How to stop being distracted from goals

You have set goals in life and want to achieve success. But some distractions in life stop you to achieve goals. Sometimes, you start working on the table and a notification appears, you check your phone and you spend more than hours on social media before noticing what are you doing. On average, it could take 25 minutes to get back to work if once you have been distracted. We need to avoid them to achieve what we want in life. In this post, we will discuss how to stop being distracted from goals.

Distraction could be a social media distraction, an inner distraction, a distraction from society, or many more. If you want to achieve goals, Do not allow distractions to oppose your goals in life. These distractions are modes of fun when you have nothing to achieve but when you focused on goals this fun seems a distraction now. Do not allow distractions to oppose you from your goals. Don’t let your mood ruin your life goal.

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Type of distractions

We get distracted when we go with the flow, we mostly distracted because of fun related to distractions. When we started to work on the project, we think of fun. We need to understand how much fun we need in our lives, enjoyment is essential but should be within limits that it doesn’t affect our life and life goals.

Distraction is mostly of two types, one which we can control and others that doesn’t have our control. Some of them are just because of our impulsive behavior while others are due to the impact of others. We could avoid self-distraction through self-control and we need to make a distance from outside distraction. Outside distraction, some time is irritated while we want to something, sometimes it becomes a mode of fun. We need to avoid these types of distractions. Here are some tips that will help to avoid distractions from your goals.

18 tips to avoid distractions in life

1. Make a list of distractions

Before engaging in any goal or task you need to make a list of things that oppose you to do the work. Take a pen and paper, and make a list of distractions that reflect your goal. Start with your room, take a close look at your room to make the distraction count. Make a suitable distance from those things and cut distractions day by day.

You could make those things out of reach, suppose your goal is to lose your weight and those pasties are grabbing your attention, don’t take cash with you or take just enough cash for the important task only. Sometimes you need to stick on your desk for a long time but the mobile phone is opposed you to do, you could keep your mobile out of the room.

2. Keep your goal in mind

First of all, you make it clear what you want to achieve in life and why you want to achieve it. Keep your goal in mind and how badly you need to achieve a goal. Write down your goals. Do the small things that take you toward the goal and motivated you to work on your goal.

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stop being distracted from goals

3. Make a to-do list

Plan your day according to you. Make a list of work you want to do for today. Assign 3-5 tasks for a day and you just need to make sure you completed all tasks at the end of the day. Keep the daily target in mind helps you to focus more on goals and stop you from being distracted from goals.

4. Make a not-to-do list

Make another list of work this time a not-to-do list, a list of work that you don’t want to do. Sit on your desk, glued to it, and don’t do the things that you never wanted to do.

5. Live in the present

live in present

One of the best, ways of simplifying your lives is to allow yourself to begin living your lives in the present moment. You should don’t regret what you can’t achieve in the past and don’t think much about future fairy tales. You should focus on what your life needs now and what you want to do now.

Living in the present means you should not be worried about what happened in the past and what can happen in the future just enjoy what happens now.

6. Write Diary

As you make a list of tasks you want to do for today now you need to know the status. You should write what task you completed today. if you are unable to meet the target you should write the reason for not achieving. You should write how you feel after working, write thoughts for improvement, and write about the day. This will give a sense of satisfaction and engage you in working on goals.

7. Keep the things that remind goals

To stop being distracted from goals you should keep the things that remind your goals. If your phone distracts you, you could apply a wallpaper that reminds you of your goals. You could paste some posters on the walls of your room which will remind you about your goals. You could buy a key chain that reminds you of your goals.

8. Avoid Social Media

A simple notification can ruin your hours. Don’t let mobile phones to handle your life, stop getting distracted from phones. According to a study, 80% of all notifications that popup on your mobile phone did not require your attention at this moment. If you have an addiction to social media and you check the notification on your phone again and again. You need to stop.

We did not say to uninstall the app, you just need to make an appropriate distance from social media. You could move social media handles to a folder, you could set a password to open them that remind you about the goal. You could make the reach of these apps as difficult as you can.

9. Turn on Focus mode

improve your focus and concentration

If you want to stop being distracted from goals you should work on your inner focus. Sometimes, I usually see people in the gym use music to avoid unusual activity but if the music stops they stopped, why? Because they have a lack of inner focus. You should practice inner focus. You should try to build your inner focus in that way you don’t need any other thing to focus on to achieve goals in life.

Stop getting distracted and improve your focus. There are many ways to improve focus and concentration which discussed in another article.

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10. Find a corner to work

Find a corner or place of room where you can work freely. A place where no one can distract you. A corner near a window where you can see nature freely, you can rest freely when you needed. A Place that reminds you about your goals, a place where you can express yourself freely. A Place where you can work with confidence.

A corner with positivity, where sunlight comes, a less noisy place with a view of nature.

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11. Complete your most important task first

You should make a list of tasks you need to complete today and set them according to priority. You should complete the most important task first. This will give you a sense of satisfaction that you achieved the most important task of the day. This will motivate you to do the remaining task of the day.

12. Manage your desk properly

Sometimes you distracted because of a disorganized workspace. Don’t be messy, wash your face, make the sleeve plating, and let’s manage the desk.
Remove the dust around your desk if any, manage all important things according to priority. Take a water bottle with you and start to work. Take all needy stuff to your desk and don’t let any unimportant thing stop you.

13. Set a time limit

Setting a time limit for a task help you to achieve the necessary focus that requires you to complete the task. Moreover, if we have a deadline on our heads, we engage in work with more discipline and achieve it with a deadline. This pressure helps you to not be distracted. Peoples love challenges, challenge yourself with a proper time for a certain task.

14. Self-control is essential

Your success and failure depend on the way how you deal with distractions, and self-control plays a major role to avoid distractions. We need to control our inner instinct, first of all, detach from physical’s distraction by making a distance from them at then we need to train our mind about the importance of a goal. Self-control is must needed to be more focused on the goal.

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15. Don’t go for a long break

Yes, it is true we need a break after some time. It is human nature, that most of us are not able to focus for more than an hour, we need a relaxation period, so for that, we arrange a break but sometimes we lost in distractions and result break is stretched. The break is essential, but keep in mind we just require a 5-10 minutes break, not more than.

Prefer a positive person or environment instead of gossip or mobile usage.

16. Preserve harder work for peak hours

The most possibilities of distraction comes when you stuck in a difficult task. You are closest to distractions when you try to solve the hardest puzzle. You need to prepare harder for a harder task. so best will be to use your peak hour to deal with the hardest thing and stop being distracted from goals.

17.Do Meditation

The best medicine to improve focus and memory is meditation. You should meditate on a regular basis. Meditation will improve your memory and focus. Meditation will improve your concentration, make you more productive, and help you to achieve goals with less effort.

stop being distracted from goals

18. Take care of your momentum

Momentum plays a vital role to make a distance from your distraction. When you able to achieve a day of work on goals without getting distracted, try to keep this momentum on. Your distance from your distraction will increase as your momentum going. When you have the momentum of distraction, try to slow the phase of your life and try to get back to you from the next morning.

The bottom line

Distraction takes you nowhere and if you surrounded by it then you ended your life by just scrolling the newsfeed of your social media handles. Distraction words never sound good to your life but we distracted daily and become the master in being distracted. Nothing is difficult in life, we get rid of life by distraction if we practice self-control in life. These tips help you to stop being distracted from your goals.

how to Stop being distracted

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