Stop Self-doubting- it is the biggest obstacle to achieve your goals, handle it

Start with the quote, Self-Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will… and I feel that. Self-doubt is the biggest obstacle that stops you to achieve your dreams. If you couldn’t handle it, you will never achieve your goals.

Self-doubt is something like mental paralysis that stops us to do something new or different in life. Self-doubt acts as a difference between ‘I wish’ and ‘ I will.

Whether it is a task that seems impossible to us or it is something new to us, we first believe in ourselves that we can do it without doubting ourselves. This article is sum up the things that will help you to stop self-doubting and overcome the biggest obstacle.

Before killing self-doubting we will try to find the reason for your self-doubt.

Reason for your self-doubt

  • You compare yourself pn uneven parameters.
  • You don’t have a clear vision or goals.
  • Your procrastination nature may lead to self-doubting
  • Your negative environment may give you a reason of self-doubting
  • You may have a lot of competition in a certain field
  • or you may have a bad day

By the way, it is okay to have self-doubt, it is human nature but it is not okay to live with it and let kill your dreams. Here we overcome self-doubting just in 7 steps.

7 steps to stop self-doubting

1. Stop Judging yourself

“I am not good for nothing”, ” no one likes me”, ” I can’t be rich”, “I don’t have enough talent to get succeed”, and “I don’t deserve anything”, are some common judgments that you passed about you and they give birth to self-doubt. You make a quick judgment about yourself and lose yourself in self-doubt.

But the reality is that you are too bad to judge yourself and take too seriously your judgment. You don’t even try to your fullest and make a bad assumption about yourself.

Break that nature first of being self-judgmental and the second gets affected by the judgments of negative people.

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2. Focus on the process instead of the result

Don’t look to the final destination, and pay attention to every tiny step.

For some times especially until you stop self-doubting, forget about the result. And it is true you never achieve success until you achieve the mindset of success.

Without showing concern about the final results first, you need to focus on the process and try to learn every possible thing that takes you towards the desired result.

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3. Take a look at your past achievements

This a simple hack to grow your confidence, and you should look at what you achieved till now. Take a look at your past and try to find out how you achieved all these things in life.

It doesn’t matter whether your past success is related to your today’s goal or not, or it may match the level of intensity of that goal but what is matter the most you achieve that success from your efforts and core talent and you can take away a note from your past to future.

Shift your mindset toward success and let circulate positivity in your blood.

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4. Stop the comparison trap

You compare yourself because you have doubt in yourself, and you doubt yourself because you compare yourself with someone on uneven parameters, and that trap never ends until you stop that shit “comparison”.

Stop comparison, believe me, we are not made for it, we all are different and have different positive and negative things. But we force ourselves to become the same as others, it is quite strange.

Don’t ever think any type of comparison make you feel good, it is the thief of joy because you may find someone better than you in different aspect of life.

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5. Addressing the solution to your problem

If we surround ourselves with problems it is obvious that self-doubt will come. But if we live with problems we will become habitual to live within self-doubt.

Problems are a part of life and they will come again and again, it is our duty to address the solution of that problem and proceed to the next problem.

Don’t make a collection of problems(it never looks cool) otherwise, you may reach to Give-up Level. Instead of that, you should work to find the solution to your life.

6. Let your self-doubt be a doubt

Let your doubt be a doubt, don’t make it the reality of life. No one will remember how many times you fail until you tell them your failure story.

If you fail to pursue your goal, believe me, no one in this world is free to rethink your failures. Keep trying without doubting yourself because every time you try, the success rate will increase.

Explore yourself and don’t let self-doubting stop you.

7. Keep calm and believe in yourself

You may feel that your hard work is not paying you well and you can’t achieve what you want. But wait a minute before you make a judgment about yourself. Keep calm, you are not special and everyone feels that. But what you do after it makes a difference.

I believe that hurdle comes in life just to make sure that we are eligible enough to run in the race of life and that exactly applies to goals, these hurdles, struggles and hard works are in need for your goal.

Change the path if it is not working but never change the destination. Make your belief bigger than your doubt and start to believe in yourself, and we all have to.

Take away a note to stop self-doubting

To do something first we need to believe in ourselves that “we can”, and if we are not able to give belief to us then surely we can’t do it. Give yourself at least a chance to win and believe that you can. Stop selfdoubting and unlock your full potential.

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