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How to set goals for a teenager


How to set goals for a teenager

set goals in teenage

Setting Goals in life is essential, especially for teens. Goal setting may be difficult for teens, teens having big ideas and big dreams but don’t have experience in life. Goal setting in Early-stage will change the mindset toward life. We have to set goals in elementary school or in college because it is the time when we have more ideas to achieve goals, more time to accomplish goals, and obviously you have more Energy. Setting goals doesn’t just let teens accomplish their dreams and also teaches them how to manage their lives. So here, we discussed how to set goals for a teenager.

Why we need to set goals in life


Goals are essential in life, goals give a direction to life to grow in a positive manner. A goal is a way to utilize our energy in a positive way. It will preserve us from the distractions of life. Goals will stop us to be trapped in bad habits. Ultimately, goals give meaning to life. Goals give you a long time clear vision and short time motivation. Goals make your time worthy.

Benefits of setting goal

  1. Goals make your time productive
  2. Give meaning to life
  3. Preserve from distractions
  4. Helps to avoid bad thoughts
  5. Make your more focused
  6. Goals make life more realistic
  7. Increase self-confidence and self-esteem

Some ideas for personal goals you can set as a teenager

Sometimes, at a young age, we feel that we don’t have any goal to achieve but believe me there is a lot of personal goals that are pending right now and need your attention. Here is a list of some personal goals to achieve for youths.

  1. Personality Development
  2. Learn Time Management skills
  3. Grow your Productive hobbies
  4. Add Positivity in life
  5. Set a Goal for Weight loss/gain
  6. Add a Good Habit
  7. Learn short term Courses

Tips to set goals for teenager

Here are some tips to set goals for students.

1. Make your hobby your Goal

Hobbies you should grow in life

First of all, you need to talk to yourself, you need to know your pros and cons. You need to grow your hobby with the passion to set Goals. You never feel bored to do the work that you like. There is more chance to achieve goals in life if it belongs to your hobby.

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2. Goals should be yours

To set up Goals in life you should be loyal to yourself. You should follow your own instinct, not any mob mentality. You should choose your own goal, not your colleagues’ Goal. Spend some time thinking about your own personal and intellectual strengths.

3. Know your limit

Set goals for a teenager could be challenging. Before setting a goal you should know your limit. Set a goal that will be in limit, you should set a meaningful goal. A Goal that can be achievable. If you set yourself up to do things that are a bit too challenging, however, you can end up setting yourself up for failure instead of for success.

4. Set Goals in stages

You should set goals in stages: A short term Goal, Midterm Goal, and a long term goal. Long term goals are important. It’s vital to teach young people that they can harness any opportunity in life. Long term goals are the goals for life. Mid-term goals are the goals that remind your long-term goal and measure your progress and a short one goal is based on a daily basis, weekly basis, and sometimes a target for the month.

5. Write Down your ideas and break them into small goals

set goals in teenage

Writing your goals makes you feel more realistic about your dreams. Having a blueprint of your target helps you to achieve your dream. Decide what tasks are necessary to achieve the goal. Is any learning involved? Write down all of the steps, and establish a deadline for each one. You might even want to write them on a calendar.


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