Find Fitness Motivation- Exercise and get fit

Motivation is not something that you only need to start exercise, you need the motivation to keep going too. You need it every day to keep moving. Finding the motivation to exercise starts with a mindset, You need to make it a priority rather than a choice. Here are 7 ways to get your fitness motivation back.

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1. Connect with it plessure

biggest pleasure in life to see yourself in shape- Find Fitness Motivation- Exercise and get fit

Exercise is not always performed in Gym, you could run, walk, jump or do whatever you like to get you fit. But we always connect exercise with pain. Whenever you feel that you are lacking fitness motivation just think about what you can achieve when you have your dream body.

Workout is hard but harder will be to live with an unhealthy body. We always think exercise is hard but harder to don’t able to do the some of the basic things.

Just imagine the benefits of exercise, you don’t feel exhausted after a busy day in the office, now you can cut yourself off from the lift queue, you could feel more productive than ever from daily workouts.

2. Change your perspective

The most basic thing that you need to correct is the way of thinking about exercise, we think that only athletes or a physically active person needs a workout but reality is different, exercise and workouts are not choices, they are part of life.

The more we delay adding a workout routine in our daily life the harder it becomes to live our best life. Change your perspective, you need exercise to just get the best from you.

3. Set small goals

Your fitness goal may be very far away from you especially in the beginning. But believe me, you will get closer to it with every set.

We always feel exhausted when we set unrealistic goals and didn’t get results. Believe in the process things take time, you don’t achieve whatever you want in a month or two. Instead of big goals, you should set a weekly goal, maybe something like Saturday to Saturday.

Track your process, give yourself a reward, and get back to the new week goal. It will always be better to set a goal like lose/gain 1Kg per week instead of monthly.

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4. Forget about comparison

stop being useless and raise your standard

Forget about others and just focus on yourself. Sometimes we feel ashamed in Gym when someones perform a set with a big dumbell or someone has big muscles than us, we try the same but we can’t and it shakes our confidence. As the result, you lose motivation again.

Take note, your competition is always with you, you didn’t need to feel less when you see others. Your turn will come just you need to engage in your efforts. You could do the same if you give the same amount of energy and time to work out.

But we don’t need it, what we need is to just be better than yesterday. Your only comparison with you, plug your earphones, set your favorite motivation song and blur the world around you.

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4. Find a partner

Every day is different and sometimes you didn’t feel enough motivated to go to the gym, here you need a workout buddy. Find a like-minded partner.

Find a partner who has a like fitness goal for you. A partner in exercise can assist you in your sets at Gym and they will also get you back when you want to procrastinate.

You and your partner can help each other to stick to your daily fitness routine. You could compete with each other to get motivated.

5. Find something good about you

Everything feels hard at starting but once you find something positive about your exercise, it will become easy to do a regular workout.

You feel good when you master something, pushup or pullup or it could be situp or running. Start with your favorite thing and build the things around it.

I remember, In the initial days I start the workout with a diamond push-up and then focus on a daily workout, and the result is I feel good about my arms. The best day of my workout was of arms that time. It pushes me to do more with great enthusiasm.

6. Take care of your fuel

Diet may be the most difficult part of the exercise but it is the most important part. The more you work out the more you need better fuel and a better diet leads you to better exercise sessions.

Relate your diet as a sign that you will be going for the workout today. Do the activity or eat something in the morning that’s related to your workout diet. (Make protein shake, sprouts or boil eggs)

Your mind gives the inner motivation to your body to exercise and you need to give a signal to your mind that you are not skipping workout today.

Make your diet chart with the help of this app

7. Do it with happiness

You may feel that after weeks of hardworking, you are far away from the desired result and your motivation is getting down. Here you need to keep going because things going well only when you enjoy the process.

Forget the result, you achieve definitely or even more if you start to love the process. Don’t take it as a task instead it is a part of your daily routine and you need to enjoy it. Do whatever you do, do it with happiness.

Forget about your body shape or shame to do something new, here you just enjoy whatever you do. Pick activities you like the most, and they become something to look forward to. You will find the results soon or even more than expected.

Share your exercise motivation in a comment, we would love to discuss your thoughts.