How to improve focus and Concentration

Our mind is a vast space with sections full of happiness, joy, sorrowfulness, art, science, fear, anxiety, and more and more. Focus is the process to use energy for the most important task. Focus is the route of all thinking, learning, problem-solving, and decision-making. We could able to achieve the result in less time if we are good at focus and able to use all our attention to the tasks. In this article, we will discuss how to improve focus and concentration in daily life.

Focus is the ability to reject the work which is unimportant to us and concentrate on your goal. it is a way to control the mind in the right direction toward goals. The focus becomes the most important thing for teens. Focus is not an easy thing to achieve but we listen to it from our childhood, Teachers often say to pay attention in the classroom, parents say you need to be more focused in life but they did not tell us how to be focused. Here we discussed how we can achieve focus and improve our concentration with practice.

Take a look at the things that we will discuss in this article.

Why focus became important to your life

improve focus and Concentration

We face difficulties when we shift our mind from one work to another and find it hard to concentrate on the next thing. A focused person requires less effort and less time to achieve the goal. We all know, that temptation is bad for our life, but due to the lack of focus, we ended in between distractions. It will become easy to avoid distractions for a more focused person. A focused person requires less effort to enjoy the journey of life.

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Why we find it difficult to be more focused

A list of factors that could affect you to achieve desired focus and have less concentration –

  • Anxiety
  • Fear of failure
  • Heartbreak
  • Stress
  • Thinking unimportant things
  • Distractions look cool to us
  • Temptation
  • Procrastination
  • Insecurity of future
  • Not setting a time limit to goals

Focus vs Attention

Most people are confused between attention and focus. Attention and focus both have similarities they are related to concentration. We could pay attention to something in an instant time while focusing on something that takes a lot of effort and practice. Attention is like concentrating on a thing for some time i.e. pay attention to any announcement while focus is a life skill to concentrate on a thing for a long time. This example will help you to understand the focus and attention, if you are focusing on your dance then every advertisement or article related to dance will grab your attention.

At first, we will discuss how to improve concentration at the instant time then we deal with improving our focus. Let’s start with the attention booster section.

How to concentrate at work at the instant time

improve focus and Concentration

Suppose you are a student or an employee and you need to submit your assignment by tomorrow and you need to work continuously for hours in order to complete it. Here we discuss 10 tips to learn how we can concentrate on work.

1. Make a to-do and not-to-do list

Sit on your desk, take a pen and paper and write the most important work to do according to the priority. Make another list of work that is unimportant to you and you need to avoid it. Put it in front of you that will help you to remember the work you need to complete.

2. Brainstorm your today’s goal

Set up the goal you need to achieve by today. Brainstorm the goal in the most possible way. Make planning and plotting to achieve your goal and start hustling to your task.

3. Make a distance from the distraction

Make it hard to reach the distraction. Just make a suitable distance from the things that may distract you. Don’t let distraction and temptation lose your attention.

4. Put Phone on Silent mode

Mobile phones are the biggest distraction nowadays, just turn off the notification and put your phone in silent mode. and now put it on the table door or place your mobile outside the room.

5. Position things according to priority

Put the things according to priority on your table, if you are a lefty person, then place the most important thing in the leftmost position and less important to the right and vice versa just reduce the time to reach them in order to not lose the focus.

Use Eisenhower’s Matrix for this

6. Be Hydrated

Don’t forget to keep a water bottle on your desk. According to a study, water increases concentration while reading. And if you want to glue on your desk for a long time don’t let a silly reason stand from it.

7. Light will play important role

Prefer natural light instead of artificial light. The study suggests that sunlight has a positive impact on our mind and motivate us to achieve our goal.

8. Music could be your friend

Music helps you to concentrate

Eliminate all the unnecessary noise that could distract you, choose a music library, and turn your headphones on. Soft music could be your best friend when it comes to avoiding unnecessary stuff.

9. Don’t be messy

If you feel messy, go to the washroom, wash your face, drink some water, and sleeve your shirt up before sitting on a chair manage your workspace again to work with more attention.

These were some tips to concentrate for short time and now we will discuss how to improve focus and add that skill in life to achieve life goals. Are you ready to grow yourself to be a focused person in life?

At a Glance: 9 tips to improve concentration

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How to improve focus in daily life

Focus is a life skill it takes time to grow. We could achieve it only by daily practices of the thing discuss below. We have discussed 10 tips to be a focused person in daily life.

1. Meditation

Value of meditation in life

Meditation is essential to be a more focused person than you are now. it will help you to keep cool, calm, and collected in all situations. We need to train our brain muscles to increase the power of mind just like in the gym we train our bicep muscle in order to have a stronger arm.

The great focus could only be achieved by meditation, it will just take only 20-30 minutes of your day (about 2% of your day). You will be surprised how focused your mind could be after meditation.

2. Avoid Multitasking

Scientist proves that multitasking is responsible for low productivity. The person who prefers multitasking takes more time to complete a job in comparison to a person who does one at a time. A recent study by the University of London claims multitasking may lower your IQ Level.

Only 2% of people are able to multitask in the world, and we made a mistake and think we are in the two per-centers and start multitasking. Believe me, it takes a lot of years of practice and concentration to manage multiple tasks at a time. We would be able to do it if we know the process. At this time, multitasking creates confusion only.

3. Handle your distractions

stop being distracted from goals
stop being distracted from goals

Distractions are cool, maybe more sexy than focus. But distractions are the biggest obstacle to your success. The biggest enemy of you is distractions and the biggest curse is that we are surrounded by distraction. Start with a small step, just take a close look at your room and make a list of all distractions in your surrounding.

Make a plan to get rid of your distractions one by one. As you will work to eliminate your distractions, your life gets better each day.

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4. Know your best time

Be wise, know the time when your performance is better, use your best hours in a good manner. Someone can pay good attention and concentrate better in the morning while someone is a night owl. Do the most important and difficult task in your peak hours.

5. Take a small break

Don’t force yourself to sit at the desk continuously for 6-8 hours. I usually meet the people who try to sit for hours just to achieve their goals. They have good intentions but choose the wrong path. Always prefer quality over quantity. A small break can improve your concentration and focus.

Our mind is designed to be focused on a certain thing for 40-50 minutes, after this, our mind starts losing focus and needs a small break. Take a break of 2-10 minutes from your work to increase your focus again. Go for a small walk, talk with your friend, wash your face, or do whatever is best for you and gives you a feeling of a short break. A 4 to 5 session of 40-50 minutes is many ways better than working continuously for 6-8 hours.

6. Sleep better

Don’t let sleep ruin your focus. Being too tired may affect your performance. A night of proper sleep can improve your focus, memory, and concentration. An irregular sleep may lead to a heavy morning. If you want to have a rock-solid focus then try to get quality sleep of 6-8 hours a day.

Follow Benjamin Franklin quote-

Early to bed and early to risemakes a man healthywealthy, and wise.

7. Exercise daily

Start your day positively. Don’t break the cycle, a healthy mind start with a healthy body and vice versa. Your body gives a direct signal to your mind to work better in the day. If you can, try to engage in physical exercise before your practice mental focus.

8. Take a power nap

Again I am discussing sleep, but this time for 10-15 minutes. I am a big fan of a power nap, a power nap can improve everything you need to be more focused on. It will help you to reduce stress, anxiety, and feeling of fatigue.

A power nap makes your incoming hours more productive and improves your efficiency. The best time to take a power nap is between 01 PM to 03 PM.

9. Work in quiet place

Find a corner where you feel better and able to concentrate better. Choose the place wisely where sunlight can reach, and you feel low noise pollution. A place where you can talk to yourself freely at the time when you struct in the problem. The best way to be focused is to free yourself from unimportant tasks and work freely.

10. Don’t let gadgets control you

Technology helps us and techies create great gadgets that surely make our life easy but being a puppet of the gadgets is not a good thing and doesn’t let gadgets control your life. Mobile is one of the greatest inventions but do you think you can have control your phone?

I frequently meet the person, who is a follower of their mobile phone, they check their phones once a notification appears. It seems like their mobile gives them an order to perform and they say yes master and engage in mobile and waiting for another order to perform. You may respond to that notification in your free time.

According to a recent study, about 80% of our mobile notifications is not required instant attention and it takes almost 25 minutes to get back on track once you get distracted. Just think carefully and try to control the gadgets.

At a Glance: 10 tips to improve focus in daily life.

Green and Orange Bold & Bright Fundraising Charity Infographic by Shivam Gautam

The bottom line

Being a focused person is going to be a tough job but it is one of the most essential skills needed to be successful. In order to be successful people, we need to improve focus and concentration. By improving our mental focus we are able to concentrate better on our life goals.