How to be more extrovert- 9 tips that will change your life

To express yourself with ease is one of the most needed superpowers in the world and most of us need it. Extroverts are someone who does it with ease. Having an extroverted personality will help you to connect better to this world and eventually this will lead to more networking opportunities and even professional advancement. In this post, we will share some powerful tips that will help you to be more extrovert.

What does introvert mean?

Introverts are someone’s who tend to focus on inner activity, while extroverted love to enjoy with world. You are an Introvert if you are-

  • Shy in nature
  • Don’t share their secrets with anyone with ease
  • Like to live alone
  • Talk to themselves more instead of others
  • They find it hard to start a conversation to new people
  • In many cases, they know the truth but due to shyness, they find it hard to convey.
  • They are good listeners instead of a good speaker.

Being an introvert is okay until your introversion holds you from doing what you really want. I was also an introverted person and personally, I feel that being an introvert is totally okay but soon I realized that my introverted nature hold me to pursue my dream. And I think you need to be more extroverted to feel life better.

Why you should become an extrovert?

All start with why? Plenty of studies says extroverts are happier than others. They are highly social, make more friends and have stronger romantic and social relations. The thing that I love about extroverts they feel happy to express their feeling. They travel the world and meet new people with great enthusiasm.


  1. Smile more.
  2. Speak in loud and high-pitched voices.
  3. Make an effort to find out things about yourself.
  4. Are energetic and high-spirited.
  5. Enjoy their lives more.
  6. Soul of the party.
  7. Centre of Attraction.
  8. Extroverts express themselves with ease

Hills and Argyle in their 2001 study found strong correlations between happiness and extroversion. Researchers also found evidence that acting like an extrovert can improve well-being, even among introverts.

10 tips to become more extrovert

1. Don’t define yourself by an “introvert” label

No one is extroverted or introverted completely, everyone is extroverted to some people or places as well as introverted to some people or places.

If you have a belief that you are an introverted person then it becomes hard for you to break that label. And you act more and more introverted with time. At first, you need to express yourself and it will be possible only if you stop believing you are an introvert.

Try to find the place or person where you feel most comfortable expressing yourself and start your journey to be more extroverted.

2. Smile more

No one is like to start a conversation with a person who looks angry or unhappy. Extroverts are more intresting because they have a charm that attracts people to get involved in a conversation with them.

A famous psychologist and businessman said if you can’t smile you should shut down your business because with a dull expression you can’t capture any customer and that’s the reality. A smiling face attracts more attention than normal people.

Those who smile make more friends easily and what an extrovert needs in life, is more friends, more happiness. Smile is the healthiest habit which helps you to make a connection with strangers too.

3. Boost up your confidence

Confidence will need for both introverts and extroverts. Your confidence will work for you to be an extrovert. To boost your confidence you start with your comfort zone.

Start to express yourself in a family and friend circle, if it is hard for you then start the conversation with yourself in front of the mirror and record some video selfies to have some confidence with you. Don’t miss a chance where you could express yourself.

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4.  Take small steps outside your comfort zone

You need to expand your comfort zone to be an extrovert personality. Try to extroverts in front of people. You could expand your circle by taking smaller steps. First, be an extrovert with you expressing everything that you feel in front of the mirror.

When you feel okay with it now expand your circle to friends and family. You could expand it to the desired level of being an extrovert by taking small steps.

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5. Get Involved in conversation

Peoples have a tendency that they start a conversation with the last line you speak if you just say yes or no in a conversation that gives a clear message that you are not interested in the conversation. You just need to expand your answer to give more conversation topics to others.

For example: If someone asks you, how was your weekend, don’t just say it was fine, add some more details about it like you finished your favorite movie or visit your nearby park. Ask them more about their interest or plan too.

6. Don’t use your phone in public

Mobile phones make you more introverted, if using the phone is not urgent put it aside and explore the real world. If you use a mobile phone in public means you are disinterested in other people and they may lose interest in you.

Stay fully engaged with the people you’re with, or branch out and introduce yourself to someone new if you’re somewhere alone. Meet new people with new energy and enthusiasm.

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7. Don’t hesitate to share your personal interest

People like like-minded people. Find clubs, groups, and meetups related to your interests. You’re more likely to find like-minded people there, and it’s more helpful to practice socializing in an environment you like. The more common topic of conversation you have the deeper bonding will you make.

Share your personal interest means you give more topic of conversation to other person and most important on your favorite subject. Don’t forget to ask the other person what they’re interested in too. Try to find something you have in common with the other person so you can carry on a deeper conversation.

8. Don’t miss any social gathering

Don’t miss a chance to attend any social gathering. If you aim to be an extrovert, social gathering means more opportunities to grow. Meet with strangers, try to make a conversation with them.

Share your own stories, thoughts, and feelings. This will help you to connect more with other people. People want to get to know who they talk to and they talk more to the people about which they more. Try to connect with them and aim for a smooth conversation.

9. Act life Extrovert

I know you couldn’t be an extrovert by just reading this post, you must act like an extrovert and that is our last point. If you are not an extrovert then acting like an extrovert, it will help you to become more extroverted.

Do you ever speak in public if not start your journey with a performance in front of family or friends first? Being an extrovert is not something you will become overnight you will make it with daily experiences. Try to express yourself more you will find more reasons to be an extrovert.

The Last line

In essence, we need both types of personality a listener and a speaker but more of one could cost us too many lost opportunities in life.

Most of us are ambivert in nature(both introvert and extrovert) according to the situation. Comment you reason, Why you want to be extrovert.

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