How to stop procrastination- get away from nature of delaying

I will go to the gym from Monday morning, I will definitely wake up early from tomorrow morning. I will study in the evening.

These are some common complaints of procrastinators and the chance of their tomorrow coming is nearly zero.

We wait for the next day and other(successful people) grab the opportunity.

We need to stop procrastination if we want success or even want to live our life to the best.

Procrastination – the nature of delaying or tendency to postpone a task. According to research, We all are a procrastinator at some level. it could hurt us badly when we start to delay our important tasks.

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Let’s start our journey to break the procrastination

14 tips to stop procrastination

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1. Take responsibility for your life

By taking responsibility for your life, your start to break procrastination, in simple, responsibility is the first step to break the habit of delaying.

Good or bad what happens in your life, is totally your responsibility. it will be good for you as soon as you understand this.

Sit on the driver’s seat of your life and take it towards your desired destination. You need to recognize the good or bad of your life and taking the right decision of your life.

Self-acceptance helps you to take responsibility for your life.

2. Talk with yourself

Role of self talk to stop procrastination

The best answer comes from self-talk when the question is about self-improvement, the best remedy for your procrastination is self-talk. You should talk to yourself, motivate yourself and break your nature of the delay.

Self-talk helps you to start, it helps you when you are stuck, it helps you to understand the value of the task, and most importantly it will help you to understand how procrastination could affect your life.

3. Forgive yourself for past

You need to forgive yourself for what you do in past. The regret of a certain thing takes you to past it again and wastes your time and energy.

Maybe sometimes you feel that you have wasted the whole day and didn’t do anything regarding your goal. Before delaying the task to tomorrow or in near future, try to use the remaining hours of the day.

Stop procrastination, after reading the article try to use the remaining hours of your day for your task. Start from the next minute.

4. Recognize the cause of procrastination

Until you don’t know the problem, the solution becomes difficult to find. It could be a difficulty level of the task, lack of interest, sometimes the intent of the task is not favorable, or you find tasks are not suitable for you.

But keep remembering, if you need to perform any task, delaying just makes it difficult to do. Keep in mind ‘ do it now or leave it, there is nothing lie between these two.

5. Change environment

The mess around your desk stops you to study, or your messy hair sometimes forces you to procrastinate. At first, try to organize yourself, organize your workplace place, and try to change your mood in a positive way.

Sit on the desk with a fresh perspective, a positive environment, and organized you.

6. Choose a motivational video or Music

What we need to stop procrastination- the first step. For the first step, we need motivation. To find the inner motivation or pump up your blood, watching a motivational video or listening to motivational music or podcast will be beneficial for you.

Motivational things are considered best to start new things, it helps you to make your perspective fresher. If possible make your environment motivational.

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7. Set a clear short term and long term goals

To protect yourself from procrastination, give yourself daily tasks. But don’t forget to set a long-term goal. A short-term goal or daily goal will set your momentum while a long-term goal gives you direction.

Daily goals will help you to manage your day and long-term goals give you the power to set daily goals. Understand the importance, setting your short-term and long-term goals especially with a time limit.

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8. Make a schedule

We think that making a schedule bound us, but in reality, a scheduled day gives us more freedom to enjoy ourselves. You could schedule a workout- which obviously makes you more active, schedule a proper diet plan- which makes you more fit, schedule working hours- which makes you more productive, schedule a day overall gives you more time to live your day.

By scheduling your day, you have enough task for your day, maybe time management helps you to understand the value of time which help you to stop procrastination. if possible make a to-do list of tasks you need to perform in the day.

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9. Distance from distraction

Suppose you are a student, and your exam is on your head, you start studying. But a notification pop up on your screen and bang, you wasted an hour. According to the average, a normal person comes back to the desk after being distracted in about 25 minutes.

You check notifications and delay your study. But the better thing would be to procrastinate the use of mobile phones and focus on study. To protect yourself from distractions, make a distance from them.

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10. Face your fear

We fear to start something when it will going to be the first time. But keep remembering, everything you do in life was the first time at some time.

The first-timers will become a leader of society. To stop procrastination, we need to take steps to face our fear. Beat your fear, beat your nature of the delay.

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11. Break target in small achievable task

Suppose you need to read a whole book but you procrastinate to start it, make it easy, make it more achievable- break it into small tasks. Let’s start with one page, one paragraph, and one line. Things become easy when you do small things one at a time.

12. Take small breaks

The rule of productivity or rule of focus states that you can’t be focused on a certain task, not more than 50 minutes constantly, or if you manage to do this the productivity of a certain task is decreased. So take small breaks to help you to stay more engaged in tasks.

But keep remember, sometimes your breaks lead to procrastination. So, take a break that makes your mindset fresher and not more than 5-10 minutes.

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13. Never ashamed to start anytime

time is perfect every time
Every time you take a step to your journey, time is just perfect. so, never ashamed to start at any time

Suppose you are a student, It’s 05:45 PM and you need to study but you see to clock and tell yourself that’ I will start from 06 PM, and you engage in another task. As a result, you forget to study, and when you look again at the clock time is running out.

Time is perfect, every time you start. So, never be ashamed to start anytime, if you want to do a task, do it now.

14. Live in this moment

Past give you depression and the future is responsible for your anxiety. Just focus on this moment, as you complete this article and start your work from the next minute. Believe me, this is the best time to take the first step toward your journey, you are pumped up and ready to launch toward your goal.

Why do we need to stop procrastination?

Do you know your anxiety about the future is due to somewhere of your delaying nature, you find it hard to break depression because you procrastinate the first step to break it. Procrastinators try to delay or postpone the first step to tomorrow and that never comes. Procrastination is one of the biggest barriers to you and your success.

When we start delaying our life elements e.g. health, relation, life goals, or career, we start to suffer in life. We assure if you come here, then you definitely learn how to stop procrastinating.

To find the solution, we need to analyze our problem and find the cause.

Why we procrastinate?

Here is some reason why we procrastinate-

why we procrastinate
1. We don’t want to work outside our comfort zone

Sometimes we find that the task is too difficult or it seems too easy. We have the habit of working on a task on the level we set for ourselves.

We should change our mindset, Easy or difficult we need to complete it as soon as possible.

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2. We have a long list of distractions

Distractions are one of the main reasons, why we are not able to find the right path in life. Distractions are like short-term happiness but one of the main reasons for our failure in life.

Make a list of distractions, reduce them and start working on your life.

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3. We don’t set a time limit

Suppose you are a student and have some homework to do. You have two options, one to complete homework between 3-4 PM or complete it by the night. Procrastinators tend to choose the second option, but on the other hand, if you set a time limit, the chance of achieving the task within a time limit is very high.

Setting a time limit will definitely change your attitude toward work.

4. Your health

Sometimes, your energy level is responsible for your procrastination, you feel that your energy level is not enough to perform the task or your mental health is not stable. In this condition, it will be good to delay your task for some time if it doesn’t affect your in near future.

5. Results are not satisfying

This is probably my reason for procrastination when I feel my articles do not reach my audience, and as a result, I procrastinate to write another article. When it happened I read them again, analyze the error, and try to find the best solution, because procrastination never takes us to the desired results.

6. Lazy habits

Lazy people are found a way to procrastinate, they prefer to stay in bed and think one more hour didn’t make difference, even they don’t want to break procrastination, they seem to enjoy it. But remember your lazy approach definitely make your life worse.

These are some common reasons, why we procrastinate, we can find a way against the odds if we are able to start, we could achieve. As we know, the first step is the hardest one, your one step to break procrastination could change your life.

The last line

Procrastination – the nature of delaying is also responsible for delays in your success. Keep in mind, the most time for a certain task that you have is now. so don’t delay time and start your work as soon as possible.

Procrastination in life goals, career, health, relationships, or self-care could make your life worse. so, get up make start your first step to making your life more beautiful.

We will be most happy after you if you stop procrastination or the level of your delaying nature goes down. All the best for your journey of self-improvement.


Is laziness is the reason behind procrastination?

Not every time but in some cases, Laziness is the reason behind procrastination, suppose a person wants to go for morning jogging but he snoozes alarm every time because of a lazy approach. Until the person realizes that it’s time to wake up and get up, he can’t get rid of laziness and result in the ‘cycle of delay’ continuing to the next day. If you get rid of laziness then you could deal with procrastination more freely.

Is the time limit help us to stop procrastination?

Yes, definitely when we left no other option, we can’t procrastinate. Sometimes we procrastinate because we think we have another option. You could make an imaginary pressure or add a time limit to achieving a task, this will definitely help you to get away from procrastination.

What is the biggest reason for procrastination?

Getting out of our comfort zone is considered one of the biggest reasons behind procrastination. You could see, on everything on which we procrastinate, somewhere is due to our comfort zone. We become habitual of the thing and don’t dare to change it.

How to stop procrastination, right now?

Here, just ask yourself two questions, ‘what are you doing’ and ‘why are you doing, the answer to these questions boosts your morale and helps you to get rid of procrastination.

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