Never give up: How to stick to your goals

Goals are never easy to reach and the hardest part is to stick to your goals when things are not in your control.

The reality of goals is that we need to cross many hurdles till we win and need to be ready for others as we cross first but sometimes these hurdles force us to give up on our dreams.

Due to some circumstances, we give up in life but this article gives you the opportunity to rethink your decision. This article is dedicated to those who want to achieve their life goals at all costs. We have discussed some proven ways that help you to continue your journey till you win that goal.

1. Give yourself a break

The most important and first step to stick to your goals is that you need to break the momentum that forces you to give up. and simply that is only possible by a break.

it is always better to give yourself a break when you get tired of hustling instead of giving up. Giving up means your all previous effort will go in vain.

Give a break to yourself, analyze your mistakes, work on yourself and get ready to work on your goals again.

2. Believe in the process

When you set a goal you always know that things will gonna take time and you never achieve this overnight but as you start working you expect the result from day 1.

Show some patience, and believe that you will achieve your goals. Measure the process that gives you the feeling that you are in the right direction.

Even 0.01% better than yesterday make you a better person overall. Stick to your goals, keep your self-doubt away and just have faith in what are you doing today.

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3. Forget about plan B

At least for some time, you should only focus on your primary goal, Just forget that you have options, and put your all efforts to achieve the primary stuff of your life.

In more clear words, you have to leave from somewhere to reach somewhere.

This second choice will act as a distraction to your primary task. Your focus will determine your reach your goal or not. If you really want to stick to your most important goals, you need a focus like an eagle.

4. Make sure how important your goal is

Your goal required time to achieve and the importance of your goals determines how much time you could invest in it. Some goals require months, some take years to accomplish even some goals are for life.

Try to give your 100% at least in the time that you give to yourself to achieve the goal.

Announce your goal to this world if possible tell your goals to some important person in your life that gives you additional support to reach there.

5. Don’t jump into competition without a plan

Many of us are in a hurry to jump to work on our goal that we forget that we didn’t make a plan for it.

Without a plan, you are just wasting your precious energy and time. Take your time and make a proper plan that takes you toward your goals. Get everything that takes you toward goals, and work on your pros and cons.

Make sure your goal is SMART like you. Set SMART Goals

6. Make your goal easy looking

Goals are hard and sometimes they look impossible on the first go. But if look one step at a time we will reach closer to our goals in each go.

Don’t see everything(final destination) at the same time, break it into small steps and makes things easy looking. (Try to make small milestones that will also add some excitement to your journey). Just focus your energy, time, and skills on only one step at the same time.

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You will be going to see changes from day 1.

7. Write down your emotions

Writing whatever your feel makes a clear interaction of you with yourself. Write down how every time you feel after hard-working hours. Put all your feeling after all the good and bad days.

When you feel frustrated about your complex goals, give revisit your diary and feel those emotions again. Your good and bad emotions all help you to boost your confidence to reach your goal.

8. Believe in the beauty of your dreams

Last but not least, when you feel that your goals are out of your reach try to feel the beauty of your dream. Your destination is beautiful and journeys too.

The achievement of your goals is the biggest happiness and satisfaction of your life, but if you give up at this moment you also lost the chance to bring the happiest and satisfy moment of your life.

Write down your experiences that how these points help you to stick to your goals and grow your never-give-up attitude.

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