Why goals are crucial for students? Importance of goal setting for students.

Goals are crucial because they give direction to your life. Teenage is the defining age in life, so setting a goal for students is more crucial than ever. Before Knowing everything about life goals, first, we will share what this article has for you.

We will discuss

  • How crucial is life goals for a student is with some data
  • Why do students need a goal in life?
  • What happens if no one has a goal in life.
  • 13 Points that help you understand the importance of goals
  • Things to keep in mind while setting a goal
  • Types of goals according to time
  • Types of goals according to nature of goals.

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Your goal defines the real meaning of your life. To understand the value of goals by the famous quote-

The tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goalThe tragedy lies in having no goals to reach.

Benjamin E. Mays

The biggest tragedy of life is that don’t have a goal in life. According to a recent study by Howard, 84% of school students didn’t have a goal in life, only 16% of them did respond well when they asked about their goal and from this 16% only 3% of students have a goal with an appropriate plan.

Maybe 3% are those who are willing to change World.

check whether your goal is SMART or not

Don’t have a proper goal is not a shame, but at some point in life, you need to have a goal in life. So, why not set a goal in your school age.

In simple words, a goal is a dream with a plan and the best thing to make a goal that to achieve your dreams. The best age to set a goal is student age.

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Why a student needs a goal in life?

Goals are the fundament of happiness

You are enjoying your life, have a subscription to Netflix, have enough alimony, so why do you need a goal. But just stop, maybe you think you are happy but this is only temporary happiness, and this will go as soon as your alimony gets blur.

Long-term happiness related accomplishment of goals, the purpose of life gives you the satisfaction to sleep properly in life. Don’t compromise your long-term happiness just to earn the value of a Netflix subscription.

Let’s understand with an example why you need a goal in life.

Suppose you are watching a football match where both teams try hard to win but wait…

There is no goal post, your favorite player does well but didn’t have clue where to go. They enjoying playing but not having purpose fell they bored after some time. Without a goal, student life is boring as hell.

For long-term happiness, you need a goal in life. To enjoy your life to the fullest you need a purpose in life. Having a goal just multiplies your level of happiness.

What happens when you don’t set a goal as a student

What happen if we don't have goals in life

The most frustrating question for a student or an adult that what do you want to be in life.

and this question haunt a student badly when they didn’t have the answer to this. This type of question could harass and may lead to unwanted anxiety.

That is clear you need a goal in life or even at some point in life you set a goal for yourself, maybe till that point you have sort of energy and your goal is the result of your compromise.

Take a look at the list of what happens when a student doesn’t set a goal in life
  1. Students live a confused life.
  2. They may be caught in stress at the most vulnerable age of life.
  3. Students have an uncertainty of their future.
  4. Waste their time on Netflix.
  5. Not having a goal is responsible for living a bad lifestyle.

So, set your life goal now, you have more time and more energy.

In this section of the article, we will discuss the importance of goals in the life of a student.

Let’ start.

Importance of goals in student life

Stephen Corey said that if you want to understand the importance of goals, “Begin with the End in Mind”.

The thinking of achievement of the goal will motivate you to hustle for the goal. And the value added by the accomplishment of the goal helps you to understand the importance of the goal.

benefits of having goal in life

Goals help students to learn life skills such as self-confidence, time-management, could avoid procrastination, planning, communication skill, and more importantly having a goal preserve you from bad habits.

Student age of 16-24 is the most vulnerable age, setting a goal helps you to avoid bad phases in life. We have discussed 13 points that make clear the importance of goals.

1. Goal gives direction to life

Goals give meaning to life, give a direction to make an action.

Without a goal, your life is just meaningless as an Archery player who wants to hit a target but he didn’t know about the target.

The first step to live a quality life is to have a life otherwise you have to end your life in a rat race without any clue of life.

2. Goals help you to master the life quality

Having a goal in life, force you to hustle hard to accomplish the goal. The more you work for your goals more mature you become in your life. Every little progress to a goal increases your self-confidence.

Self-confidence, time management, focus, dedication, determination, and planning are all life qualities that are needed to accomplish a goal.

Goals help you to master all these life quality and obviously makes you more responsible towards life. Having a goal help students to prepare for life.

3. Goals help you to avoid bad habits

When you engage in the goal you don’t have enough time to trap in a bad habit. If you have a goal in life you could easily avoid any social media addiction, it preserves you from wastage of your precious time.

Goals help you to understand that how important is your life and why you need to avoid bad habits in life.

4. Goals is the Fundamental of long term success

Don’t have a goal you may end nowhere, don’t have a target you didn’t achieve anything.

Don’t have a goal you may end up in a 09 to 05 job. Setting life goals at small age grows you the chance of success.

If you don’t have a goal in school or college then you may force yourself into a time-wasting and depressed life. Having a goal helps you to live a more balanced life while you working on them, achieving goals gives you satisfaction and happiness.

5. Goals make your thought process more clear

When you have a goal to achieve in life your thought process sounds more clear. Your decision-making ability becomes sharper.

This is genuine when you have set you to focus on something, you could blur everything less. You could easily choose the path which takes you toward the goal and skip a certain path that sounds irrelevant to your goal of life.

6. Goals help you to make a bold life decision

Right or wrong, you could choose the best possible when you have a clear approach to your goals.

Suppose as a student you want to be a doctor in the future, you could choose whatever takes you towards your goal without a second thought in mind.

7. Goals preserve you from the distraction of life

Take a close look at your environment, you are full of distractions around. The goal is one of the things that help you to get rid of distractions.

A goal encourages a student to do something that takes you toward the goal and stops irrelevant activities.

Goal preserves you from mobile addiction, bad relationship or friendship, toxic peoples and their behavior, and obviously, your have no time for bad bitching.

8. You don’t find yourself stuck in life

You may be stuck in life when you have nothing to do with life. Suppose as a student and your life goals are not clear, you don’t know what to do after completing school, result in you copy what your friend does, and your friend copy other’s goals. You just struck in Mob mentality.

and it will continue, after completer your college life then you find you didn’t have clue what you need to do after completing your graduation. And that process of mob mentality just takes you toward the rat race of life.

Having a goal in school age is one of the most important things to skip the rat race.

9. Goals help you to grow your skillset

Whatever goal you have in life, you need to hustle to achieve your goal.

A goal requires a lot of hard work with skill and that helps you to grow your skillset. I have seen a lot of students who have a clear goal in life have a mindset that -I will do what I am capable of, I will learn what is unknown to me.

Believe me, this mindset to accomplish your goal is responsible for your high skillset. You want to learn everything that takes you toward your goal.

10. Goals preserve you from boredom

To be free in life is good for some time, but live freely for a long time leads to boredom.

Most of the teenager suffers boredom in life and the best possible way to get rid of this to set clear life goals. You could also set some personal goals in your summer vacation.

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Lack of understanding of goals in teens leads to boredom, and after a while, this boredom is coated with stress and anxiety, and living in this phase for a long time leads to depression. If setting a goal in life could preserve you from all these things. so, why not have a goal now.

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11. Goals are the best possible way to use your energy

The best possible way to use your energy is to engage in life goals. You are in your teenage and believe me, this is the time when you have the most time and as well as more energy.

Goals give you a sense of self-mastering, give you the motivation to master a certain thing.

The equation of time and energy is perfectly balanced in teenagers, Put your mind on the right path, use it in a positive way.

12. Goals make you more focused on life

Having a goal in life gives you more clarity of life, when you have knowledge about the destination, you could more be focused on the path.

But if you don’t clarity of goal, you can’t focus on the path, and uncertainty of destination results in more questioning on your ability.

I remember when I didn’t set goals and work as a freelancer, I am a programmer+ content writer, but until I choose one of the paths I am didn’t able to focus on one thing. And my career growth is not noticeable.

So, that is clear we need to set a goal to focus more on life.

13. Goals help you to beat procrastination

The biggest enemy of your success is procrastination.

I believe that you have the ability to achieve a goal but what stops you, your nature of delaying the task. You didn’t start working because you think that you have time to achieve but believe me you could achieve anything if you start.

Having a goal gives a purpose to your life and that helps you to beat procrastination.

Things to remember while setting goals

1. Journey is more important than the destination

Good things take time.

Always keep in mind, the journey is more important than the destination, the journey gives you the lesson of your life, and these lessons are the only thing that helps you to achieve the reward of your life.

2. Goal should be yours

Don’t copy other dreams, Let others live their dreams, fulfill your own dreams.

Stop mob mentality and stop living others’ life. Everyone has a unique ability, unique perspective of life, just follow your passion.

3. One goal at a time

The rule of being productive says one task at a time and this implies life very well.

Work on one goal at a time, don’t be in two ships with different directions, you would not reach anywhere.

4. Don’t impose anything on you

The first thing needed to achieve a goal is that you need to give your 100%, and that is possible only when you work with your heart. It will be more possible when you follow your passion.

Ready for hustle but for the task you love to achieve.

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Types of goals you could set as a student

According to the famous psychologist, Elliot and McGregor, goals are of three types, which are described in the image.

types of goals
Mastery Goals

They are considered the best goal to have. Mastering everything gives you basically gives you more self-confidence and more important makes you more productive in a particular field.

You could set a goal like that you will achieve ‘A+’ in Mathematics this year.

These types of goals have a clear approach just to be a master in certain things.

2. Performance approach goals

People often set these goals when they want to improve their performance. Performance approach goals related to focus on demonstrating competence or ability and how ability will be judged relative to others.

You want to be more talkative or gain self-confidence.

You want to gain or lose 10kg of weight by the end of this summer, these are some examples of performance-approach goals.

These are considered the good goals to have in life, according to psychology.

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3. Performance avoidance goals

The worst goal to have and the chances of accomplishing these goals are very low. Students set these types of goals to avoid failure, and may result of these goals may haunt them.

According to psychology, you couldn’t avoid a certain thing if you have to make a plan or thinking too much to avoid certain things.

You should set goal in phase

Goals in Phase

Sometimes you may be uncertain what type of life goals you should have or even sometimes you don’t have any passion to grow or you don’t know about your passion.

The first thing in this that will help you is self-talk. Ask yourself, what will give you happiness and satisfaction. Maybe this is something related to your passion or sometimes you found unreal things as your dream.

goals in phase

Make a plan to achieve this target. Set a goal in phases.

  • Long-term Goals- A life goal or goals for the next 6-7 years
  • Mid-term goals- A goal for a month to a year
  • Short-term goal: Set a goal for the next weak or next month

Set your short-term goal in the way that it connects to your mid-term goal and your mid-term goal is connected to your life goal.

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The last line

Goals are fundamental to long-term success. It is obvious, not having a goal, you don’t reach anywhere.

To be honest, you need to set a goal at a point of time in your life, but if you are late in this process you find that you don’t have enough energy or time to achieve them.

To live a successful life, you need to set a goal as a student. Maybe the most time and energy you have to achieve in life.

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