How to stop being useless and raise your standard

Your life is a reflection of how you treat yourself. if you think that you are useless then you are useless and you need to stop being useless right away, this article helps you to raise your standard.

A lot of people in the world, who think they are useless and good for nothing. The reality is that they did not have any desires and live a colorless life. If you treat yourself as a worthless or useless person, it is obvious your life is useless and has no meaning.

And now imagine a dream life for you(which is precious to you), It seems out of reach at the time but could be achieved by raising your living standard. (with some life saving-tips)

Let’s start our of how to stop being useless, and raise our standard of living.

Tips to stop being useless

Most teenagers are trapped in the art of being useless and they live below standard life. Sometimes in life, a condition or a scenario may force them to think that they are worthless. And we start blaming others for our life.

I usually meet the persons who don’t have any excitement in life and live a stressful life. Sometimes the thoughts of an individual are responsible for this uselessness. Maybe something happens to you in your past but it is totally your responsibility to move on from that and restart your life again.

You need to break all these and raise your standards in life.

Let’s start. First take a look on what we will discussed

  • Change your daily schedule
  • Stop treating yourself as a victim
  • Grow your desires of life
  • Stop to compare your life
  • Forgive yourself for your past
  • Treat you in a good manner
  • Assign yourself daily task to do
  • Take care of yourself
  • Set a goal to achieve
  • Live in present
  • Remember we all have one life to live

1. Change your daily schedule

Start small, start with day one.

Your living standard depends on how you live your day. If you did not organize your day you can’t organize your life.

Write down your daily schedule and compare it with what you want to be in your life. If you have a list of bad habits then first you should take action on these.

It is not possible that you manage to match the level in one or two days, it will definitely take time, try to match the level day by day. Make a little progress each day to meet the requirements will help you to achieve your goal.

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2. Stop treating yourself as a victim and take control in your hand

stop being useless and raise your standard

In my view, you are not a victim, you are a criminal who wastes this precious life. Maybe the worst happen to you but after all, you have the choice to move on.

The biggest barrier to raise the standard of peoples that they treat themselves as a victim and end as a useless slob. But remember, you are not the only person who is in bad phases or treated badly by life. Everyone faces these types of problems but if you treating yourself as a victim then you can’t move on from the bad phase.

If you want to raise your living standard then you need to take control of your life into your hand. Accept the good and bad of your life.

3. Grow your desire

Grow your desire, whether it is your favorite food, favorite sport, outfit of favorite color, or whatever you have a desire that you avoiding for a long time.

Turn spotlight to your passion, dream, or whatever you have ever wished for. To live again you need to live your desires again.

It does not depend on whatever is your age, you are in your 50s or 20s, your desire is possible or not, give time to it, water the seed of your desire that planted in your heart.

4. Stop Comparision- the root of uselessness

stop being useless and raise your standard

The problem starts when you start to compare yourself to others. You start to compare someone’s best to your worst and get more depressed.

Comparison is the root of all thoughts of being useless and worthless. Comparison is an enemy of joy. Comparing yourself to others is responsible for your low confidence and self-esteem.

Comparision always puts you in a bizarre scenario which leads to an increase in your stress level. So if you want to raise your standard of life then you should stop comparing peoples with you.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” 

Albert Einstein

5. Move on from the past – forgive yourself for your past

Peoples after a breakup tends to live a colorless life for a long time. They feel they are totally worthless and no one cares for them but believe me everything is the same – family, friends, relatives, or classmates.

Yes, it is difficult to move on but the condition is not so bad that life becomes colorless. Whatever: we have to move on and we don’t have another option left.

Instead, you should appreciate your previous achievement in life, think about the good phase of life, you will go to achieve this soon.

Forgive yourself for your past, Self-acceptance could help you to move on. Read the full article.

6. Treat yourself in a good manner

Treat yourself in a better way, this world will treat you in the same manner how you treat yourself, make sure to treat yourself in the best possible way. Like a best friend will treat you.

Find reasons for happiness because to be happy is one of the main motives of our life.

Start to value yourself. Respect yourself for what you are. No one is perfect, every person has pros and cons. Everyone has a plus and minus point. Work on your minus point and take care of your plus point to raise the standard of your life.

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7. Engage yourself in work

In a simple word, a person is useless if he/she is not good for nothing and if you want to remove this useless tag from yourselves or stop being useless, you need to raise your standard of living, and it could be done by assign a task to you.

Engage yourself in an activity or assign work to you because all we know An empty mind is the devil’s workshop. Don’t let these suicidal thoughts affect your life.

If you don’t find any work to do, engage yourself in a self-care routine or start working on your dreams.

8. Do exercise daily

If you don’t have any positive in your life you must do exercise on daily basis. It will boost your confidence and take you away from the darkness of life.

I meet a lot of persons in life who joined Gym just after major setbacks in life and it is the best way to start your day. It will help you to raise your physical and mental standards as well.

If you think that you are in a bad phase or nothing goes in your favor, try to be on your side first, do it physically or mentally.

9. Set a goal to achieve


You are useless or worthless because you don’t have a goal for life. You are not sure what you want to do in your life and not work on desire. It is obvious, everyone has desires in life but we did not work on our desire. We don’t have any plans to achieve these desires. Set a goal in life to add meaning to your life.

Goals are most essential to raise your standard, especially personal goals. Once you set goals in life, more than half of the problem is sorted.

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10. Live in present -Don’t take the stress in life

If you living in your past you live in depression or if you live in your future then you live an anxious life, so live in the present to live a peaceful life.

Neither stress doesn’t let you go anywhere nor anxiety of the future could change your life, in fact, a stressful mind gives birth to suicidal thoughts. Believe me, everything will be right one day and don’t take stress for the thing that can’t be changed. Stress makes your thinking narrow-minded.

Don’t think too much about your past or future, just live in the present and do the most important work now.

Stop regretting the past, make your life the best.

11. Remember you have one life

live life to the Fullest

When you think that you are useless or worthless, just a reminder to your mind, ‘ you just only have this life. You have only one life to live your dream and to complete your desires. Don’t hesitate to take a bold move in life. Life is uncertain.

In order to live a healthy lifestyle, you need to make each day count in your life. Choose a life of happiness with no regret.

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The Bottom line

In our surroundings, most peoples live a life that is below standard and thinks they are a useless slob. And they are unable to change this thinking because of the lack of intent of changing things.

People are afraid to stand against themselves for themselves. But it is very essential that you should stop thinking of being useless and raise your life standard to your dream life. We need to work on it before it became a canker.

It is always you vs you, make sure to win the better version of yourself.

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