Develop a new habit in just 4 steps

What makes successful people successful? Successful people don’t have magic within them or they didn’t get aware of the winning formula by birth. Successful people become successful just because of their daily routine. These routines develop by some set of good habits. We have discussed some habits to adopt of successful people in the previous article but in this article, we discuss 4 steps to develop a new habit and the truth behind grow a habit.

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First thing first, this article is inspired by the book “The 5 AM Club” by Robin Sharma, which helps you to develop a habit. Read this book to take control of your morning.

Let’s start your journey to develop a new habit

Develop a habit in just 4 steps

Using the simple, proven methodology to develop any habits you want to incorporate into your personality. Here is a Four-step Habit Arc.

The lifetime habit arc by Robin Sharma

1. Trigger

Your starting point is to create some kind of signal for you. it could be a simple signal that reminds you what you want to grow a habit.

Suppose you want to wake up early in the morning, the signal could be your Alarm with the name of habit you want to grow in life. The trigger moment could be a simple signal that remind to start for your new habit.

2. Rituals

Take action toward the signal. Once you get the signal the next step to take action toward. Without giving a single thought to not pursuing your habit engage yourself in the first step to grow your habit.

It could be simple as taking action in the morning after the Alarm signal you to get up, you need to run the routine you want to encode. The faster you take the action toward your goal, the more strong you made your determination to develop a habit. Your mind tries to manipulate that you should sleep for 10 more minutes but you need to stick to your decision to get up.

3. Reward

After performing the rituals the next step is to reward yourself. A new habit doesn’t have to be boring. Focus on building a reward system into the process so you can take time to celebrate the successful completion of your goals.

A suitable reward for performing rituals will drive you to get the new habit done. Always use the power of rewards for the advancement of your triumphs.

Your reward for wake up early in the morning could be a short nap in the day or it could be your favorite dessert in lunch.

4. Repetition

Repetition may be the hardest part of developing a habit yet most important. but repeating a habit on a daily basis will only get you so far. You can do a lot by committing to a small action, doing it every day, increasing the effort over time and overcoming obstacles.

You need to repeat until you will reach to automation period and you no longer need to force yourself to do certain activities. it many cases it takes a minimum of 66 days to reach automation time but it could vary from person to person.

Each time you follow certain rituals, you’ll deepen the relationship with your sovereign self. Each time you rise at dawn, you’ll purify your character, fortify your willpower and magnify the fires of your soul. Minimum it takes 66 days to develop a new habit.

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According to the book- “The 5 AM Club”, time to develop a habit varies from person to person based on their willpower and endurance. It takes 22 days to destruct the old habit, 22 days of installation of a new habit and 22 days to integrate. The whole process takes a minimum of 66 days to reach the automation process.

Before following this 4 step habit arc, you must get aware that what you need to develop a habit in you. These are the 5 truths that you can’t ignore at any cost. Understand these facts

5 truth of developing a new habit

1. Strong willpower

World-class willpower isn’t an inborn strength, but a skill developed through relentless practice. Without world-class willpower, it is impossible to develop a habit. Your willpower will determine how long you will go for your habit.

Make it clear, without strong willpower you can’t develop a habit.

2. Personal Discipline

Personal discipline is a muscle. The more you stretch it, the stronger it grows. This applies same to the habit, the more discipline you have the less time you take to develop a habit.

Discipline plays a major role in developing a new habit, you need to stand up for your new habit even you are not ready for it. Don’t make excuses or rationalizations. Don’t let yourself off the hook. If you resolve to get up at 5:00 AM each morning, discipline yourself to get up at 5 until you reach to automation point.

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3. Recovery

Like other muscles will power weaken when tired. Recovery is essential to boost your willpower and you need to find the motivation again or should remember why you start. Recovery is necessary to mastery the habit and manages decision fatigue.

4. Four-steps of Habit arc

You can’t escape from any step of the Habit arc(which is mention earlier in the article), you need to follow the pattern until a certain habit becomes part of your daily routine. In other words, you need to repeat your rituals until automation of that habit.

5. Self-control

Increasing your self-control in one area of life will elevate self-control in all areas of life. You could start with a small habit, take control of it, it will help you to take control of bigger habits.

If you are able to develop a good habit in your life it brings another good habit. A change in simple habits will bring positive change in all aspects of your life. And Change your life completely.

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