How to fix yourself when you are broken

No matter what is our age, gender, or background, we all feel broken once in life and find it hard to fix ourselves. It is totally OKAY to feel broken but it is not okay to live a life in pieces. This article is about fixing yourself when you feel broken.

Do ever notice that one of your friends makes their life more shiner after heartbreak while on the other hand your another friend force himself to live a dull life after they feel broken, it only depends on how they react to the conditions. Therefore, there is the only way to fix broken you to move on from the past.

We all know, we need to fix ourselves and deserve to live a happy life again but unfortunately, we engage in negative thoughts and as result, we live our lives with stress. In this article, we share some facts that how we fix our lives and even polish our lives to the best version.

Why fixing yourself is important in life

fix yourself when your are broken

You are broken and live a below-standard life, you didn’t have excitement for family functions and did not want to engage with any of your friends. Should they need to suffer it or really you need to live like that.

No, you need to smile, laugh, and live a happy life again. You are broken, maybe it is the best time to reconstruct your life to the best version of yourself.

Don’t ruin this period, it could change your life in a positive way. Usually, people engage in their goals after breakups because they know the value of fixing broken pieces of themselves. They give the direction to their energy and win in their fields.

Be practical you are not the only person who faces the problem and is broken badly. Everyone in life is broken emotionally or mentally at once in their life but some of them become the world role modal from there. And Reality is that fixing yourself after breaking it may act as a blessing in disguise in your life.

Why you are feeling broken

The reason behind your lost smile could be –

  • You lose your job
  • Loss of Money made you broken
  • Breakup with your partner
  • A separation from your family
  • Face a failure in your career
  • Can’t achieve what you want in your life
  • Don’t have a dream body
  • Lack of a support system
  • You hit the bottom of your life
  • Feeling broken after losing your dream

And many more.

How to fix broken you

Everything will change gradually, but how much time it will take is only depends on our mindset. I am inspired by the thought, ‘It will take a month to clear the room if we have a month and it will take only 3 hours to clear the room if you have only 3 hours to spend.

Our mind is like the room, if you give a year to move on, it will take a year to move from the bad phase.

Be clear, no one will come to fix you if you don’t want to fix it. It is only your duty to fix yourself when you are broken. Moving on from the bad phase or relation is really going to be tough until you take control in your hand, once you accept the reality everything will change.

We have discussed 13 tips to fix yourself when you feel broken.

Pink and Coral Hand Drawn Sculpture 3D Printing Visual Arts Infographic by Shivam Gautam

1. Analyze your life and try to find the cause

Analyze what happens in your life, make a list of all problems, work on them, and find a solution for all. Work on each problem one at a time, which will reduce your mental stress and make you feel better day by day.

Wipe out all your tears and promise you to live a happier life. Self-talk could help you to fix yourself.

2. Accept the condition

It will really be important to accept the condition if you want to fix yourself. We know the condition is hard and circumstances are different for everyone but it could become a canker if you are not accepting the condition.

You are bankrupt or suffer a breakup, you can’t move on if you don’t want to accept it. Accept the condition and try to find the solution to problems.

3. Do the things that make you happy

how to be happy in life

When I feel emotionally broken I usually sketch on the sheet and this gives me real pleasure. It helps me to slow down my thinking and gives a sense of satisfaction. You should also do whatever you have love to do.

At this time, you need to create happiness. Create happiness or find it in others.

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4. Stay away from the temporary solution

After a breakup, most of us engage in social media or watch Netflix and think that they found a solution to our problem. Maybe it will help you for a day or two. But could you do it for your life?

You need to find a permanent solution to face your problem.

5. Set a goal again

goal play a major role to fix broken you

We have previously discussed the importance of goals in our life. Having a goal makes your life easier and it gives a direction to grow yourself. it gives positivity to your life and most importantly it will take your all attention and energy that helps you to oppose the distractions.

It is not important that all we have a goal to become a celebrity or want to have fame. At the time, you need a mid-term goal, a goal that directly affects your life.

Maybe you set a goal just to be in shape at the end of the month or grow a habit to stick with your schedule.

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6. Take care of yourself

When the world is against you, it will become most important to be on your side. You need to support yourself and take care of yourself. No one can fix you if you don’t want to. Treat yourself in a good way and don’t take the stress of the condition.

Self-care could be by taking care of your body, mind, or skin. Love yourself, the world will definitely love you.

7. Find a support system

Find the best person to share all your thoughts with. All of us need a person that could listen to us and always have a solution to our problems. Find the person who inspires us and once you find one, stick with him.

Maybe his positive aura can help to fix broken you and boost your confidence. Try to avoid a relationship, in case of a broken heart.

8. Live in Present

live in present

You were completely broken or faced many problems in past but thinking about them is not give you a solution. If you are here to read the article then definitely you are broken in the past and want to move on.

Complaining about your past could disturb your future too. If you want to relive that happy life again you should learn from the past and start to live in present.

9. Cut the Negativity

Value of good company

According to a study, you are the average of five people that you have spent the most time with. Choose your circle wisely and avoid negative stuff from that. Add positive thoughts, do the positive and live peacefully. Don’t let negativity ruin your life.

Make a distance from the things that take you towards that feeling again.

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10. Engage with Kids

Kids give you the best memories to smile. They have a pure and more realistic problem than us. Engage with them, find happiness in kids, find a reason to smile. Most important don’t let childhood go from the inner you.

11. Use your aggresion in positive way

Start your day positively, how your body looks gives a direct signal to your mind. When you hit the gym your mind tends to distract from the problems and most important you may sleep peacefully.

The gym is the new trend for broken people, they often join the gym when they hit the bottom of their life.

12. Follow your passion

We just only have one life and it is wrong if we don’t chase our dream in this life. Just think if you didn’t work on it now, never comes the right time again.

Maybe there was a time when you were too busy in your life, but now you are broken and want to fix yourself, this is time to reshape yourself in order to chase your dreams.

At now, you have nothing to lose, but everything to achieve. chase your dream to achieve them with your full potential.

13. Plan a trip

Do you remember when you enjoy your last trip, that was really blissful? Take a break from your daily schedule and plan a trip. Maybe you find great memories that can break the momentum of stressed life. Trip prepared you for whatever life through to you it will help you to grow the attitude to get up every time when you fall.

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The Bottom line

Once in a lifetime, we are all broken and we need to fix ourselves. But it could act as a blessing in disguise because it is the time when we can reshape our life and polish our dreams. By fixing our life we can live a happy life again. Take control in your hand and find the happiness of your life.

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