How to deal with insult and criticism

Insult and criticism can damage our self-confidence, self-respect, and self-esteem. It is somewhere responsible for our loss of happiness in ours. We feel isolated from the rest of the world when we insulted by someone. It hurts more when you insulted by someone who is very close to you. If we want to live a happy life we need to learn how to deal with insults and criticism.

The insult and criticism may be physical or mental but sometimes we are not able to judge the insult. Sometimes we take true compliments as an insult or sometimes we found that every word from a certain person seems insulting to you. Although the story is different and it is all because of loss of temper.

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We have some choices that how should we react after an insult.

Possible choices we have after an insult and putdowns

We have 4 basic actions to perform after an insult or criticism. Let’s understand their reactions.

1. Anger

Most dangerous and harmful for us. Sometimes someone says a joke about us and we get angry instead of replying to him with a smile and humor. That will make the situation more uncomfortable. Anger blocks your mind and doesn’t let use your knowledge. So with anger now you can’t reply to him and this anger may ruin your relations with that person.

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2. Acceptance

Acceptance with a smile can make a change in the story. Accept the behavior of the person who insults you, accept the words from him, and take positive from it. It is one of the most effective choices you have. Someone tease and insult you, maybe it is the nature of the person to put down others. Let’s understand with an example.

Someone insult you about your body appearance, maybe you feel insulted at that time but figure out it is a true compliment or not for your body. If it is true then try to get fit and maintain your health in a good perspective.

3. Return the insult with humor

If your sense of humor is good then you will able to change the game of insult and criticism. I have seen many celebrities who return the insult with great humor. It will help you to return your smile on the face. it will make you more clever and quick-witted. Humor with a smile a deadly combination that will make the scenario more interesting that you remember it with a positive attitude.

4. Ignore and forget if you can

The option is difficult but gives it a try, ignore if you can. I remember when I was insulted by someone’s comment or view on me than my friend told me that you have two ears: one to listen, absorb well in mind, and deploy bad stuff by second ears. This helps me a lot to deal with a bad rumor around me. Try it once.

We did not have control over someone’s mouth or reaction but we have control over our impulsive action to maintain our temper to deal against verbal attack. But before any response tries to figure out it is an insult or something different.

Don’t confuse with a true statement and Insult

Sometimes we feel that our teacher, instructor, or parents insult us but the story may be different. They insult us because they want to see a good change in us. Remember in school days teacher insulted us for our bad performance or breaking school rules but they insult us just to perform us better. They stop to insult us if we perform well. Same in the case of parents or good friends maybe their motive is just to see the good change in you. All putdowns and insults have a reason, let’s try to find out the motive behind the criticism.

Motive plays a vital role to understand the insult and give you more control to respond to the insult.

Know the motive behind

how to deal with insult and criticism
1. Want to see the change in you

As we discussed earlier like a teacher, instructor, parents, or your close one they always a good intent behind. Maybe they are not a big fan of your lifestyle as want to see a positive change in it. You need to take it seriously as a life lesson and should improve yourself.

2. Respect the perspective

we get confused with a true statement or someone’s review. We found it insulting but it is just a review passed by a person. it may be harsh if their experience is bad with you but if your behavior is good their view will change gradually.

3. Jealousy

Someone wants to insult and put you down just because they jealous of you and feel insecure about your personality. They have a tendency to compliment with loopholes. Jealous people just want to highlight your weaknesses. Don’t take them seriously, answer them with humor.

4. Someone insults you just for pleasure

We have a lot of people around us who insult someone just to have pleasure. They find it cool to insult and put down someone. They criticize with no reason and enjoy it. You could find a lot of videos on the social media platform just of roasting. Peoples roast and enjoy. So, don’t take the stress and don’t take it seriously. Reply to them with good humor.

Deal with insult and criticism

There are 7 tips to deal with insult and criticism.

1. Take a deep breath and relax

After the insult, you may feel frustrated and angry and want to take revenge for it. Take a deep breath, collect yourself, and try to low the blood circulation. A cool mind will guide you to respond better in the condition.

2. Get the motive behind it

You react better if you know the motive behind your insult or criticism. You could take the control in your hand if you understand the motive behind your insult.

3. Ignore if you can

A difficult task but if you can, you should ignore it. Not everything and everyone needs your attention. Just leave them and let them live in their world. If you manage to do then they feel frustrated more than they could insult you. Headphones or Earpods could help you to ignore them.

4. Reply them with a smile and humor

Humor helps you to deal with insult and criticism

If ignoring becomes hard for you then try to reply to them with a smile and humor. This is one of the funny and interesting ways to react to insult. it will help you to take control of things and move the spotlight on you.

5. Speak them in private

If your humor is not so good then talk to them will be a good option for you. You should speak to them about their behavior in private. You should tell them how hard it feels to you when any person says that kind of word. Tell them how hurtful is that for you and there are chances of understanding is too damn high.

6. Report

If you think that none of the above things will affect the mentality of that person then you should report their behavior to someone bigger in authority. Tell them to handle that person. It will help you to release pressure from you.

7. Take care of yourself

You have done a lot of thing to get rid from the insult, now it is time to take care of yourself. Give a treat to yourself, go for dinner, go to shopping mall, get haircut or meet your favorite person. Do whatever make you feel happy.

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The bottom line

Insult or criticism is not a bad thing always, sometimes it will help us to find the drawbacks of you, sometimes it helps you to get the best from you. But this depends on intent how you take it. Insult could hurt you hard when it was done by an unexpected person. Don’t be angry, be calm when you feel insulted. A calm mind will offer you more words against the insult and use your humor to get rid of this.

We are glad if this article may help you to get rid of the insult and criticism. Thanks for reading. Stay connected with us. Have a nice day.

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