How to be your own best friend – 15 life-saving tips

The most important relationship in your life is the relationship with your own. Literally, it seems awkward when someone says that you need to be your own best friend to live your best life. But that is the reality of life, that’s as weird as it is necessary for your life.

Most of us suffer from loneliness but loneliness is not the main problem of us, the main problem is that we find it hard to tackle our loneliness. We are unfamiliar with the best person in our lives(obviously we are best for ourselves) and result we suffer.

Sometimes we feel that the world is against us, but forget to be on our side. The reality is that to win any battle of life first we need to win ourselves. We do know ourselves, we need to be our best friends.

You are suffering or not in life but to be your own best friend is always a great idea.

Why be your own best friend?

Yes, it is great to have friends in each phase of life but not every time life comes to us with delightful gifts. Sometimes we need to settle our lives alone.

The best person who knows you is you but you are not comfortable with yourself. Why?

Because you think, being your own best friend is not an option. But to be your own best friend is like printing your own money, it is like being the more reason for your own happiness.

When you start to love your own company, you never feel alone in life.

Being your own best friend can also be a great way to handle the loneliness, instability, and insecurities of life. Let’s start our journey to be your own best friend.

Tips to be your own best friend?

Maybe sometimes you feel that your presence did not affect anyone’s life, and no one talks about you when you left the room. it is normal when we did not count some of the important people in our life, i.e. ourselves, our loved ones, and our family. But you are not alone every time (you are in the company of you.)

These tips will help you to find, what is missing from your life and to be your own best friend.

1. Own your life

Don’t let someone take control of your life(emotion), it is good to feel others’ emotions but don’t be a puppet or manipulated by others’ emotions.

Take the remote control of your life in your hand, it is too much to do with yourself.

As your relationship will grow with yourself, the relationship with others tends to grow and you feel more connected to this world.

Do the things that bring value to your life, and the things you love to do always. Don’t think what all others think about yourself. Live your life with your heart.

2. Find the purpose of your life

To live a life without purpose, result in a life with a lot of distractions. Maybe you feel unaccomplished and unsatisfying in your life.

Uncover the truth about yourself. Value your passion, and live your dream. You deserve something to cheer about in your life.

Maybe you have a unique gift, share it with the world. The world needs you.

3. Explore yourself spiritually and religiously

When you feel alone, give time to God. Focus on your solitude, and try to explore some questions of humankind.

Get in touch with your inner soul. Religious books have too much to get to know, they help you to get the answer to some complex questions of your life.

Whether you do meditation or worship God, it gives you more power to explore yourself. Believe me, doing this takes you to a new level in your life and this is exciting too.

4. Use phone less

You have a thousand friends on social media, but your feel isolated every hour and every minute. Remember it is just a communication device, not a life-defining device.

There is no doubt Social media and mobile have a lot of good things to serve us but finding a true friend on social media is never a good idea(most of the time)

Social media is a mirage, the more you follow social the more you feel isolated, and the reality is that the people with the most selfies tend to be loneliest.

Our generation is so obsessed with the phone they use it everywhere(even at commode), if you really want to connect to yourself, you need to disconnect from your mobile(especially for some of the important hours of the day)

5. Date with nature

Feeling sun rays on your body, smelling nature, letting the wind reveal your stress, dancing with trees. Try to connect with nature.

Take inspiration from sunset and sunrise, and if possible enjoy every drop of rain. Visit your nearest hill station and enjoy some time exploring the view.

Think that whatever nature is doing, are doing all for yourself, You are on a date with nature. Maybe it feels awkward but it is really satisfying.

Definitely, it will help you to get in touch with you and you will enjoy every moment of your date.

6. Love your body

Love your body, and I think I use these tips in nearly every self-improvement article of mine. Because your body is one of the most important aspects of your life.

When you care for your body, your body release endorphin which is responsible to make you happy. Loving your body helps you to live more and give you more reason to love yourself.

Take care of your health physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Get your dream body.

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7. Reflect the kindness

Pour out your love, this world needs your kindness. Help others, your family, your sibling, and the needy ones.

Help them with your talent, help them with your money or help them with whatever you have to serve the world.

Realizing how many people around you are lonely and need you as your friend. Add a smile to someone’s life. Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.

Helping others is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world.

8. Focus on your family

In spite of all the bad things in life, you will find some positives if you change your mindset. Focus on your family, loved ones, or the persons who really care for you.

Don’t run to the people who are not for you, try to care for all who care for you.

if you’re really obsessed with friends then try to join your family, they have the potential to be your friend. Try to connect with your happy family. If you are upset with them, give them another chance, they truly deserve it.

9. Expect less from others

When no one is here for you in life, you are the only one who helps yourself. So why be expected from others instead you should expect from yourself.

Expect the best from your side instead of expecting from others. Try to focus on your performance and see the change from day one.

Maybe the expectation is the reason why you feel so alone(you expect your friends will be with you for your life, but you forget that we all choose a different paths in life).

Try to avoid unrealistic expectations when you really know the truth and live in reality.

10. Encourage yourself

Treat yourself like you treat your best friend(if you have any). Remember, how you treat yourself the world treats you the same.

Pay attention to your needs, treat yourself if you need, love yourself, and take care of yourself. Do everything that feels good.

Create your hype, and send a positive affirmation to yourself. You are powerful enough to change any condition.

Know your worth you are not less than anyone. Be your own cheerleader, be your own coach, your biggest fan, and be the best friend of yourself.

Be nice to yourself. Focus on your good qualities, strength, likes, taste, senses, feeling, and habits. Appreciate yourself with self-talk.

11. Stop comparing with others

Cut the competition, we all are different in our lives, we can’t replicate each other’s life.

You found that your social media mates(so-called friends) live a happier life than you, hey stop social media is not a place to compare happiness.

Stop chasing others’ life, you have many things to do in your life.

You need to be your best friend so you need to compete with yourself, compare your relationship with yourself, and check how much you know about yourself.

12. Don’t run for perfectionism

We are complex neither entirely good nor completely bad. Perfection is a myth and doesn’t run for it. How good you try, there is always best yet to come.

Aiming for greatness is good but to be perfect, is just fiction. Stop imagining that you are superhuman or unique, treat like you treat your friend or family.

You should focus on the process, on the achievement of your target, on enjoying your life

13. Be honest with yourself

Love yourself unconditionally in spite of all the good and bad things in life. You should be honest with yourself to accept all pros and cons.

Be honest, and don’t say sugar-clotted thoughts to yourself, you are brave enough to face any truth. It may be possible you like the person who said good things to you but the truth is more important than good things.

Be honest with your emotions, feelings, and yourself. You should say a positive affirmation to yourself but real one.

If you think you are doing something wrong, say it in front of the mirror without any second thought, and question yourself for right and wrong as a best friend will.

14. Forgive yourself

Guilt will not make any change in your life. If you do something wrong, the first step is to forgive yourself. You are not here to make any guilt record to the Guinness book( like I am angry with myself for the last 15 days, 12 days is my previous best{sarcasm}).

Forgiveness is the first step to moving on from any bad phase. Forgive yourself and take the lesson, the sooner you do it the sooner you move on. Think everything happens for you, not to you.

Be kind to yourself and forgive yourself. You just have one life, don’t waste your time on this bullshit, you can’t live in guilt, and you can’t be angry with the best person in your life(yourself).

15. Live in the present

Your past is just a part of you, not your life.

Regret can’t change the past and worry can’t shape your future. So, it is better to live in present. Your action in present will determine how you handle your past and what you are going to be in the future.

Just focus on your today. Just focus on this moment, this moment has too much to offer you. it is the best gift for you that’s why we called it a present.

At a Glance

Introverts by Shivam Gautam

Do live alone in your life is not bad at all, especially when you start to love your own company. Your all tantrums, feelings, and emotion are valid but you just need to understand yourself as your would-be best friend will.

Remember, you are the most precious person on this planet for you, don’t be scared to live with yourself. Uncover the truth about yourself, know your inner self, do whatever will be best for you, and be your best friends.

Live becomes easy when you become your own best friend.

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