. Loneliness may be the reason for depression when we suffer it for a long period of time. Sometimes we find it difficult to differentiate between being alone and loneliness. Both are different things, alone and mentally alone. In this article, we discuss how to … Read more