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How to master the art of self-discipline

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How to master the art of self-discipline

master the art of self-discipline

Are you serious about your life or think you will get another chance to live life again? Be serious, nothing will happen if you do nothing. Wake up and stand up for yourself, it is time to be disciplined in life. Don’t wait for any miracle that will happen. it is the best time to learn self-control and master the art of self-discipline. First of all, we analyze why you are not a self-disciplined person.

Why you are not a self-disciplined person

You are not self- disciplined because you think waking at 4 AM does work for you and it will give an extra burden to you. People also think self-discipline means no excitement and happiness in life. But they miss the trick, according to study the who practice self-discipline are tends to be live more organize and happy life than an unorganized person. Self-discipline is an old school thing but it is the most effective quality of success in the world full of distraction.

We are struggling because we are going with the flow like a dead fish. People go for the things that seem shiny to them, they playing video games, do gossips with friends, or hang on social media and think they are doing a pretty job. No doubt, distractions are truly beautiful, but not good for you. Your skill of self-control is the most important skill you needed in your life. In this world of social media and distraction, it is a difficult task to master the art of self-discipline.

Why you need to be self-discipline

Discipline is the main ingredient required in the journey of success. A long journey or an impossible goal can be achieved with great discipline. Maybe you have talent, goal, and will power but without discipline all together didn’t work for you. Mastering the art of self-discipline will help you to achieve greatness.

master the art of self-discipline

A person with self-discipline has a positive aura and has a great ability to make a life decision. They don’t waste time on the things that will not help them and they have more time from others. They have control over their habits and have will power to achieve whatever they want from life. In the next segment, we discussed some secrets to be self-discipline.

Tips to be self-disciplined

1. Set a goal you are fighting for

Goals give a meaning to your life

Create a to-do list of your goals. Goals are important because it gives direction to you and it should be your first step towards a self-disciplined you. Know the goal of your goal. If you have a goal to wake up at 4 AM, know the reason why you want to wake up. If you have the right motive than no one can stop you to accomplish your goal. Set a realistic goal that none of the pillars of life – health, family, money, and self-life should be imbalanced.

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2. Analyze your goal

You set a goal, now time to analyze it. Break it in small milestones and make a blueprint how you can achieve it.

You want to have a disciplined life and you set a daily target to read 20 pages of books. Try to buy interesting self-help books that can help you to grow the habit of reading. And once you grow the habit then buy whatever books you want to read.

3. Take Monday motivation seriously

Monday motivation

Monday set the whole mood for the week. It will set a tone to motivate you for the whole. Monday is the best day to start something. Take this Monday to start your journey towards a disciplined you.

4. Schedule the day

Schedule the day

Discipline, all starts with a day and when each day is disciplined then your life is became discipline and you are no more slave of your moods. You have a goal but how you give time to it, depends on your daily schedule. Don’t be hard to yourself and create a Realistic daily schedule to follow. An easy schedule with a hard set of rules. Do it regularly, it will take you toward success.

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5. Start with a little

make your each day count

Now it is time to act, after making a schedule it is time to follow this. If you have a tight schedule, don’t go for all in one day. Do it one good thing in a day that takes you close to your dream day. Give yourself some time to follow the schedule you want. Be realistic, it requires time to be disciplined. Stick on the path until it will become a daily ritual.

6. Make a list of your Distraction

stop being distracted from goals
stop being distracted from goals

Once you start to follow your daily schedule and you face a new problem – Distraction. Make a list of things that distract you and try to remove it. As it is obvious, distraction appears shinier from your goals and it gives you a feeling that the person who engages in distractions lives a beautiful life but the reality is different. It is short time happiness, self-control gives you the pleasure of life. Distraction just has a negative impact on your goal and take you away from your goals.

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7. Force you to stick with schedule

Ups and downs are part of life. You will follow everything in your ups but what about when you feel down. You need to force yourself to stick on the path when distraction calls you. No means clear no to the distractions. Stick on the path, when it is most difficult to. Say it loudly, your mood can’t control your life.

8. Follow the rule of 21

Psychology says if you want to grow or leave any habit. Give yourself a time of 21 days. Once you do certain things for at least 21 days, you become habitual of it. More practice makes a pattern in your subconscious mind and these habits are now part of your daily ritual. Rule of 21 is the key rule to master the art of self-discipline.

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9. You need a role model

A role model is a living example that your goal is achievable. Maybe it difficult, but someone has achieved it. Find a successful person with the same type of goal in life. You could learn their moves and master them with your discipline. Read their stories, motivate you, and follow them with open minds.

10. Don’t regret

Don’t regret, for the day when you miss to hit the daily schedule. You are a learner and it will take a long time to master the art of self-control. Regret doesn’t let you go anywhere. Accept that you have a bad day, and stick on your schedule from the next day.

11. Don’t forget – you are practicing self-control

You are on a diet and the ice cream bucket in front of you can ruin all your hard work, do the thing that helps you to remember you are on self-control. Surround yourself with the things that remind you about your self-control or you could take support from your family and friends.

12. Organize a self talk

talk to yourself

Self-talk to analyze how are you doing. Self-talk to track your progress, understand your pros and cons. Visualize your disciplined schedule, think about your loopholes and engage again in your journey to master the art of self-discipline.

13. Momentum will be the key

momentum will be the key to master the art of self-discipline

Do you remember the first law of motion, an object will be in motion or in rest until an external force does not apply to it. Life is the same. If you do nothing, nothing will happen. Stick on the path until any external force does not apply in your life. Practicing self-control and master the art of self-discipline.

The Last line

You could achieve nearly every goal in life, once you have master the art of self-discipline. Knowing the benefits and importance of self-control, there is no reason to avoid it. Your life will become easier and more flexible, once you achieve self-control after that your life will be more beautiful than you think.



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