How to sleep better and wake up Early

The better you sleep, the more productive you become. The quality and quantity of sleep directly affect your daily performance. But most people are struggling to find a proper schedule for sleep. Peoples find it difficult to sleep and wake up early in the morning due to their bad habits. In this article, we discuss how anyone could sleep better at night and wake up early in the morning.

The problem becomes worst when those people need to wake up in the morning for their fitness, study, or projects. They compromise their dream and find that 24 hours in the day is not enough to work on their dreams. They give up the idea of being extraordinary in the field. Without proper sleep, it is become difficult to have dreams.

“Wake up early and tackle the day before it tackles you. Be on offense, not defense.”

Evan Carmichael

Benefits of proper sleep and wake up early in the morning

sleep better and wake up Early

No matter at what time you sleep, how much you sleep? if you manage to wake up early in the morning, you will go to bed early at night because your mind gives a signal to your body to sleep. Try to sleep when the body needed the most, don’t compromise it at any cost. Here is the list of benefits –

  1. You become more positive.
  2. You found that you can take care of mental and physical health.
  3. Help you to have a lead on your competitors.
  4. Your diet schedule becomes more prominent.
  5. You have more time for your dreams.
  6. You could use your peak hours very well.

Why you awake till late at night?

To deal with the problem we need to know the main reason behind it. To maintain a proper schedule for sleep and wake up early we need to handle some problems. Here’s list

  1. Excessive use of caffeine.
  2. Consumption of Alcohol/ Drug before sleeping.
  3. Your room temperature is not suitable to sleep.
  4. You feel messy around your bed.
  5. Maybe you don’t feel enough tired to sleep.
  6. You take a heavy meal before sleeping
  7. Your day was stressful.
  8. Use of computer/mobile before sleeping.

Here is a list that helps you to sleep better and wake up early in the morning. We discussed 12 tips that can help you to sleep better.

Tips to sleep better and wake up early in the morning

1. Reverse the cycle of sleeping

sleep better and wake up Early

You are a night owl and often go to bed around 3 AM then it becomes quite difficult to wake up early and improve your sleeping schedule. To improve this you should reverse the sleeping cycle, try to wake up early in the morning, it didn’t matter at what time you sleep. You may feel fatigued in the day but compromise this day to improve your sleeping pattern. Go to bed early at night when you feel completely tired, obvious you feel your sleep is complete in the early morning, and wake up early in the morning. Try to get up early in the morning every day.

2. Follow the Rule of 21

The Rule of 21 says that if you do something for a consecutive 21 days, you grow the habit of that. If you manage to wake up early in the morning for 21 days continue then it will become your habit. Sleep better and wake up early for 21 days, and don’t break it without any proper reason.

3. Don’t press the snooze button

We set the mind at night that we will wake up early in the morning and set up an alarm for it. But when the alarm sound hit, we pressed the snooze button, we do it many times till its too late and our all planning to start the day go to vain. To avoid this we could place the alarm a little bit far from the bed that if we want to press the snooze button then we need to stand up to shut off the alarm. You could write up some inspirational quotes to display on the alarm screen that will help you to pay attention to the alarm clock.

4. Motive plays a vital role

You want to study, want to go walking or jogging or want to work on your dream projects, or whatever you want to do, you should have a motive to wake up early. Write your motive in capital words and tell everyone why you want to wake up early. You could also place your motive on your mobile screen or alarm screen.

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5. Find a partner who can help you

When I was trying to wake up early in the morning, sometimes I don’t want to wake up but I make a promise to someone that I will join you in the jogging in the morning, and that promise pushes me to wake up. You need to find that kind of support that it is become compulsory to wake up early for you. Find your partner wisely and that surely helps you to stay more active during the morning.

6. Exercise daily and eat healthily

You eat better your mind tends to work better and stay more active. Exercise helps you to sleep better at night because of the hard work you did. Wisely select what quality and quantity of food you take at night. Just take enough to make your energy level, take light food, and healthy food. Most important don’t drink too much water before sleeping, it just will disturb your sleep and make you awake the whole night.

7. Make a proper sleeping schedule

You need at least 6-8 hours to sleep, make it happen. You may be busy or not but proper sleep is key to your healthy body and mind. Try to maintain the same sleeping and wake-up time. A healthy mind and body are the most important things need to accomplish your dream.

8. Short nap will be effective

Don’t forget the importance of a nap. A nap that can help you to boost your mood. A nap for 15 minutes can preserve you from falling asleep during the day. if you feel tired that a 15 minutes nap can boost yours. the best time for a short nap is about 15-20 minutes in between 01 PM to 03 PM. Find time for a nap.

9. Don’t break schedule

Once you set up the schedule, don’t break it. Every day becomes important when you want to change your habits in a good way. Peoples make a mistake, they wake up early on weekdays but break their schedule on weekends and find a hard Monday morning. If you want to organize your sleep then don’t let weekends to be your enemy.

You could stretch your schedule of sleeping on weekends. It is obvious that you want to hang out with your friends on weekend or want to enjoy the party. You should shift sleeping time for an hour but don’t change your morning time. You could complete your sleep during the day by extending your nap.

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10. Make an appropriate distance from the computer screen

Mobile, Desktop, TVs, Tablets make it hard to sleep. The bright screen responsible for many sleep disorders. According to a study, the bright light of computers, mobile and tv display may decrease the natural production of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that manages the human body’s sleeping and waking time. Make an appropriate distance from the blue screen at least one hour before sleeping.

11. Give a try to meditation

You suffer from a sleeping disorder, instead of sleeping pills, you should give a try meditation. Maybe you are not proficient in yoga and meditation. But before you taking pills, do mediation at least for 20-30 minutes. Meditation helps you to relax your body and mind. it will help you to reduce stress levels and increase the natural melatonin level.

12. Write Diary or read fairy tales

Write about your day before sleeping or map your next day. You could read or listen to some fairy tales. You should also try to dream about your life with the accomplishment of your goals. This may give a sense of real happiness and also it is quite effective to sleep.

What is the best sleeping time?

Somewhere between 6-8 hours sleep is enough to sleep, it totally depends on your body type and work pressure. If you have to do a lot of physical work during the day then you need 8 hours but if your days are not hectic then 6 hours will be enough. The best sleeping time is somewhere between 09 PM to 11 PM and try to wake up around 04 AM to 06 AM.

Wake up early and not feel tired

Sometimes you try to wake up early but feel tired. Here is the solution.

You feel tired because your mind gives a signal to your body that you are tired and need more sleep. Fool your mind and start your day with the mindset that your sleep is complete and you feel completely fresh. Go walking or do something that helps you to get comfortable with the temperature. Once you feel active and fresh, engage in your work as soon as possible.