How to overcome the fear of being judged

We live in fear of what society thinks about us and how they judged us. This way the social anxiety is the biggest enemy of our dreams, happiness, and life.

Is it okay that your reason for being happy and sad are in others hand?

Not at all, no one doesn’t have any right to control your emotions. Good or bad you are perfect as you are. You live this life for you, not for society. It’s time to take remote of your emotions from other’s hands. No one has the right to spoil your mood from their judgmental attitude.

Let’s take control back to your hand. Stop thinking that ‘will society accept me’.

What happens if we fall into social anxiety

Fear of what others think will stop us to do new things, it stops us to live our dreams. Social anxiety will stop us to give up the rat race and work for our future. And the worst thing that social anxiety is one of the causes that a middle-class-born person ends his life like a middle class. This social anxiety stops him to perform on the stage of life and believe me no one from society will want to see you establish. They are not a true well-wisher for you. Give up the fear that this society will judge you.

We hate when someone judges us badly and makes a stereotype of us To overcome the fear of being judged, here some tips.

Let’s start

10 Tips to overcome the fear of being judged

1. Is they really mean to you

First of all, you need to analyze that the person who is judgmental of you is really mean to you. Is their opinion have value to your life. Most of the time answer is no. So why become anxious for non-important life. If one of the important people in your life is trying to judgmental with you then you need to have a keen look at their opinion.

2. Take help

You don’t need to take the pressure of social existence. Take help from your best friend, teacher, mentor, or parents. Share your experience with them, tell them how you feel about society. They have different views on social anxiety. and maybe their thoughts could help you to get rid of this fear of social anxiety.

3. Don’t think that everyone will judge you

Sometimes we feel that everyone judges us and we pack ourselves and stop giving expression. But believe me, society has a weak memory, they will forget as soon as you achieve something. Most important you need to cross the hurdle of social anxiety to achieve your goals.

4. Know yourself better

To get rid of social anxiety, it becomes very important to know yourself. it is obvious that you know better yourself than any other. know your strong and weak points. For this, you should talk to yourself.

5. Stop judging

Judgment spoils our mood, not only of others ourselves too. If a judgment of someone’s spoil your mood, think about your judgment. You will get what you do to others. Stop judging others, stop judging yourself. Live a peaceful life.

6. Stop being serious about their judgment

Don’t give the remote of your happiness to others. Your life is more important than other judgment. You should not be serious about what outsiders think about you. This society never walks together, so don’t be serious about them.

7. Be confident

If you have confidence at something then anyone’s judgment didn’t bother you. Do the work that has your confidence and don’t care for social pressure.

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8. Don’t satisfy the world

You should be your first priority, don’t work to satisfy society. You could not make the world happy, all at the same time. So, don’t work to satisfy their standard instead of that you should work to satisfy your soul.

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9. Be in the company who care less about society

Change your environment, change your company. Be in the company of kids or grandpa, they care less for society. Learn from their attitude to tackle this society. Forget someone is watching you, live your best life.

10. Don’t try to read minds

Sometimes, we anxiety fighters create the problem by overthinking and tries to read someone’s mind. We are not a detective or mind readers, don’t name your anticipation as the ability of mind reading. To be honest, we can’t read minds easily.

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The bottom line

We are judgmental or fear of being judged, it just a natural human tendency created by us. Sometimes this social anxiety stops us to make bad decisions but most of the time this fear of being judged acts as the biggest hurdle to our dreams. If you want to live your dream then overcoming the fear of being judge will be the first step toward your dreams. So, stop thinking about society and live a beautiful life with your dreams.

we are glad if this article helps you to overcome the fear of being judged, stay connected with us, we will come back with a new article. Stay blessed.