How to give up a bad habit

We all have habits, some productive or some unwanted. In order to live a beautiful life, we need to give up our bad habits as soon as possible. But it won’t be easy to break our bad habits as they urge us to do them. Bad habits waste your energy physically and mentally, which didn’t have any positive impact on us. So, why do we need these habits in life, just give up a bad habit each time?

Let’s try to know how you get into a bad habit.

Psychology of a bad habit

We all have a trigger moment when our bad habits captured us. That trigger moment forces us to perform a task that is not healthy for us. After performing the task, we think it gives us pleasure and repletion of that habit day by day results in a bad habit. You remembered that the first day you take alcohol or cigarettes, you are just over-excited or feeling stressed that day. You found that this could help you get rid of anxiety or it could be fun. This pleasure of helping to forget the moment makes you habitual of these things. Now repetition of this finds it hard to give up a bad habit.

Why are you trapped in a bad habit?

Reasons why you were captured in a bad habit

  • Live a boring life
  • Your stress may be a reason
  • Not having a goal in life
  • Loneliness
  • Don’t take your physical and mental health seriously
  • The thinking process that you think is a bad habit is a mode of fun for you.
  • You don’t take responsibility for your life.
  • A bad company

Personal experience

I remembered, a year back I checked my Instagram time spend usage, I was shocked to see it’s about 6-8 hours daily. I had an addiction to Instagram, it’s close to horrible. Just spent my precious time scrolling the news feed and chatting with people. I made a plan to save my precious time.

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I usually spent hours traveling to my job, it was one of the times when I used my mobile regularly. Somehow, I buy a self-book and replace Instagram with a book. The first book I was read ‘Who will cry when you die’ by ‘Robin Sharma’. Then one after another, I changed my habit of social media to book reading. it takes time but gradually I stop using my mobile to waste my time.

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If I can give up a bad habit then you could. it is not going to be difficult if you follow the simple steps.

Let’s start.

Tips to give up a bad habit

Break a bad habit before it breaks you.

1. Make a list of bad effects of your bad habit

Just think about your bad habits and their effect on your body. Do you find that these habits can justify your beautiful life? Not at all, your precious life didn’t deserve bad habits.

Think about why you smoke, eat unhealthy or junk food, why you waste that amount of time on your mobile, or what you get after sleeping more than you deserve. Just have a look at the outcome of your bad habit. This analyzing process gives you more reason to quit the bad habit.

2. Change perspective on a bad habit

You need to change your perspective toward your bad habit, believe me, nothing looks cool in smoking. No pain decreases when you drink, and any other bad habit doesn’t give you any reason to enjoy it. If you think that all is a pleasure then, believe me, it is just temporary, you will going to curse yourself for this in the future.

So you need to change your perspective about your habits, if it is worse then surely you need to break it.

3. Make it hard to get

give up a bad habit

Make a distance from your bad habits. The harder the reach of a bad habit, the easier it will be to quit them. You should make it hard to reach them. it will be hard for you to go a mile to buy a cigarette as a smoker or it will be hard to log in with a difficult password to reach your social media addiction every time.

4. Take help from others

Your friend, colleagues, or family could help you to get rid of it. Suppose you want to change your accent of speaking in a professional manner, tell them to help you. or whatever habit you want to break, share it if it is sharable, this will surely help you.

5. Replace with a good habit

give up a bad habit

Make a list of things that could replace your bad habit. You should make sure that you do not get into a trap of another bad habit to break old ones. Replace with a good habit.

If you have a habit of smoke after every meal then could replace it with chewing gum or anything that makes you forget about cigarettes’ or you could replace your habit of mobile addiction with some interesting books.

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6. Start small toward your good habit

It is true that your bad habit couldn’t break in a go. You should make a plan for it and break your target into small parts. You could decrease the repetition gradually.

Suppose you want to break your habit of waking late, it is quite difficult to get from 11 AM to 05 AM. You could start by setting the alarm an hour before your previous time as you feel comfortable at the time. You will see you get a habit to wake up early and make your sleeping pattern better.

7. Be honest, don’t cheat

Your bad habits urge you to perform something for yourself, try to remember every time that you will not trap in the bad habit. Things will take time and this will too but try to avoid it as long as you can.

Be more careful, when you have an addiction to something.

8. Don’t push the trigger

Try to think about your bad habits, your habits urge you more when you are free or do not have anything to do. Try to avoid the trigger moment when you step toward your bad habit. You should try to be busier. The less you hit your trigger moment, the less you attract them. Don’t go in the condition where your bad habit urges you.

9. Make a distance who are in an addiction

Value of good company

Change your company, change your environment. If you want to quit smoking you need to go far from smokers too. and if you want to quit junk food, then you need to make a distance from those who take an unhealthy diet especially when they eat. The behavior of addicted people trapped you more in addiction. Change your surrounding, change the people around you.

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10. Give yourself treat

Circle on the calendar on the day when you manage to skip your bad habit and continue to your longest streak every time. Treat yourself after every time you manage to achieve the feat. This feeling gives a sense of real achievement and creates more interest to break a habit.

11. Have patience

We all know the rule of 21, which states it takes 21 days to add or break a habit. But sometimes, plans didn’t work, you need to show more patience. Bad habits urge you to do them, but your self-control, patience, and confidence in yourself help you to give up.

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The last line

The best thing we could do to improve our life is just to give up a bad habit. Your life will be blessed if you are able to change this habit to a good one. It will take time as good things will take. You need to follow the basic rule of life with self-control. The thing you need to remember is that don’t trap yourself in another bad habit when you try to break a bad habit. All the best to you, your self-control will play a major role to get rid of a bad habit.

We will be back with the solution to another problem. Stay bless. Break your bad habit.

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