How acceptance could change your life- The importance of self-acceptance

To do something in life, the most important step to accept yourself as you are right now. You are fat, thin, suffer a breakup, or face any body shaming, the first step to move on with it is ‘self-acceptance’. This article helps you to understand the importance of self-acceptance.

You resist something for a decade, you are running from yourself, you try to hide the thing which you don’t like about yourself but till when? Believe me, you even can’t think about any change if you don’t accept it.

You can’t run away from yourself. The more you accept yourself, the more you know about yourself. And to win any battle in life, first, we need to win ourselves.

Let’s start

The importance of self-acceptance in our lives

Do you know, the last time when you were happy with yourself, either you were drunk or you were a child. Maybe those are the circumstances when you truly accept yourself.

Ups and downs are part of life, but for ups, we need to accept the downs. May that while legend says- ‘ Accept yourself what are you, where are you is the secret of success.

The pros of you, the cons you have are totally acceptable. When you accept yourself, it takes you towards growth. And the reality is that self-acceptance is the first step to self-improvement.

When you want some change, first, you need to accept the reality around you. You need to accept the situation, and most importantly accept yourself.

Every legend once an average person in life, but when they accept they are ordinary, they do extraordinary efforts to become extraordinary in their field.

If you feeling down or demotivated then acceptance could be the solution for your recovery. Even in breakups, you need to accept the reality before move on. Acceptance helps us to focus on solutions more than problems.

Here is the list, that gives you reasons for self-acceptance-

Reasons for self-acceptance

  • Self-acceptance help us in our growth
  • Self-acceptance is the first step in self-improvement
  • it will be the first step of change
  • Self-acceptance is responsible for real happiness
  • Self-acceptance helps you to win the battle against you
  • Self-acceptance makes you more solution-centric

The important section of the article, how to accept the reality, how to grow self-acceptance

5 tips to accept the things

1. Talk to yourself, be your best friend

Maybe the best person to talk about your pros, problems, and your bad habit is only you. No one could understand you better than yourself.

Talk to yourself about every good and bad thing, the more you talk to yourself, the more close you feel to yourself.

Maybe this could change your perspective to understand things right.

2. Write your good and bad things

May the second best friend of you after you is pen and paper. Write down all you good things or habits that you want to keep in yourself.

and made another list of thing or habits that is bad about yourself, write down the good things that you should adopt in place of a good one.

May this help you to accept more and expect less. and of course, this will preserve you from many life problems.

3. Take responsibility, you are the only ones who are responsible for your life

When you accept that the good or bad that happens in your life, is your responsibility, you start to accept things.

Sometimes, you may suffer due to other’s fault but after that, how you treat yourself and that person is totally yourself.

Suppose someone suffers a breakup in a relationship due to others fault, but what he/she chooses is totally his/her responsibility. They choose to suffer, they choose to move on, they choose to hate them or they choose to ignore them, it is totally their responsibility. Acceptance helps you to understand the outcome of the relationship.

The sooner you realize that your life is totally your responsibility, the better your life will be from that day.

4. Accept the reality and face it

Don’t run away from the truth. Accept the truth and face it. Accept the things that you could not change.

and don’t run to perfection, no one is perfect, it is perfect to be imperfect. You are good or average it is enough to live.

Start forgiving people, you start to move on from the worst. Forgive and forgive more.

if you do fault, accept it. and don’t let people suffer to you. I remember people play a blame game and it ends with no solution. But if they start to accept the reality, they will be more solution-centric.

5. Learn with mistakes every time

The main motive of acceptance to grow you in life. If you don’t learn from experience then you repeat the same mistake again.

Make it sure that if you accept yourself, then you should stop to expect the unfavorable result.

What happens when you start to accept situations

Importance of self-acceptance in daily life and how acceptance could change your life.

We have created a list, where we discuss what happens when we accept things in the way that they are-

  • The situation which we don’t accept act as a problem in life but if accept the situation then it turns as a challenge.
  • This act same in case of fear, if you don’t accept the uncertainty of things then it will be fear for you, but once you accept that something different will happen then it turns into an adventure.
  • When you see that you collogue get a promotion in job, if you accept that he/she working hard to get this position then you definitely inspired by hard work, on the other hand, you non-acceptance makes you jealous of that person.
  • When you accept the thing that the person you love is not more in your life, then you try to move on but if you don’t accept the thing that he/she gone from your life then you suffer a breakup.

These are only some examples but acceptance and non-acceptance of any situation work exactly in the same way. Acceptance gives you a reason to grow while non-acceptance gives you a reason to find excuses

How acceptance will change your life

Self-acceptance could change your life in many ways, read to list to know the importance.

  • it makes you strong every time.
  • Accepting the things gives you real exposure to the world
  • Saves your energy to find excuses
  • Accepting reality helps you to expect more
  • Saves you from suffering unwanted things
  • It makes you more mature and responsible for your life.
  • It takes more energy to resist than it does the persist.
  • We become more solution-centric
  • Our perspective becomes more positive, the acceptance that your thinking process is negative is also a positive affirmation.
  • Growth becomes easy when you know your cons.
  • A decrease in depressive symptoms, the desire to be approved by others, fear of failure, and self-critique
  • An increase in positive emotions, sense of freedom, self-worth, autonomy, and self-esteem

Role of self-acceptance in life

Importance of self-acceptance in breakups:

Do you know, why you suffer a breakup? the truest answer that you don’t accept the person you love is gone?

You always feel the one day they will return or this is not our last conversation, maybe feel that we deserve at least one more chance.

But believe me, you never move on if you feel like that. The secret of move on is always self-acceptance. Give them a chance if they deserve it, but if they don’t deserve it, don’t beg for them.

If you feel your relationship is somewhere toxic then you need to accept that they are not made for you and surely you deserve better. Your thought process is not preferable for each other and yes they are not good for your mental health.

The first step to moving on from the relationship is acceptance. When you accept that there is no chance that the person comes back, you move on. When you accept that the person really loves you and cares for you, you grow in a relationship.

At a glance: Importance of Self-acceptance

Self-acceptance helps you to grow in each and every aspect of life. Don’t misconception the thing that you should accept failure and give up. Accept your failure are fail and now make a strong plan to win things again.

Self-acceptance is not only about accepting bad things of yours, accept the good things of you, and feel the positivity in you.

Acceptance helps you to take control of your life. Self-acceptance is the first step to grow.

Self-acceptance is everything.