18 positive affirmation that changes my life- Positive affirmations for hustlers

I am a big fan of self-improvement, throughout the ups and downs of my career I get a superpower: the power of positive affirmation. I will tell you some of my favorite positive affirmations and how saying those every day change my mindset.

I read the book ‘You are badass- how to stop procrastination’ where I found that – Your thoughts become your words, your words become your belief, your belief becomes your action, your action becomes your habit and your habit becomes the reality of your life.

The power to change your life lies in your thoughts and if you fill your thoughts with positive energy then your life also reflects positivity.

Here is a list of 18 positive affirmations that changes my mindset.

1. Today will be a great day, thank you God for this beautiful morning

Every day comes with new chances to do something great. Forget about last night’s failure and focus on your new day.

This positive affirmation helps me to start my day with some positive energy, I always believe that the first 30 minutes of my day is the most important for me. So, I decided to fill myself with some positive with this affirmation.

This help me to understand the value of every morning and give a faith that every morning comes with new hopes.

2. I am winning

If I grow each day and learn new things that mean I am winning each day. If I sleep peacefully that means I achieve my daily task, and that is the win for me.

This affirmation gives me positive vibes to work tirelessly and declutter despair.

3. Fear is just a state my mind

Fear is just an illusion and nothing like fear exists in real life. It will grow how we will take care of it. I believe that fear is just a state of my mind. It doesn’t exist if I don’t care.

This positive affirmation helps me when I tend to create new things or engage in an activity that is new for me.

4. I am born to make a change

I know I am different, we all are different if we stop copying others. And if we can remember a legendary person from the past, it has possible that future generations will remember me for my work. and that is why I was born.

I am going to add value to people’s lives, I want to make every life easy. I want to make a happy and peaceful world.

5. I am limitless

There is no limit of limit. You could expand your comfort zone the way you want. and believe me, we all have limitless power and connection with the source which is a superpower(God)

And proof of this thing is some of the great inventions by humans which seems impossible at a certain time. Everything is possible just you need to add your soul and mind to it.

6. I feed my body and mind with best suitable things

We all know that this mind and body is the most precious thing that we all have and if did feed with those with toxic elements then it will become a burden on ourselves, we lost control of our mind and soul.

To live the best life, you need to fill your body with the best suitable food and your mind with great thoughts. In recent times this positive affirmation helps me to quit some of my bad habits.

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7. I deserve to be happy

We all deserve to be happy soul that brings positivity to all around the world. But something certain things make your sad every time. If the same joke can bring a smile to your face every time, then why give this power to sad thoughts.

You deserve to be happy and no one could take this right from you. Be happy create your happiness yourself.

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8. I am going to make proud myself

Having a goal in life makes me proud, working on them makes me more proud and that progress that I made makes me proud and what I am going to achieve will make me proud at the highest level.

I am working to achieve my daily goals and will repeat the process until I achieve the biggest milestone in life. And this positive affirmation after a distracted day helps me get connected to my life goals.

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9. Everything is connected in the universe

Good or bad that happens in my life, all is connected to make me strong. Bad things come with a life lesson and good things come with pleasure.

Everything that happens to me is for me. We all need both to grow in life.

10. It is okay to rest

Rest is a requirement for body and mind and we all need that. I never feel bad after a good day in bed, it is part of the hustle and we all need that to feel more refreshed.

But make sure if you rest, you feel refreshed otherwise you may hurt yourself.

11. I am not giving up at all

No, I am not here to give up. I come here to win and didn’t stop until I achieve. The condition may worsen but I will become strong from the condition.

I find every possible solution to my problem, it worth for me, I will do it, definitely.

Do it or don’t do it, there is nothing that lies in between that.

12. My time and energy is precious to me

My time and energy are most precious to me and I am not gonna waste them, I will going to manage my time and energy according to myself.

I don’t engage in an activity that means nothing to me. I just do the stuff that matters to me.

This affirmation helps me to skip the usage of unproductive, I give up the excessive usage of social media by it.

13. This is my life, I will adjust it according to me

This whole world is my comfort zone and I will do whatever I wanted to do here. I will live my life to the fullest with no fear and regret.

I am not any fear to reset, restart or adjust my life, I will do it how many times I need.

This positive affirmation helps me to get rid of social anxiety.

14. I focus on what I need

What I need right now, is the most important thing for me. One thing at a time, keep me focused on the things. Just like a camera, it blurs the whole world for me and shifts my focus to the most important thing that I need right now.

Say it to yourself, it calms down your mind, and let focus you on the things that really matter to you.

15. I love myself for what I am

I love myself for all perfection and imperfection in me. and nothing can degrade my value. I don’t want to replicate other’s life, I didn’t have any comparison to anyone.

I just want to make my life better each day and I want to achieve the best possible version of myself.

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16. My action will define me

What I am doing right now, will define me. If I engage in a non-productive thing, the result will be going to be non-productive but if I engage in a quality task result will be better for me.

This positive affirmation helps me stop procrastination and shift focus on my dreams.

17. Everything will be okay and healing is the only option

We all have a time in life when we need to tell ourselves that everything will be okay one day. I hit that point too when I feel everything is finished, nothing left for me.

But I know everything will be okay and the only option that I have is healing. I need to heal my mind and soul.

18. If I can think then I will

If I could think to achieve something, then I will surely go to achieve it. Everything is possible and when I think like this I feel everything is doable with time.

You can do whatever you want to do.

Stop questioning your ability to do something, you are not here to do everything, you are here to do only your stuff. Let the positive affirmation boost your morale. Note these affirmations and repeat them when you needed.

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