How to deal with loneliness

We all feel loneliness and emptiness at some time in life. Loneliness may be the reason for depression when we suffer it for a long period of time. Sometimes we find it difficult to differentiate between being alone and loneliness. Both are different things, alone and mentally alone. In this article, we discuss how to deal with loneliness and some benefits of being alone.

Loneliness could be common when we feel that our thoughts and thinking processes didn’t match with people. We are surrounded by friends and still, we feel lonely. We live within the family and still, we feel mentally alone, we feel that we are isolated from the world and no one cares for us. Sometimes we are not lonely but our thought pushes us to loneliness. That is all due to mismatches of thoughts. Before we deal with loneliness, first of we need to know the reason for loneliness.

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Reasons for feeling lonely

Mostly we feel lonely at the time when we found no one to understand us. it is totally different from being alone. Here are the reasons.

1. Breakups

The breakup could hurt us the most. We had attached to someone for a long time and suddenly the people have gone from your life. After that, we stop to talk to the people and get into the other zone. We feel completed isolated from the world.

2. We find it hard to deal with loneliness in a new college/city

This is the main problem of introverted persons. People are finding it difficult to deal with new people when they go to a new college or city. I have also felt lonely when I was going to the new school. Experiences were horrible but if don’t come up with a solution, these will haunt you for the rest of your life.

3. Negative thoughts

Negative thoughts affect your mental state and don’t let you think in a positive manner. You will surround yourself with negatives that make the condition more worst. Drop these thoughts and try to connect with people and talk to them.

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4. Insults

Insult in a friend group may be the reason for your introverted nature and that’s why you feel lonely and seem to be not interesting in the topic and just found yourself lonely in the crowd.

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Problems you may feel to deal with loneliness

In order to deal with the loneliness, you may face some problems, let them discuss and solution to get rid of loneliness and emptiness in between family and friends. Before cruising the loneliness we discuss some problems of being lonely.

  • You may feel everyone in the World is fake and didn’t care for you.
  • You may avoid going to new places.
  • Always you want to live alone and don’t want to talk with peoples.
  • You may be a contender for depression.
deal with loneliness

Until we didn’t leave the attitude of being lonely and wanting to be isolated from the rest of the world, things never will change. We need to accept we need to deal with loneliness and live our lives in the way we want. Here are some tips that will help you to deal with loneliness.

Tips to deal with the loneliness

1. Get away from bad memories

Sometimes bad memories and bad experiences hold us to break the chain of being lonely. Get away from the bad memories, new days come with new people, and it’s time for a new shine. Let you shine again.

2. Help peoples

Don’t be lost in yourself and help the people. Give favor to someone unknown. This nature of helping will help you to get overcome loneliness. It may return to you with more power and sometimes you get unexpected friends with a little favor.

3. Find your clone

According to psychology, we are most comfortable with people with the same mentality and that’s why we agreed with our friend’s thoughts. Find a person who has a similar nature to you. Things will go easy, once you shared your loneliness with someone.

4. Take help from your close one’s

Share your problem with your family and friends. Don’t hesitate, tell them how you feel. You need their attention and time. They will definitely understand you and helps you to overcome the loneliness. Your true well-wishers will help you.

5. Break your introverted side

You are introverted for a long time but once you go to a new city or new college, you need to break this nature. The benefits of new destinations are that no one knows your past life and you are free to express yourself. Express, shine and make new friends.

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6. Don’t go for the perfection

When I say to break your introvert side and express yourself, you may think what peoples think if you fail to impress peoples. Don’t worry, everyone is like you. Wrong or right no one remembers you for a long time. Free to express yourself and don’t think about perfection.

7. Shift focus on others instead of lonely thoughts

Thoughts of being lonely will haunt but you need to forget them if you want to deal with them. You could achieve a long journey with ease if you have a clear destination in mind but if you surround yourself with the thoughts of being lonely it becomes hard to cross your street. Shift focus to others.

8. Be more socially in real life

More socially we connected through social media less socially we become. Give exposure to real-life people and get connected with people. Prefer to talk to people face to face, understand their expressions, learn to deal with them, and be more social.

9. Set a goal

Set a goal, get a motive. it will help you to move to the positive side of you. You are lonely maybe you have no one to distract you, could you use this time to get your goal. If you can then get, set a goal. This will help you to get busier and the more you work less destructive thoughts control you.

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10. Live in the present

Don’t take the stress of bad memories or what people think if you express yourself. Drop these thoughts and live in present. Do the things that you want to do. Break your silence and get connected with the new peoples.

11. Plan a trip

Go on the trip alone, maybe a different experience for you. It could change your whole mood. You find new peoples, new cultures, and new places to explore. It’s something like a new stage and a new audience with no expectation. it gives you more freedom to live.

12. Give you a different task

I remember when I usually go on a long trip, I don’t want a boring trip. so I give a task to myself to get fit in a group conversation. it will help me to enjoy the trip. Give an interesting and funny task for you to perform. Talk to strangers, go for experiences, no one will judge you.

Don’t confuse with loneliness and being alone

Maybe you are alone and feel lonely. Being alone and being lonely, are different things. Being alone gives you freedom and when you are unable to capitalize on the freedom you start to feel lonely. Loneliness is a mental state while being alone is a physical situation. Loneliness is not the lack of company it is a lack of purpose. Being Alone may free you to express, give you more freedom to live your life in your style. Give you more time for your goals, more time for your dream lifestyle.

Benefits of being alone

You could do a lot of things when you are alone and if you master the art of being alone and use that time in a good manner, your life will change gradually.

  • You could read a self-help book
  • Have more personal space
  • You could master your arts
  • Your hobbies could be more productive
  • You could increase you self-confidence
  • It is time for more self-love
  • Time to be more creative
  • Listen to you favorites music
  • Get a pet to get a company
  • Play your favorite video game to reveal stress
  • Make your favorite meal
  • Could be more focused by solitude
  • You have more time for your physical and mental health

The Last line

Being alone and lonely is not a bad thing always. Sometimes if when we are alone we have a space to live ourselves and have the freedom to express our thoughts. If you think peoples does not care for you, give them a reason to take cares of you, do the good things for others. Try to be get connected in people’s good and bad times. Learn to live each phase with ease.

We are glad if this article helps you to get rid of loneliness and could help you to understand the value of being alone. We will be back with a solution to another problem.

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