Stepping out of your comfort zone | Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Life is beautiful and it is even more pretty when we step out of our comfort zone. There is nothing wrong to say that life starts outside the comfort zone.

In reality comfort zone is a place where you never do a new thing and just live your life without any discomfort and barely any growth.

Challenges of life are the real opportunities to grow, and a comfort zone consists of no challenges that mean no opportunities.

Before going to the how-to stepping out of your comfort zone, first, we understand why to jump out from your comfort zone.

Why do you need to step out of your comfort zone?

it is a genuine question that why we need to leave our comfort zone? Why do we take stress, hard work, and struggle as we have recharged Netflix this month(sitting on the sofa and watching Netflix may be your comfort zone).

We are happy to think about our fairy tales(thinking about dreams but not working), we are happy to work in offices(not liking the job, and waits to over office time), We are happily waiting for our dream life(we do a little work for our dream life and think we will accomplish them), We are happy to live our life comfortably(this temporary comfortable is the biggest discomfort).

The reality is that you accept that you can’t jump out from this small circle, the reality is that you think your dream is not achievable and you believe that an unsuitable job is your destiny.

  • You need to leave your comfort zone to grow, in the true sense comfort zone is just the opposite of the growth zone.
  • You need to stepping out of your comfort zone to push your boundaries of personal and professional life.

You need to get out of your comfort zone because

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Neale Donald Walsch

Whether you want to get in your body shape or want to learn more or earn more. You need to leave your comfort zone to work for your dream, passion, or goals. You need to jump out of this for your success.

09 tips to stepping out of your comfort zone

Jump out of your comfort zone

We all hear ‘ life begin at the end of comfort zone’ or ‘ you need to leave your comfort zone to grow yourself’ in our school/colleges/offices. But it is easy to advise in comparison to leaving. Our teachers, professors, bosses(especially HR) force us to jump out of our comfort zone.

But in true meaning, it is hard to leave the comfort zone, sometimes we need to fight with ourselves, sometimes we need to get uncomfortable, sometimes we fight with our fears, sometimes we do things for the first time, sometimes we fail and sometimes we get succeed. But all struggles make us grow in life. Help us to make ourselves stronger in life.

Out tips help you to make it easy to jump out of your comfort zone. Don’t miss the tips. We discuss in the 09 tips.

1. Discover more about your comfort zone

The more you discover your life, the smoother your life will be. To know better about your circle you need to discover your comfort zone.

Be real to yourself, draw a circle related to your life job, goal, or passion, write things around the circle which you comfortable doing, and write things that discomfort you or are new to you but are important for your goal.

You will definitely the real tasks are outside the comfort zone. and the same applies in life, the real world belongs outside of your comfort zone.

Discover your comfort zone and make a list of work that you could start from today.

2. Face your Fear

You can’t win in life if you can’t win your fear. You need to jump if you want to fly(with a parachute)

Pay attention, why you are not trying new things. Maybe you have a fear to lose or think about what happens if you lose. Think positive, think if you win, all equations will change.

Maybe you are fearing to think about the struggle of the transition phase, but believe me, this struggle makes you eligible. You didn’t stop walking due to fear of falling down. If you don’t stop there, why you are stopping here.

Beat the fear to bear the change in life. Remember, a winner is not one who never fails, but one who never quits.

3. Free yourself

There is a lot of people, who waits for someone to share thought to make their review about anything.

Free yourself what will society think about yourself. You live in a completely independent country, so your thoughts will be totally independent.

Don’t bound yourself from others’ opinions, you are more than from someone’s thoughts. Don’t give anyone the power to handle your life.

Good or bad it is totally your life, take your life decision freely. Don’t let anyone take control of your life.

4. Know your real limits

You are more capable than you think about yourself. Know about your real potential.

To know your limits you need to step out of your comfort zone. Know about your circle and push the boundaries.

Things are not as difficult as we make them, if people are doing so, why can’t we? We are complete and we could do nearly everything.

Try to upgrade those fake limits that you make for yourself, put effort and break your circle and explore yourself.

5. Change your daily routine

I remember in my school, my teacher says that if you want to learn anything new life then you need to leave your old thinking.

You are not stepping out of your comfort zone till now, maybe there is a lack of approach till now, you need to change your thinking process.

You need to hang out with the fearless peoples or who are willing to jump into their comfort zone. You should remove all the bad elements that hold you back in life.

6. Take less help and go for the first-hand experience

It is a good thing that someone is there to help you in every condition. But taking help every time you are struck by a problem, bound you in a comfort zone.

When as a Developer(in the initial days of my career), I was learning JavaScript, and I usually take help from my collogue, and as a result, I get habitual to take his help. I had created a comfort zone for me, when I got struct, I call him. One day I realize I couldn’t code JS without his help.

The reality is that your challenges grow you, these challenges and struggle to find solution makes you eligible for success.

Go for the first-hand experience. You can’t buy experience, you can’t learn anything by just viewing it on YouTube, you need to put effort to do.

As same you can’t jump from your comfort zone by just reading the article, you need to put effort to jump from it.

7. Don’t hesitate to learn anything new

The Comfort zone is the place where your ability never challenges and no one force you to do something new or beyond your limits (fake limits).

Try new things daily and challenge your limits daily, if you do it on the smallest level, it will eventually take you outside your comfort zone.

Success is not in winning, the real success in trying. You have the guts to stand out alone and for you, your life is matters more than your insecurities. You are the ultimate winner.

8. Don’t take stress for result and focus on work

Not taking care of result help you to explore more and work freely.

It is true we are always on the journey to reach the destination, but if we just focus on the destination, we never reach there. We need to pay attention to the journey and to remove the obstacle.

The same is in life, pay attention to your work only, remove distractions, and don’t take stress about the result.

It is okay to fail, if you fail means that you need to learn more, or you are not ready to win right now. And FAIL is the First Attempt In Learning. Learn more and win more.

9. Leave your comfort zone with your own will

Someone leaves their job(comfort zone) for their passion, someone leaves their sleep, healthy food(comfort zone) for workouts, someone leaves their house(comfort zone) for their careers. But jump with your own will otherwise you may hurt yourself.

Jump out from your comfort zone when you really want, you need to jump to fly. But if you don’t want to fly, don’t forcefully jump.

Will power play an important role to jump from your comfort zone, don’t force yourself to jump if you don’t want or don’t need it.

At a Glance

Black and Yellow Dynamic Frames Community Protest Crisis Hub Infographic by Shivam Gautam

We need to sacrifice something to achieve success and which is our comfort zone. We need to jump out from this.

The reality is that the person who doesn’t want to get in discomfort lives their whole life in discomfort, whether it is money, happiness, health, dream, or anything else. The secret of success lies in getting uncomfortable.

But remember don’t leave your comfort zone for the thing which does not matter to you. Think it again.

Tells us how this article help you to step out of your comfort zone, you need to jump because life begins at the end of your comfort zone

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