13 good habits to have in life | Good habits to start your best life

Want a good life? then You need to adopt some good habits to start your best life.

Success is the product of daily habits. Your daily habit decides what you will achieve in life. Good habit takes you towards success while bad habit takes you away from life and happiness. If you find that you are not doing okay in life, take a look at your habits. Maybe you need to change them to good habits.

No one immediately goes to the top immediately, your good habit takes you from bottom to top.

This article is based on good habits to have in life and with every life habit, we discuss some tiny habits that help you to develop good habits. now move to the main part of the article. Good habits to have in life.

Let’s start

13 top good habits to have in life

it is a long article and we don’t want that you skip the most important segment, here is the list of 13 good habits to have in life that we discussed in the next segment of the article and in the end we give some tips to grow your habits.

Take a look at the list

  1. Create morning rituals
  2. Learn to manage your time
  3. Read more
  4. Show more gratitude
  5. Sleep well
  6. Make a self-care routine
  7. Add positivity and remove toxicity from life
  8. Take responsibility for your life
  9. Learn to say no
  10. Do one task at a time
  11. Speak less and listen more
  12. Set daily goals according to priority
  13. Accept yourself

We also discuss how tiny habits help you to grow these life habits, Make sure to read the full article.

Let’s start with number 1.

1. Create a morning routine

Start your day with a happy morning. Do the things which supercharged you for the day. Try to give meaning to your day through your morning rituals. Start your day with the habit that helps you to start your day with positive notes.

Do any physical, mental, or spiritual activity to make sure to have a healthy morning.

Habits to develop
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Gym
  • Morning walking
  • Worship
  • and don’t ignore the importance of a healthy breakfast.
Habits to give up
  • Don’t use your mobile when you wake up in the morning
  • Try to avoid usage of caffeine and junk food in the morning
  • Don’t oversleep, even on weekends

2. Learn time management

Time is precious and one of the most important habits to develop in life. You could achieve anything in life if you can manage your time for yourself.

When you say you don’t have time for good things, then just ask yourself, where do you spend your day?

8 hours to sleep, 8 hours for the job, still 8 left, and those you need to eat, travel or in daily rituals but 8 hours are too much for all these activities, you still have time.

We all have just 24 hours, and some of us make our dream true by better use of the day and some of us find a way to spend these 24 hours using Netflix and Instagram.

Habits to develop
  • Make your time productive by doing the things that matter to you
  • Make a time schedule
  • Use well your peak hours
  • Work according to priority
  • Believe in Smart work(not everything you need to do)
  • Give yourself time to fun
  • Follow Eisenhower’s matrix of time management
Habits to give up

3. Read more

The more you read the more your knowledge and experience grow. The reading habit could transform your life.

Reading expands our minds and boosts our creative imagination. Books are responsible to grow life and principles in your life.

If you want to develop the habit of reading then you should start with a book of your favorite genre. and if you are going to read your first book then you should read the hard copy version instead of the e-book or PDF.

Habits to develop
  • Start by reading 10 pages per day.
  • Read self-help books, novels, articles, and blogs.
  • Write the lesson which you learn from books
  • if possible write your experience and review the book in your diary.
  • Write daily journal
Habits to give up
  • Stop reading books that could have a negative impact on you.
  • Stop bad talks and gossip

Best collection of time management books

4. Show more gratitude

Do you ever think the best way to start your day on a positive note is by showing gratitude to God? Say thank you to God before starting your day. This single phase will change your mood to positive. Try it.

Showing gratitude helps you to make a better relationship with this world. Showing gratitude helps give you more peace and makes you calmer in life.

Gratitude helps you to feel more positive, relish good experiences, improve your health, help to deal with adversity, and make strong relationships.

Most important it will increase your social income.

Habits to develop
  • Smile more
  • Try to find the positive in everything
  • Say try me instead of why me
  • Say thanks to all who add value to your life
  • Thank God before starting your day
  • Say thank you to yourself before going to bed
  • Appreciate more
  • Stay humble
Habits to give up
  • Replace your anger and frustration with gratitude.
  • Stop showing your anger and frustration to drivers, liftmen, office boy, and cooks. (They all help you)
  • Stop ruining your relations with a bad mood, the mood will become right but you find it difficult to get back relations on track.

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5. Take care of your sleep

Want to start a great day, start with good sleep. Your sleep will define how productive your day will be.

You will be more energetic and positive when you sleep well. it will take be responsible for your better mood.

Most of us, struggle to get proper sleep, some of us sleep after 2 AM, some of us sleep 5-6 sleep, or some of us sleep more than 9 hours. Try to balance your sleep.

Habit to develop
  • Sleep 6-8 hours daily
  • Try to follow a sleeping pattern, sleep and wake up daily at the same time
  • Try meditation before sleep
  • You will find yoga to sleep better
  • Read books or write a daily journal, it helps you to sleep better
  • Be hygiene before sleeping
Habits to give up
  • Usage of mobile, desktop, and TV right before sleeping
  • Don’t think about the past or future before sleeping, just live in the present
  • Don’t engage in any controversial topic before sleep.
  • Usage of caffeine or any drug before sleeping
  • Avoid sleeping pills
  • Don’t eat or drink too much before sleep

6. Take care of yourself

Self-care plays an important role in your life’s success. Taking care of yourself every day leads to a better future.

Taking care of yourself mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally makes you strong in every aspect of your life. And most important it leads to your self-confidence, which helps you to make decisions in your life.

If nothing goes in your way, first be on your side, self-care helps you to win yourself.

Habits to develop
  • Make a self-care routine
  • Start to value yourself
  • Start your day with meditation, workouts, healthy food, and healthy thoughts
  • Your only comparison is with yourself
  • Accept yourself as you are and keep growing
Habits to give up
  • Stop copying others
  • Don’t think it is an option, Self-care is necessary

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7. Declutter toxic elements from your life

Start with a quote by Jim RohnYou are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

If you find someone toxic in your life, then the first task is to make an appropriate distance from them. Why do we need to suffer in life due to others, choose the best for your life that brings a smile to your face.

Apply the same in the case of accessories or things, remove all things that may affect you negatively.

Habit to develop
  • Be real and identify toxic elements and detox them from your life
  • Don’t depend on them when assigning an important task if you depend then make sure to make a backup
  • Don’t beg if you are sure that they will harm your inner peace, leave them, and you will find another.
  • Make real friends without selfishness
  • Try to make your circle fill with the best people
Habit to give up
  • Don’t let some toxic element run your life (as someone ruins their life in a bad relationship if you think it will not work, it will be better to move on for your physical and mental health)
  • Don’t be in a wrong circle

8. Take responsibility for your life

The sooner you take responsibility for your life the better your life will be. It is a harsh reality the good or bad that happens to your life it is somewhere your responsibility.

If you suffer a breakup, maybe you blame others but to suffer a breakup is only your responsibility, you have another choice to move on.

If you are thin or fat, it is all due to you, and you want a good body then simply you need to put in hard work to reach you, no trainer can’t replace your hard work.

These are some examples but you could find your role in everything that happens to you. So, stop running from the truth, your life is totally your responsibility.

Habits to develop
  • Accept the truth, you can’t run from reality
  • Accept that no one can’t take your workload
  • Take responsibility from today
Habit to give up
  • Replace I will to I am doing
  • Do it or leave it, Don’t only work on paper or future thoughts

9. Learn to say no

it is totally okay to say no. You may feel that ‘saying no’ to someone is actually a task of selfishness. But you can’t say yes to everyone.

When you work on your personal goal or self-improvement then it is become more important to say no to unimportant or unhealthy tasks.

Saying a clear no help you to live to less stressed life, it will help you to focus more on yourself

Say a clear no to your distraction, say no when you are not interested in something, it will be never a good idea to do something without interest.

Sometimes, saying no is good for your self-respect, but be careful don’t say no to everyone and every time.

Habit to develop
  • Value yourself
  • Value your precious time
  • Be selfish to make yourself
  • Make yourself priority
Habits to give up
  • Saying yes to everyone may hurt you later
  • Don’t give too much importance to anyone they may control your life
  • Don’t do something without your interest, it will just waste your time

10. Stop Multitasking

According to a study, only 2% of us are able to multitask. There is no harm in multitasking but it is bad for your focus. Multitasking is responsible for lower work efficiency. A single task at a time makes you more productive.

Switching one task to other may end in achieving nothing or taking more time. You may do a lot but can’t have a sense of accomplishment, which may affect your mentality for the next day.

Suppose you are watching your favorite tv show, eating your dinner, chatting with your friend and making a presentation for your office at the same time, what will happen? You are not going to achieve anything. Eating your dinner will take a maximum of 15 minutes, your presentation will take 1 hour to do and after that, you should enjoy your favorite show and then chat. Single tasks help you to complete and enjoy each task completely.

Habits to develop
  • if you are a student open one book at a time, it will help you to focus more and achieve the target in less time
  • When working on the computer, try to work on one or two tabs
  • Don’t use your mobile at the time of work, use it after completing the task
  • and remember if you are enjoying then enjoy completely, don’t put work in mind while enjoying
Habits to give up
  • Remove distractions, a small distraction may cost an average of 25 minutes.
  • Make your workplace more clean and free from unnecessary things
  • Stop chasing more than one target at a time

11. Speak less, listen more

Good communication is essential for both professional and personal relationships. But if you only say to someone then you will be in a one-sided relationship.

Give them an opportunity to speak and give their opinion, it will make your relationship strong and feel you both interested in the topic. The more you listen to someone, the more you understand them.

Your opinion is matters only when it required, otherwise no one care about what you say. Take your time and speak when required.

Habits to develop
  • Speak when required
  • Give respect to everyone’s thought
  • Get curious about the topic
  • Show them you are interested to get knowing about the topic
Habits to give up
  • Don’t jump into any conversation without knowing
  • Don’t interrupt while someone giving their opinion

12. Set daily prioritize

This habit we can’t miss to develop in ourselves. And it will sort out lots of problems in your life.

Start your day with some priority, give yourself 3-5 tasks that you want or need to achieve by night. It will give you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, make you more productive and consistent, and most importantly help you to get success in life.

Habits to develop
  • Make a to-do list before starting the day
  • Do the most important task first in the day
  • Make sure you will achieve what you assign to you
  • Use your peak hours for the most important task of the day
Habits to give up
  • Don’t assign a too easy or too hard task to you, make sure it is possible to do
  • Don’t start with the hardest task first
  • Stay away from the distraction, especially in your peak hours

13. Accept yourself

To add or give up any habit firstly you need to accept where are you now. if you can’t accept you can’t change.

Good or bad accepting yourself completely is the secret to growing yourself.

Don’t compare yourself with any other it may down your morals and keep remembering your only competition is yourself. Your target is to do better from yesterday.

Habits to develop
  • Talk to yourself more because you are the best person to know about yourself.
  • Feel proud of your good habits
  • Accept bad habits and make a plan to change them
  • If you fail, accept that failure and make your plan for success
Habits to give up
  • Don’t chase other’s habits
  • Stop running from the reality

How do develop good habits?

Good habits take time to grow.

No one is being right from wrong immediately, they are less wrong than first every time with their habits and these good habits will take you from right to wrong.

Add good habits to start your best life, here are tips that help you to grow good habits. These 5 tips help you to develop good habits.

1. Rule 21 of habits

According to psychology, we could grow or leave a habit in 21 days, but we should need to remember don’t miss a single day between these 21.

You could be habitual if you are able to do something continuous but bad things about good habits, it takes effort to stick to a good habit.

Your old habit is stubborn and they try to hold you back. They are hard to leave, to grow good habits, you need to stick to your decision to adopt good habits.

Once you become comfortable with your good habits, you develop them in your life.

2. Don’t skip two days in a row

It is hard to maintain a good habit in the initial days. But for a reason, if you miss a single day then don’t try to miss another day after that.

Try to get back to your ritual to next day. Remember the rule don’t miss two days in a row.

Your body and mind will think that missing a good habit will be a reward for you. And we love to reward. so don’t miss two days in a row even in bad scenarios.

Love your streak, make the longest one as we made on Snapchat.

3. Monday- the most important day

I always think the M in Monday stands for motivation. Monday is considered the most important day of the week. And Facts confirm that

According to research, the most productive day at work is Monday. If you start your Monday well, the chance of your week being productive will be eventually high.

And remember that whatever you want to escape from Monday, the same thing has to be done on Tuesday.

Try to not miss your Mondays and make it the best possible start to the week.

4. Remove obstacles

Distraction is mostly responsible for not developing good habits in life. Maybe you want to give up bad habits and want to develop a good habit but distraction makes your journey harder.

If you want to be fat to fit, you need to remove junk from your diet and add workout sessions, this acts the same in life, if you want to be successful in life you need to remove obstacles and add good habits in life.

5. Start small, start with the easiest

You could never read a book if you want to read a book in a single day. You will always read a book page by page.

Try to grow a habit in the same way, do small things daily, if you find hard try to do the easiest part first.

Be kind to yourself, and try to grow your habit with small and easy steps.

At a Glance

I read the book ‘the power of habit’, and it will all be about how habits control your life. Your life is an extract of your habits. if you have good habits then your life will be good and your bad habits definitely take you toward bad life.

That’s all from our article ‘Good habits to start your best life and top habit to develop in life.

Give up your bad habits and some good habits to grow in life.

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