Random act of Kindness to brighten someone’s day- 60+ ideas with pictures

A random act of kindness can brighten someone’s day within. Take a tiny moment of your day just to put a smile on other faces and make them happy.

More studies suggest that being kind makes you happy and satisfied in life. Every small act of kindness makes you feel good.

Here we have 60+ random acts of kindness that can give long memories to someone. How about you try some of these ideas and put on a bright smile on a few faces.

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Random act of Kindness for strangers

Random act of Kindness for strangers
  1. Smile to strangers
  2. Give compliments
  3. Donate blood to blood camp
  4. Donate your old clothes to someone
  5. Keep extra change in your pocket
  6. If you are in a queue, talk pleasantly with people
  7. Help someone’s in parking
  8. Help people with water bottle on a hot day
  9. Give food, water and blankets to homeless people
  10. Put biscuits in beg for homeless kids
  11. Share your umbrella in rain with needy one
  12. Put extra food for somebody else while traveling
  13. Help locals in their business by buying their products
  14. Mentor someone for a better future
  15. Be polite with Uber drivers
  16. Give extra tip to the waiter

Random act of kindness for co-workers

Random act of Kindness for your co-workers
  1. Give a lift to your colleague
  2. Share your knowledge with colleagues next to you
  3. Invite colleagues on weekends who live alone at their home
  4. Take stand for your co-worker if injustice happen
  5. Write motivational sticky notes for your colleagues too
  6. Share food with office boy
  7. Bring a bar of chocolate for Liftman

Random act of Kindness for kids

Random act of Kindness for kids
  1. Send greeting card’s to children
  2. Share your chocolate with kids to be their friend
  3. Give some time to play with children’s
  4. Help a struggling child in the study
  5. Share your notes with needy student
  6. Listen to the stories of kinds

Random act of kindness for elders

Random act of Kindness for elders
  1. Go to old age’s home with some gifts
  2. Listen to the old’s stories from your grandparents
  3. Help elder’s by setting up technology
  4. Give a little big hug to your grandparents

Random act of kindness for friends

Random act of Kindness for friends
  1. Plan a surprise party for your friend birthday
  2. Send a positive message to your friend on WhatsApp
  3. Send old memories to your friends
  4. Connect with your friend on the phone call
  5. Share your favorite quotes on social media
  6. Put a status for someone’s that you remind them
  7. Send self-help books to your best friend
  8. If you have an extra coupon on Google pay, share it needy one.
  9. Help your friend to move on from a breakup

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Random act of kindness on social media

Random act of Kindness on Social Media
  1. Give a shout out to your friend’s new business
  2. Like and comment on your friend post
  3. Suggest good books to your friends
  4. Share your review if you like any book, movie or website
  5. Appreciate the post you enjoyed on social media
  6. Appreciate the writer or blogger, if his/her article help you

Random act of kindness for animals and nature

Random act of Kindness for animals
  1. Give food to street dogs
  2. Protect stray animals from rain and cold
  3. Put some water and food for birds on your roof
  4. Plant a tree
  5. Don’t use disposal/polythene for animal food, read how bad it is for animals

Random act of kindness for family

Random act of Kindness for family
  1. Spend more time with family
  2. Serve Dinner for your family
  3. Don’t mix office and home
  4. Spend weekend with your family
  5. Give suprise to them

Most important

  1. Be kind to you
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We will add more acts of kindness in the future. Give your suggestion in the comment box. If you enjoy the post, please provide your valuable comment. We will love to hear from you.

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