How to have Patience in life

The mantra of success is hard work and patience. Having patience in life helps you to stick to your path of success for a long time. Having patience in life force you to work hard even with failures. Success will take time and patience is key to success. Having Impatience in life is like participating in a war without knowing about weapons. It does not let you use your mind. Patience is the asset that helps to handle the condition with calmness and effectively.

Patience in life

Colonel Harland Sanders began selling fried chicken from his roadside restaurant, during the Great Depression. At the age of 65, he became the owner of KFC. He was rejected many times, but he did not stop working. He had believed in himself and had patience in life. We should stick on the path and keep working, you will get what you deserve in life.

Peoples are impatient, they are frustrated in traffic, they lose their calmness in a queue, they get furious in the office, they could be angry with their colleagues. The main reason for all this is that they expect other results. They forget reality and expect there will no queue, no traffic and the behavior of their colleagues will be fine. Sometimes, this impatience is responsible for making conditions worst.

Mostly, peoples think patience is all about waiting, in fact, it is about your attitude while waiting. Patience gives you a new way of thinking. You will definitely find the solution to your problem when you think with a calm mind. Having patience in life makes your life simple and better. Utilize all your senses and mind to make life decisions. Patience makes you a better person.

1. Don’t let Physical factor dominate you

Hunger, dehydration, slow internet, or climatic condition can be the cause of impatience but don’t let these things dominate you. It is obvious you feel more frustrated when you are hungry or dehydrated. Keep a packet of snacks and a water bottle that helps you to stay calm. Stay calm and save your energy. Try to avoid these things.

2. Know the reason

Everyone has a trigger point of patience, people get furious at some point. Sometimes crazy people, traffic, the queue is responsible for impatience in life. Is getting furious helps you to jump from traffic or helps you to survive with the crazy peoples? If it will not help you to overcome problems, why go under stress.

3. Try to utilize your time

value of patience and time in life

Suppose you are in a queue or in traffic and you know it will take time for your turn. Getting furious at people will not help you. You can utilize your time by reading a book or listening to a podcast that helps you to gain knowledge.

You can turn on your headphone to listen to the music that calms you, you can start a conversation with people, you can take life experiences from old people. I still remember, when I traveled on trains, I usually sit with old age people and tried to learn from their experience of life. It helps me a lot to view life from a new perspective.

4. Be Realistic – things can go out of hand

things can go out of hand

Be real to your goals, dreams, problem, and most importantly to yourself. Not Every single thing needs your attention in life and not everything is on your hand. Not every time do you need to be frustrated in life. Be relax and have faith that things will work out. Be calm and patient while taking life decisions.

5. Try to find Solution

Problems make you impatient. Everyone has problems but getting furious did not solve your problems. You should focus on the solution instead of the problem Focusing on problems just increases the size of the problem and which is responsible for an increase in stress level. So be solution-centric.

6. Practice patience

Every time you saw a person you get disturbed. You get frustrated with his thoughts. Don’t let these people handle your mind. It is not necessary to respond each time. Let them win in their thoughts. They always try to hit your trigger point. be kind to yourself and remember you need to be patient in life and anger is your enemy.

7. Write your trigger point

It could sound weird but definitely work. Make a list of trigger points that lead to losing your patience. Write down the condition, circumstances, problems, and people that are responsible for your impatience. Do it on a daily basis, and you will see that you will not love to write the same problem every time. Eventually, you try to overcome all conditions that hit your trigger point, and that leads to an impatient version of you.

8. Read good quality of books

books meaning

Books, articles, or blog posts would help you to have patience in life. Reading good content could be our best friend. collecting books is cool but First of all, you need to grow your interest to read books especially self-help books. Books have solutions to all problems that you face or you could face in life.

9. Meditation will help you

meditation in life

The best medicine to improve life is meditation. You should meditate on a regular basis. Meditation will improve your mind and focus. it will help you to stay calm in difficult conditions, Meditation also improves your endurance level. Meditation will improve your concentration, make you more productive, and help you to achieve goals with less effort.

10. Use music to practice patience

Music could help you when it comes to practicing patience. The good quality of the music will help you to stay calm. it will help you to distract from your daily problems. A piece of quality music could light your mood and remove unnecessary thoughts. it will reduce stress levels.

11. Breath and smile

You are frustrated and lose your calmness, the best way to handle this is just to take a deep breath and smile. It does not solve your problems but gives you the confidence to face your problem. it will surely help you to stay calm. A famous quote about smile –

A smile is a curve that set everything straight.

Phyllis Diller