How to deal with toxic peoples

Toxic people have a harmful effect on your mind. They can brainwash you and control you according to what they want. The harsh reality is that we are struggling to handle them. We suffer stress, manipulation, frustration, anger, or sometimes inferiority complex due to them. They just have one task that how could you put you down. To protect us from inner strife we need to deal with toxic peoples.

Sometimes you come to know that your close friend who knows nearly everything about you take advantage of them or sometimes you feel that your one of collogues tries to manipulate you according to their need. You found that your one of close neighbors has fake sympathy for you or one of the members of your family is too dramatic. If you don’t know how to deal with toxic people then it may harm your mental health. it will be the reason for your stress.

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Before dealing with toxic people we need to identify them.

Identify toxic peoples

The first step to deal with toxic peoples we need to identify them. We need to pay attention to their intentions.

Identify toxic peoples
  • They will show that they want to help you but they can’t due to situations and that happens every time.
  • Toxic peoples try to be your well-wisher but never wish well for you.
  • They try to manipulate you according to their mood.
  • Toxic peoples never miss a chance to put you down, they frequently insult you.
  • They do backbiting of others maybe they talk bad behind your back.
  • Toxic people are quite dramatic, they create unnecessary drama for unnecessary things.
  • They will compliment you with some drawbacks.
  • Show fake sympathy and fake concert to you.
  • They talk to you to find your drawbacks.

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Sometimes, toxic people have mastered the toxicity in the way that they even realize they do something wrong to others. If they do something bad to you they never apologize and if they say sorry but never mean it. Whatever will be the problem, we need to learn how to deal with it. Let’s start.

How to deal with the toxic peoples

12 tips to deal with the toxic peoples.

1. Understand the situation

it is become very important to understand what is going around you. Try to understand the intention and nature of that person. Know the matter, how he/she provoke you in different situations. Try to notice when the person is acting sweet to you and what favor that person wants from you. Take a close look at their activity and try to get a pattern, how they mix toxicity in your life.

2. Don’t lose your temper

What they want from you to lose your temper. They will be happy to see you frustrated and stressed. As you know the pattern of that there is no need to manipulated by them. Maintain your shape and make a decision with a calm mind.

3. Talk to them about their behavior

If you think you can handle them by talking, then it will be the best option. Say directly to them you do not like their approach towards you. You should tell them to change this or leave this. Both options will be to help you to overcome this.

4. Be more confident

When they try to put you down your self-confidence is like a slap on their face. More confident you feel about yourself harder than slap hit them. Be confident and explore your strong side. If you don’t want to talk to them show your charm and confidence, let them feel more jealous.

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5. Smile more

Make new friends laugh with them. Try to enjoy your life, as usual, you are enjoying it. Don’t let those negative thoughts affect your daily life. Smile more and enjoy the game.

6. Ignore them if you can

This makes feels them more jealous, they want attention but if you don’t give them they trap in their game. They frustrated with how you treat them. If their words can’t reach your mind then they will unable to brainwashed and manipulate you. If words are hard to ignore then give a try to the headphone.

7. Be strong don’t play a victim role

You are not a victim. Go and take the stand for yourself. If you let those toxic people treat you as a victim, they will take control and it will be easy for them to disturb your inner peace. When you play a victim role you are the only responsible for the toxicity of your life. Don’t let people come and manipulate you, be strong.

stop treating yourself a victim

8. Don’t take them seriously

Not everyone deserves your attention and not especially these negative, poisonous, toxic, or garbage thoughts. Don’t take the toxicity within you. If you want to teach them a lesson, teach them at the place, don’t take anything poisonous in your mind. There is no place for toxic thoughts in your life.

9. Be positive

be positive

They laugh at your work, they just try to put you down in every situation. But if you take it on you then they win. Maybe they no more than you in the perspective field but it doesn’t mean that they have the authority to affect your mind in a negative way. You are just perfect as you are, stay positive.

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10. Don’t share your secret or weaker point

Just be careful, when you talk to toxic people, don’t give anything to them to troll. They just want to take the benefits of your weak points. Once they know, they try to put you down.

11. Take care of yourself

You should come first for yourself. If those vulnerable thoughts are the reason for your stress then you should get rid of this and do whatever makes you happy. Do your favorite things, call your best person, draw your emotion, paint, write, meditate, your favorite food, you just need to feel happy again.

12. Set a time limit with them

it will be a good idea to limit your time with them. Try to avoid meeting with them, don’t take their calls, and schedule your time as you they can’t company you for a long time. This will only help to collogue but what happens if they belong to your family.

But if you can’t avoid them

make a distance from toxic peoples

No one is perfect, Everyone has some level of toxicity but what happens if toxic elements belong to your family/spouse or best friend. You can’t be separated from them. Some tips could help you.

  • Set a boundary for them, tell them not to cross.
  • Exit from the conversation
  • Maintain your calm
  • Hug them and just say how bad you feel when especially your close ones are the reason for your stress.

The last line

We find the toxicity in form of collogues, neighbors, or some time in your close ones. Things become difficult to handle when you find toxicity in your close friend or family member. Everyone has some level of toxic element but if this toxicity handles someone’s life then it becomes a reason of concern for you. We need to identify toxic peoples and try to get rid of that. It becomes necessary to protect us from any mental pressure.

We will be glad if this article could help you to deal with toxic peoples. We will be back with the solution to another problem. Drop your suggestion or problem. Stay happy, stay blessed.