How to set goals in teen age – 6 easy steps to find your life goal

Setting Goals in life is essential, especially for teens but setting a goal may be difficult for teens as they have big ideas and dreams but don’t know the right path and experience to achieve the goal. Here in this article, we will share some life-saving tips from great leaders and personalities of the world. Let’s know how to set goals in teens in 6 small steps.

In fact, without a goal many teenagers caught in wrong activities. A recent study shows that more than 30% of teenagers engage in activities that are not good for them. Some of the most common teenage issues are-

  • Anxiety and depression.
  • Gangs
  • Poverty
  • Alcohol and drugs.
  • Bullying and cyberbullying
  • Teen pregnancy

Goal setting in Early-stage will change the mindset toward life. When we have set goals in elementary school or college we feel that we have more ideas to achieve goals, more time to accomplish goals, and obviously, we have more energy to achieve success. If we define the right path for us in our early phase of life our chances of getting success increase gradually.

Setting goals doesn’t just let teens accomplish their dreams and also teaches them how to manage their lives. So here, we discussed how to set goals for a teenager.

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How to set goals in teenage

This age between 13 and 19 is considered a teenage and this is most people refer to this age as a decision-making and life-changing age.

6 Tips to set goals in Teenage

Here are some tips to set goals in teenagers and these 6 tips about setting goals in teenagers are based on experiences and studies.

1. Grow your hobby and make a goal to achieve success in it

Hobbies you should grow in life

You have the most time at this age, in fact, you can take risks to make your hobby or passion your life goal.

First of all, you need to talk to yourself, you need to know your pros and cons. You need to grow your hobby with the passion to set Goals. You never feel bored doing the work that you like.

There is more chance to achieve goals in life if it belongs to your hobby.

A good thing about your hobby, you practice it for a long time intentionally or not intentionally. Suppose you have a hobby to sing and you sang well, you practice it every time, then it will a good idea to be a singer.

Give a chance to your hobby, it will be suited best to your goal.

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2. Goals should be yours

To set up Goals in life you should be loyal to yourself. You should follow your own instinct, not any mob mentality.

You should choose your own goal, not your colleague’s goals. Spend some time thinking about your own personal and intellectual strengths.

There always be benefits to chasing your own dream, if you fail, your dream will motivate you to achieve the goal. But when a teen sets a goal from the wishlist of others, there will no one who comes to support you when you fall.

So, when you set a goal as a teenager you should follow your instincts.

3. Know your limit

Set goals for a teenager could be challenging. Before setting a goal you should know your limit. Set a goal that will be within the limit, you should set a meaningful goal.

A Goal that can be achievable. If you set yourself up to do things that are a bit too challenging, however, you can end up setting yourself up for failure instead of for success.

Sometimes in teenagers, as we have young blood we set a which is nearly not achievable things. Sometimes, as a teenager, we don’t want to see the reality of things and set a strange goal.

I have seen teenagers set strange goals that are beyond the limit, as they set goals like being a millionaire in months or achieving fitness within weeks. Know the limit of things and your goal too.

4. Set Goals in stages

You should set goals in stages: A short-term Goal, Midterm Goal, and a long-term goal. Connect your short-term goal to your long-term.

Long-term goals are important. It’s vital to teach young people that they can harness any opportunity in life. Long-term goals are the goals for life.

Mid-term goals are the goals that remind your long-term goal and measure your progress and a short one goal is based on a daily basis, weekly basis, and sometimes a target for the month.

5. Write Down your ideas and break them into small goals

Dream big, start small.

set goals in teenage

Writing your goals makes you feel more realistic about your dreams. Having a blueprint of your target helps you to achieve your dream.

Decide what tasks are necessary to achieve the goal. Is any learning involved? Write down all of the steps, and establish a deadline for each one. You might even want to write them on a calendar.

As a teenager, maybe you have more ideas than the elders. Try to write to them all, even if you feel it is not a good idea. Your all small ideas help you to achieve your big goals.

6. Make the journey beautiful

The journey should be more beautiful than the destination and as a teenager, all you want is that spice in Life goals.

Things will take time and your goal also take. There is the chance of complete achievement of your goal as exactly you think is low.

The thing may be different, maybe you achieve your 90% of goal or it could be possible you hit your goal in more time than you think. Try to take positive from the journey, and enjoy your journey.

Be patient, you need to make your journey beautiful. if the journey is beautiful chance of success will increase. Add fun activities from time to time in between your goal.

The bottom line – How to set goals at teen age

Goals give meaning to our lives. And if we manage to set goals as a teenager, then it will be the best for us, our life found direction at an early age.

There is always less chance to get lost in life if we have a goal in life. Identify the value of a goal to your life, and set a life goal as soon as possible.

We will be glad if you set a life goal after reading this article. As a teenager don’t waste your time and give a direction to your life. We will be back with the solution to another problem. Thanks for reading. God will bless your life.

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Why we need to set goals in teenage life


Setting Goals for teenagers is essential in life, goals give a direction to life to grow in a positive manner. A goal is a way to utilize our energy in a positive way. It will preserve us from the distractions of life.

Do you Know

Recent research shows that most people are distracted in their teenage and adopt some bad habits.

Goals will stop us to be trapped in bad habits. Ultimately, goals give meaning to the life of a teenager. Goals give you a long-time clear vision and short-time motivation. Goals make your time worthy.

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Benefits of setting goals in Teenage

  1. Goals make your time productive
  2. Give meaning to life
  3. Preserve from distractions in teenage
  4. Helps to avoid bad thoughts
  5. Make yourself more focused at a young age
  6. Goals make life more realistic
  7. Increase self-confidence and self-esteem

How as an elder you can help teenagers to set goals

Adolescence is challenging, they need elders. Teens require support and backup from their elders. Maybe they have a great plan to achieve goals but their self-confidence stops them to perform as brilliantly as they are. Back up them when they fall, support them when they need your support.

Guide them if they are stuck in the thought process. Tell them failures and setbacks are the biggest lessons of their life. Your life experience helps them to make difficult decisions.

Some ideas for personal goals you can set as a teenager

Sometimes, mostly as teenagers, we feel that we don’t have any goal to achieve but believe me there are a lot of personal goals that are pending right now and need your attention mainly teenagers. Here is a list of some personal goals to achieve for teenagers.

  1. Personality Development
  2. Learn Time Management skills
  3. Grow your Productive hobbies
  4. Add Positivity in life
  5. Set a Goal for Weight loss/gain
  6. Add a Good Habit
  7. Learn short-term professional course


Could give me some examples of goals for teens?

Learning new skills: Suppose you are a programmer and you want to continue your career in this, then your next goal should be to learn another coding language at the end of the year.
Make yourself more healthy and wealthy: Health should be the biggest priority and that we listen from our school days, If you don’t have any goal right now, make your physical and mental health first priority.
Improving your confidence: This will directly affect your life in the near future or you need self-confidence in every phase of life, try to improve it through public speaking, exploring new people and places, try to facing the camera.

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