How to be happy in life

Why do we live? Why are we working so hard in life? The answer is clear, we live to laugh, we work to be happy and we work about the happiness we can have in our future. Often, we want a happy life but are we doing whatever that makes us happy?

Actions speak louder than words. In order to be happy, we need to something about it and not just mere thoughts. We need to create our own form of happiness, we need to work towards it.

More often than not, most people relate happiness to success. We work hard today and we would be happy tomorrow. But they are wrong, if success makes you happy, do you wait to be successful to be happy? We need to enjoy our journeys in life, We need to enjoy every single moment we have in our lives. Happiness is not a destination but a journey.

If you think a person is happy because he/she not have any problem in life, you are wrong. Problems are obvious, everyone faces. But you should strong enough to create happy moments instead of problems. Life f*cks everyone and if it is your turn, to enjoy it is the only option that you have.

There are many reasons to be sad and depressed in life instead of all we need to find happiness in life. In this article, we have discussed 17 tips to be happy in life.

1. Stop Regretting

It is not essential to regretting a thing that can’t be changed. Regretting for mistakes of yesterday could not change the circumstances of today. It just gives an extra burden on your head and will increases your stress level. Accept the circumstances and stop regretting.

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2. Live in present

live in present

Don’t let past thought ruins your today’s happiness. Live in present, live in the moment. You should focus on what your life needs now and what you want to do now. Living in the present means you should not be worried about what happened in the past and what can happen in the future just enjoy what happens now.

3. Have a positive attitude for life

There is a Misconception in life about happiness, peoples think money, fame, power makes you happy but these things just only help to create a happy moment in life. And truly you don’t need all these things to create a happy moment in life. We, often see happy faces in slums. Happiness is all about inner peace and a positive attitude in life.

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4. Be social in Real life

There is no doubt that the mobile phone is one of the greatest inventions of all time, but it does not justify the excessive use of mobile phones.

A mobile phone can ruin your happy moments in a second. These like, dislike, follow, unfollow, share and other notification just increase your anxiety level. Use it in the proper way that your life can’t be disturbed. Be social in real life instead of on social media platforms.

5. Nature Makes you happy

Connect with nature, it will make you happy. Nature heals your mental pains. Spend time with nature will reduce anxiety, anger, fear, stress, and develop a positive attitude in life to be happy.

6. Cut Negative peoples from life

Value of good company

According to a study, you will be the average of 5 peoples, with you have spent the most time. Cut the shit from your life. Cut the peoples from the life that could have a negative impact on you.

They always increase problems and stress in life. They never talk about a solution. Negative people just work to be pulled down in life. If you want to be happy cut those types of peoples from life.

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7. Wear a smile

A smile can change your world. Smile is the official way to show our kindness and gratitude in life. Wear a smile on your face, it will change the world for you. it will create your positive aura. A smile makes you strong from ordinary people. it gives you extra time to think about problems. The people who smile require less effort to create happy moments in life.

8. Use your free time wisely

use your time wisely

Take care of yourself in your free time. Use your free time to engage in things that satisfy you. Use your time properly to find peace in you. Happiness is directly proportional to the level of satisfaction and peace in you.

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9. Place a Surprise call to friends

Drop your ego and place a call to people who usually make you happy in the past. A surprise call to school friends, college friends, or childhood friends can change your mood. Even you are busy in life, try to give 5-10 minutes in a week to relive old memories of you and your friends.

Recall happy moments of life that make a strong laugh. Most important they can tell you some new jokes to laugh at.

10. Break your Daily schedule

Break your schedule, take a break from office life, and plan a trip for you. A trip can change your whole mood in a positive way. We can learn a new culture from a new destination, we can find a new reason to smile from new peoples. so, don’t hesitate to take a leave form your daily schedule fo life.

11. Grow your hobbies

Hobbies are the things that made you happy even after a hectic day. Hobbies make you happy and satisfy your soul. Don’t hesitate to show your hobby. Do whatever that makes you happy in life. Grow your hobby to enjoy your life.

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12. Expect less

“If you expect nothing from somebody you are never disappointed.”

Sylvia Plat

Expect less, live more. If we want to live a happy life, we should start to expect less from the peoples, Expectation is the main reason for disappointment in life especially expecting from the wrong person. If you want to be happy apply the basic rule dream more expect less.

13. Don’t set an impossible goal

Be clever to set a goal and don’t assign an impossible task to yourself. Set a goal to yourself if you have a plan for this, without a plan a goal is just like to see a dream with open eyes. Be humble and kind to you while setting goals. Impossible goals just lack your confidence and down your happiness.

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how to be happy in life
how to be happy in life

Life is unpredictable and it is not our hand. But what we do is in our hands. Make a moment, make you happy. Play with children, talk with old peoples, give time to family, play with your friends, or do whatever makes you happy. Don’t spoil your evening with stress, make your mood light.

14. Dress properly

If a dress can make you happy, it is not a bad idea to dress up. Dress up in the best possible way because your mood depends upon how you dressed up. Your behavior reflects your personality. Dress properly to shine in the mirror. It gives you the confidence to laugh.

15. Avoid toxic Relationship

We ignore this fact but relationships play a vital role in our happiness. According to a recent study, our happiness depends upon the relationship with our partner and how our partner behaves.

People who are in a toxic relationship have a high-stress level and faces many health problems, Choose your partner wisely. Choose a person that makes you happy not a person who is the reason for your sorrow.

16. Develop gratitude in life

Say thank you to God for what you have in life and what you can achieve in life. Say thank you to the people who do something for you. A Thankless people ruin the moment of happiness that they can achieve by thanked the people. Their attitude ruins there happiness. Be humble and practice gratitude in life to be a happy soul.

“Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul.”

Amy Collette

17. Stop Comparison

Stop comparing yourself to others. Everything is different in its own way. Everything has unique abilities and have a unique talent. Comparing weak you and demotivate you. Comparison is an enemy of joy. Comparing yourself to others is responsible for your low confidence and self-esteem.

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