How to use your time wisely

Time is precious, time is priceless. Everyone has 24 hours to spend in the day but someone spends it to become a successful personality and someone spends it to find an excuse for not doing. If you want to achieve something in life then you need to work on your time management skills. Value your time, spend your 24 hours of the day to become the person you want. Use your time wisely. Go for happiness and self-satisfaction instead of money.

According to a study, an average person has 6 hours per day as free time. Most of them did not know how to use it and also they think they don’t have enough time to spend. If we need happiness and success at the same time, we need to learn how to use time wisely. To utilize our free time, We need to do things that take us towards goals in our free time.

Just think about how much time you had spent for not doing nothing. Try to remember what you have achieved today. If the answer is nothing, you need to get serious about your time. You should make each day, each hour, each minute count. By managing your time properly you can organize your life in order to make it more beautiful. There are some tips which can help you to manage your time.

use your time wisely

1. Start your day positively

avoid Negativity in life

How we will spend our day is depends on how we start our day. Many of us start our day with the mobile phone. We used to check notification, messages, or scrolling social media. Is it important? Just think about how much time we have spent in the morning. When we awake, our mind tends to work faster, we can achieve great focus. We should engage ourselves in a thing that can have a positive impact on our bodies. We should read a book, go for a gym, meditation, gardening and yoga could be the best idea to start our day.

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2. Make a to-do list before sleeping

Plan your time. Plan your day according to you. Do whatever needs to make your future great or can give you happiness, or self-satisfaction. Make a checklist of those things. Arrange tasks according to priority. Assign 3-5 tasks for a day and you just need to make sure you completed all tasks at the end of the day.

3. Use less mobile

According to a recent study, a person checks his phone approximately 300 times per day. He/she check notification, likes, comment, messages, phones, playing games, and much more. A Person spends 3-4 hours daily on mobile without realizing the value of time. Using excessive mobile phones responsible for bad health, bad mood, anxiety, stress, and depression. Use mobile phones for your benefits.

“If you are on social media, and you are not learning, not laughing, not being inspired or not networking, then you are using it wrong.”

Germany Kent

4. Change definition of Productive time

Most people think the time for which they get paid is a productive time but they forget to mention time for happiness and self- satisfaction. Go for self-satisfaction and happiness instead of money. First of all, we need to change the definition, the time in which they can grow, the time which is responsible for their happiness, the time in which they feel positive, the time in which you work on your hobbies, the time that transform you would be a productive time.

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5. Try to be your own hero

Do whatever a hero does. You have time to spend, spend it in the way what your ideal do. Go for start-up, or you could transform you physically and mentally, or go for personality development you want. Do the things which make you a hero in your view and make you feel proud.

6. Go Offline and connect with nature

Plan an evening walk daily, or see sunrise or sunset, or anything which connects you with nature. You just schedule an appointment with nature daily. When you connect with nature, you found yourself surrounded by positivity. This positivity leads to happiness and happiness is essential for success. So just switch off your phone in between non-working hours of the day and try to connect with nature at this time.

7. Be social and connect with people in real life

Loneliness is responsible for stress. According to a recent study, the risk of death of a lonely person is 27% more than of socially active people. A social active did not mean a person with 1k follower or 500 hundred friends on social media, you should be a socially active person in real life. if you want to manage your time wisely just engage yourself in the company of talented peoples.

8. Avoid procrastination

stop procrastination

Procrastination is responsible for time-wasting. it takes very much of your time just to find excuses for not doing. If we need to complete work, do it Now. There may be some reason for procrastination, it could be a lack of interest, lack of satisfaction or our hobbies did not match in progress. If you want to achieve success, want to manage time wisely, the first step toward it you should stop procrastination. A quote by Abraham Lincoln-

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”

Abraham Lincoln

9. Work on the Distraction

You have made a time table to follow but face problems, distraction could be the reason. You have to work on your distraction. Make the list of the things that force you to skip your daily schedule, work on it, and go away from it. If you are able to avoid distractions then time management will become easy for you.

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stop being distracted from goals
stop being distracted from goals

10. Tv should be the last option

Are you love to watch a crime thriller or love to watch Daily shops and spend hours getting nothing. Just stop, visualization affects your mind very hard. Tv is never a good option to spend your time. People who spend time watching tv for hours have health issues, sleeping difficulties, and anti social behavior. And it could raise load on your pocket, according to a study, you have watched nearly 40,000 advertisement per year.

The Bottom line

We all have 24 hours spend in a day but have a tendency to say that we didn’t have enough time in the day. Believe me, if you have 26 hours in the day then your excuse will be the same because you spend it in the things that did not make any count in the day. If we want to achieve something in our life then the role of time management is the biggest in success. These tips from the article could work if you take your time management seriously. Use your time wisely to be the person you want in life.

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