How to balance Professional and Personal life

Professional vs personal – a challenge that all we face in our daily life. Most of us did not know until it became stress for daily life. Many of us are living a colorless life in the burden and responsibility of work. Many of us working in MNCs and did not have a personal life. We just eat, sleep, office, and repeat and did not have time for our family. We are just engaged in our professional life and forget our personal life. In this article, we will discuss some tips to balance professional and personal life.

Why we need to balance our personal and professional life

โ€œDonโ€™t confuse having a career with having a life.โ€

Hillary Clinton

For the well being of our mental and physical health, we need to create a balanced schedule for our day. I frequently meet the persons, who are depressed to work at the office, even they skip their lunch and dinner to meet the deadline. The main reason for this less productive due to no clearness in mind about work. We need to have a balanced lifestyle in order to utilize our potential. Just a reminder to mind why we working so hard in life, just to make our soul and family happy. Don’t spoil both things until it became canker.

1. Balance work/life

We know it is crucial to work for your secure future but don’t let ruin it your relationship. Live the more balanced work/ life. If you are a morning person do the toughest and unpleasant work first and the things that make you feel happy to do it later in the day and vice versa if you are a night person. Plan your every meal with family and if it is not possible then a simple rule to balance life if you have a tendency to working late at night then don’t skip breakfast with family and if you are a morning person then join the family in dinner time.

2. Don’t mess with the timing

If you working 9 to 5 in your office, logout from the office at sharp 5 PM. We don’t need to work for an extra unpaid minute. Many flattery peoples work extra work just to make happy their boss but just think is this extra time will make justice with your family or kids. and the next day, you need to be on the desk at sharp 9 AM just in a professional way.

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3. Plan weekends with family

The weekend is made to end the stress, anxiety, and fatigue of the week. Use it in a proper way just don’t lay down in bed. Plan a family time on your Sundays, a dinner with your wife/girlfriend, a game with your kids, or do the things that make your family happy. Create a wishlist of nearby destinations to go in your life with your family every weekend. Tick a destination each time.

4. Workout together

You are too busy for workout and not giving time to family. But both at the same time could utilize your time better. Plan a daily workout with the person you want to spend the most time with. It will help to live a healthy life to both of you and you could spend quality time with your close one.

A lot of Benefits of workout together

workout together

5. Plan your day

We should have a plan to live a more balanced life. Plan your day to and set the things according to the priority to balance your life. By planning our day we could utilize our time more likely. You should set the deadline for each task that you assign to you in the day. This deadline will help you to motivate yourself to do work in a more proficient way.

make a balance schedule for  professional and personal life

6. Take a break

If you think you are too busy in office work and did not have time for family. Consult with the manager, discuss this scenario with him, and take a break from the office. At this time, you should plan a family trip. This will help you to build a strong relationship with family, and mentally it will increase your productivity in the office. According to the survey, the most productive day in the office is Monday and that is enough to understand the importance of break in life.

7. Avoid procrastination and develop must do attitude

We face many problems in life due to our nature of procrastination and it prevents us to live a balanced life. We know that morning jogging is good for health but we avoid it just because of the temptation of sleeping. A lot of things we stop just because of our nature of procrastination. We promised us that we should not waste our time from tomorrow but we never start it from today. We must adopt a must-do attitude in life instead of a can-do attitude and develop in mind that if any task is important do it now.

avoid procrastination to balance  professional and personal life

8. Avoid distractions of life

There is a lot of time in a day which we wasted in the activities that neither belongs to professional life nor belongs to personal life and doing that stuff that is not important in our life. We all are on social media, do you think your social media appearance is more important to your family time or playing a video game at night is more important to your self-growth. Just think about what is important in life and what is our distractions in life.

stop being distracted from goals

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9. Turn your colleagues in your friend

You spend about 30-40% day in the office with your colleagues and still, you don’t have a great bonding with them. Try to create a strong bonding and friendly behavior with them. Try to engage in their happiness, engage in their work schedule, help them to complete their work to go home early. Be a good friend outside the offices.

10. Engage in the sports activity

Be engaged with your family in a sports activity is a way to nurture special family bonds that lasts a lifetime. It will help you to learn a lesson for your children. Engaging family in sports will help you to create an ultimate bonding with family. Plan a cricket, a soccer match, or engage with them in the indoor games as per your interest.

11. Don’t discuss office as you shut your system

We don’t need to discuss our office gossips as we leave the office. If you shut your PC at sharp 5 PM, don’t take stress, anxiety, and fatigue of office work to home. it could be the reason for your unstable mind and can ruin your personal life and vice versa don’t go in the office with your personal problem.

At a glance

We can achieve calmness and stability in life if we balance our personal and professional life using these tips. Personal and professional both are two faces of a coin, we need to be professional for our personal benefits and vice versa. We should maintain both in order to be a happy family. These will help you to live your life in a positive manner and can reduce your stress of work and family. We likely ended with a famous quote by Paul Tsongas– “No one on his deathbed ever said, โ€˜I wish I had spent more time at the office.”

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