4 Most important assets of life

The key to every success lies in asset creation. When we maximize our assets, we create a smoother life for ourselves. The book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” itself revolves around asset creation but before creating physical assets we need to focus on the most important assets of our life.

We all want to work for physical assets but what makes them achievable is your life assets. and this post is completely dedicated to the most important assets of our life. In this article, we will discuss what are the most important assets of life and how can you achieve them. Let’s start

Most Important assets of life

1. Health

Health is your biggest Wealth.

Your health is your most precious asset, maximizing it gives you the strength to face everything. Life is full of ups and downs, sometimes you surround by happiness and sometimes you get exhausted by sadness but you could feel it or deal with it only with a healthy mind and body.

Your healthy body gives you the strength and energy that help you to achieve better results in every aspect of your life. The better health you have the better you live your life. Without it, nothing matters in life.

Your good health improves your ability to perform any task. Good health promotes physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.

Things to do to maximize your health

  1. Drink plenty of Water– Drink at least 4-6 liter of water per day. There is an endless list of benefits to drinking the right amount of water. Water helps you to concentrate better, helps you to digest food, normalizes blood pressure, adds glow to your skin, and on and on.
  2. Workout– Workout at least 4-6 hours/week. Workout lets feel good about yourself, keeps you physically and mentally active, helps you to get in better shape, promotes better sleep well, improves your energy level, and boosts your mood.
  3. Don’t skip breakfast– Early morning breakfast helps you maintain your energy level throughout the day, it reduces your chances of getting ill and helps you to maintain body weight.
  4. Take proper Nutrition– Your food is the fuel to your body, better fuel ensures better performance.
  5. Daily Meditation– Meditation is like a workout for your body, it helps you to think better, do better and achieve better.
  6. Create a positive environment– Surround yourself with a positive environment that helps you to keep doing better for your health.
  7. Avoid Drugs/Alcohol/Caffeine
  8. Eat less at Night– Eating less at night helps you to control your body weight, ensure good sleep at night and help your body to digest food easily.
  9. Add self-care routine– Add a self-care routine to your daily life, take care of yourself, groom well, and love yourself and it will boost your confidence and let gives you the superpower to feel good about yourself.
  10. Take proper sleep– Good sleep is essential for the proper functioning of your body, maintaining your energy level, keep you active throughout the day, Don’t compromise your sleep for anything, skip the usage of mobile phone, Tv, and caffeine at night.

2. Time

Better time management leads to better life management

In this list time is the second most important asset of our life after health. The reason is quite simple, a healthy body and mind can use better their time in spite of a sick mindset and body. Time plays a significant role in our life, if we have control over our time we can control our lives else time control our lives.

 “Either you run the day, or the day runs you.”

~ Jim Rohn

The better we use our time, the better we achieve in our life. In order to live our best life, we need to optimize every single day of our life and stop wasting this valuable asset of life.

Things to do proper management of your time

  1. Make a to-do list before starting each day, if possible plan your next day the night before.
  2. Using the Eisenhower matrix to prioritize a task Eisenhower matrix helps you to differentiate between important and urgent tasks. You must learn it for better time management.
  3. Work to improve your focus– Your focus helps you to do more in less time, we have written another post to improve focus and concentration.
  4. Get away from distraction
  5. Use the 80/20 principle of time management
  6. Say no to the unimportant tasks– Don’t put your time and energy into the tasks that didn’t affect your life. it is better to say no instead to regret it at last.
  7. Enjoy whatever you do– you feel less exhausted if you do the work that you love to do
  8. Choose the quality of work instead of the number of hours– Studies show that you work more in your peak hours, and do better use of that time
  9. Use social media less
  10. Analyze your day before sleeping– if you achieve your day’s task It will give you a sense of satisfaction, and if not it will give you an environment to achieve things on next day.
  11. Stop procrastination, do it now– Don’t put too much on tomorrow, if you want to do anything and have the energy for it, do it now.

3. Knowledge

Knowledge is your power

The more you acquire knowledge and apply it to your daily life, the smoother and easier your life becomes. Knowledge helps us to differentiate good and bad for our lives, it helps us to make life decisions with logic and values.

Knowledge is power and we can achieve it through proper health and time management. The more we focus on learning, the chances of being successful will increase. We become smarter with the power of knowledge and solve problems more easily.

Things to do to improve your knowledge

  1. Read good books – A book is the best way to learn from the best, it contains the life experience of people and helps you find a way to make a correct decision. If possible read self-improvement books from time to time.
  2. Surround in a positive environment
  3. Learn life skills – Life skills likes, time management, priority management, stress management, goal management, leadership, learn people behavior could be very handy in every aspect of your life.
  4. Learn a new thing about your field– This is the secret of growth, life logic is quite simple if you know more your could achieve more.
  5. Change your bad habits to the good ones
  6. Write daily– Writing is the best way to track your progress, write daily about what you gain and lose, what you plan for, and what you are supposed to do.

4. Relations

Relationships are assets, and they matter in our life. So make a habit to make relations and view relationships as assets, in exactly the same way as any other asset. Relations give you the opportunity to grow in life. Whether it is your family, friends, colleagues, relatives, or customers, Our people are our greatest asset.

Your relationships impact not only your access to resources but also your ability to positively influence others and contribute to your ecosystem.

Things to do to boost your relations

  1. Spend more time with them
  2. Smile when you meet
  3. Show them how important they are to them
  4. Value their love and concern
  5. Make good friends
  6. Show gratitude
  7. Try to be part of their emotions.

At a glance

Health, Time, Knowledge, and our relations are the 4 most important assets of our life. They are the 4 pillars of our life If there is a problem in even one, it will make your whole life unbalanced. For the better management of our lives, we need to pay attention to these 4 assets.

Give your valuable view about the most important asset of your life.