How to Overcome Fear in life

Remember, no one is born with fear, thoughts of fear implanted in us(maybe by social belief). Fear is the biggest obstacle of life that stops us to achieve our dreams. Fear bound us to do great and it destroys our greatness. If we want to achieve success we need to learn how to overcome fear in life.

Fear is just an illusion of the mind. Someone has a fear of failure, someone has a fear of losing money, someone has a fear of rejection or someone has a fear of stand-alone and much more illusion of the mind. We just have thoughts of fear in life.

How many times, you have missed the opportunity to start up your business just because you have a fear of failure. And how many times this fear stops you to achieve success. Think about it.

We all have fears in life. Once, we stand to face the fear and we start winning. There is Nothing impossible to do. But fear makes it look like an impossible task to do. All fear is in your mindset if you feel limitation, you feel fear.

Let’s start a journey to overcome fear in life.

Step 1 to overcome fear: Realize it is okay to have fear in life

Fear is just an emotion, all of us have some fear in life and it is okay to have fears in life. But it is not okay to live a life full of fears.

“The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear”

Nelson Mandela

We believe that, to live our life to the fullest we need to be fearless at our actions, thought, and mindset.

Sometimes a dose of fear could be good, it will protect us from unnecessary things. But many times fear to kill the opportunity of success.

It is okay to have fear in life but the brave men are who beat the fear.

Step 2 to overcome fear: Know the Reason for your fear

If you want to overcome the fear in life you should know the reason for fear. You are afraid of speaking in front of the public(most of us have). But why? Don’t know the reason, go into your past.

Try to remember stories or circumstances that give you this fear. Think about it how this fear is imported into your life.

Ask yourself why this fear is imported into your life? Is this necessary to live with it or your reason for fear is valid? Note down where you made the mistake in these circumstances.

Try to speak in front of the mirror, in front of your family, or in front of your friends. Learn from mistakes and start working on your fear. Do small on daily basis, this will give you the confidence to beat down the fear.

Step 3 to overcome fear: Stop comparing yourself to other

avoid Negativity in life

The thought of comparing yourself with others hits on your mind when you feel low. it is obvious when you compare yourself with others your disrespect both, you disrespect the efforts you put and disrespect the effort that someone made to reach that level.

It is simple if someone is better than you at something, the reality is that the person fails more than you to master it.

Instead, you should care for your effort, blur the world and put your all focus on yourself.

If you want to compare, compare today’s you to yesterday and track your progress. Comparing with others is just makes you low and your fear big. Just remember every person is different in their own way.

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Step 4 to overcome fear: Believe in yourself

believe in yourself

Never stop dreaming due to fear of failure. Stop thinking you can’t do it or you can’t achieve it. Try to give your 100% every time.

The person who can help you to overcome your fear is only you. There could be many causes of fear sometimes a bad day, sometimes a bad memory, or sometimes it could be bad thoughts. You are good enough to overcome any fear.

The only difference between a person who determines to reach the peak of a mountain or one who is shirring from the fear of height is their mindset. and you could achieve the same with time and effort.

Stop play in minds and do something on ground level. keep believing in yourself.

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Step 5 to overcome fear: Take risks in life

Don’t be afraid to take risks in life there is always an opportunity in risks, an opportunity for success.

Change your mindset, you should stop thinking about failures and think about your success. Be real to yourself and take calculated risks in life. If you want to grow, risks are essential in life.

If you want to learn to swim, then definitely you need to take the risk to be in the water. Because no risk means no rewards.

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“…If there is no risk, there is no reward.”

Christy Raedeke

Step 6 to overcome fear: Make your passion bigger than fear

When your reason to overcome fear is bigger than your fear, then you definitely cross the hurdle.

Your passion will help you to face fear. it is genuine, you want to beat the fear in which you have an interest(little or big). Grow your passion to take energy to face the fear.

You can remove your fear with your passion. Make your passion big from your fear. If you have fear speaking then you should grow your passion for speaking.

Fear is reciprocal of passion. When your passion and purpose are greater than your fear, you will definitely find the way.

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Step 7 to overcome fear: Take failure as an opportunity

Overcome Fear in life

It is not necessary that you get succeed in your first, second, or third attempt. You need to face all ups and down to get succeed in life (in everything).

You fail, it is not the end. Failure teaches us the ways of not succeed. it is a chance to reevaluate your strategies, give a set of pros and cons, and give a reason to come strong with new lessons.

Remember, all failures and struggles are necessary to make you eligible for success. So, don’t run from failure, take the lesson, and be ready for another attempt.

Step 8 to overcome fear: Be a self-motivated person

Any person, book, or blog can’t motivate till you want to be motivated.

The only person who can motivate you for life in each and every condition is you. You can be motivated by a person or motivational speaker but it lasts long for some time.

You need to send a positive affirmation to yourself, pump your blood inspiration. When fear tries to win over success you are the only one who could make the difference in results.

If you know the art to motivate yourself in each and every condition, you are motivated for life. Be a self-motivated person and there is nothing that can stop you in life.

Step 9 to overcome fear: Make another list of fears

To become fearless in life, you need to eliminate your fears from life. Just make a list to overcome them.

You have lots of fear in life both small and big fear. Fear of water, fear of height, fear of thinking big, fear of losing money, fear of failure, fear of rejection, and on and on.

Make a to-do list of all your fears in life. Arrange them in small to big fears. Overcome your small fear each day and it gives you the confidence to overcome your big fear in the long run.

Your win over small fears helps you to overcome some of the biggest fear of life and grow in the way to become fearless.

Step 10 to overcome fear: Face your fears and become fearless

Overcome Fear in life

Take a deep breath, it’s time to face your fears. Make an action plan to overcome your fear. Practice your fear, feel the fear, fail the fear, and conquer it.

This time if you avoid facing the fear, next time you would work again and your fear will be even bigger than last time.

Don’t let this fear become bigger from your life, repeat the list 1 to 9 and become fearless, you could exclude fears from your life one by one.

Leave your comfort zone and be fearless in life.

At a Glance

If you opt for a safe life, you will never know what it’s like to win.

 Richard Branson

You can’t enjoy floating on water if you don’t beat your fear, you can’t fly in the sky(with a parachute) if you don’t beat the fear, you can’t enjoy the public seminars if you don’t beat the fear. Every time there is a win on another side of fear.

To win anything in life, first, we need to beat our fear to do anything. To live our life to the fullest we need to be fearless in life.

Be fearless and win life.

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