The ultimate way to find your passion- identify yourself

If you think that your life is precious to you, then do the things which are precious to you. Do the things for which you are passionate. But have you found your passion so far? If not, Let’s find your passion.

In this article, we help you to find your passion and help you to identify yourself.

But before starting, do you know what is passion?

What is Passion?

Passion is something that you do with a lot of enthusiasm or has the desire to do. Focus on the phase, ‘desire to do ‘ not ‘desire to achieve’. We all have a lot of dreams to do but all of them are not of passion.

Passion is something you do with your hearts, you connected to something with your emotion. Passion is one whose results do not affect your performance.

it is something you do with the same intensity after failure. Just think, you have something like this in life?

Why do you need to find your passion?

When passion meets inspiration an obsession is born. When you do something with your heart result are on another level.

Just imagine your day with the things that you love to do. You get up early with excitement, live your passion and go to bed with satisfaction. Could you imagine something better than this?

But a question that everyone asks you when you follow your passion, could you earn with your passion?

and the answer is yes, you do something with your heart and if you put your mind to your passion, you always earn big. Just as a person who loves to write, he could earn by publishing books, E-books, and blogs. A person who loves to motivate, he could earn by podcast, online videos, and public speaking.

Even every small passion have biggest opportunity to earn money. Every passion has a opportunity to earn enormous but you need to put all heart in the process.

Before finding your passion you need to get away from the reason of not finding your passion.

We discuss the reasons of not finding your passion or identify yourself in next segment. Don’t miss.

Now, let’s move on the main motive this article, let’s find your passion.

Find your passion and identify yourself in 6 steps

Identify yourself is an art, and if you are able to find your real side then definitely you will be the superman of your field. You could achieve enormous success in the field that you love.

Let’s try to find your passion

1. Back to childhood

Do you like something in your childhood and quit due to the burden of school. Or you have a hobby when you are a child and quit because you think, there will no career in this.

We talk about childhood because it is the time when you have no pressure, no fear of failures, and you have just a pure intent to do your most loving task.

Try to think, what you love to do without if there is no pressure in life.

It may be possible that you found your passion from the past, analyze your life and make a list of all things that you love to do.

2. Expand your thinking process

At the end of life, we have nothing and we have everything. Just give them time for things that give your real pleasure in life.

The main motive of life should to be live our life to its fullest potential. it may be possible that you feel your passion is not a good career option but believe me, you could do exceptionally well in a field that you always love to do.

Try to find the things which you have love to talk about always, you will found there is a certain task in life for which you never say no. You found many things in which you engage without taking a look at the clock. You will definitely find a task that you love to do from your heart.

3. List of your dreams

It is possible that you found that you have more than one hobby in your past, there may be a lot of things that your want to do or you want to achieve.

Make a list of all your dreams, wishes that you have in your past, make the list without any pressure from society, money, or difficulty level.

List all your dreams and wishes on paper. Make the list and set them according to your priority.

Pen and paper help you to identify yourself, just write anything that you want to do, real or virtual.

4. Choose your best dream

Try to Connect your dreams to your profession, every wish or dream has a career perspective.

Even if playing the video game is your first love, then you could earn by game also. Every dream, wish, or hobby has a professional career, you just to do the same with your full heart.

Here you could think about money, time, and joy all at the same time. Try to choose one that meets all your requirements of you.

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5. Don’t quit what are you doing right now

We all know, we need money to feed our family, so, don’t quit your money-making opportunity right now.

If you pursuing in job or degree, don’t give up right now. Quit all unproductive things from your life and give time to your passion.

Maybe 4 hour day help you to know that it is your real passion or not. If you feel that you are enjoying it after a hectic schedule or you talk about it even on busy days then surely it is your passion.

If you feel it is not your passion, give a try to another one from the list you have made.

6. Quit when you feel sure

Quit everything when you feel that you find your passion. Quit your job when you feel that you could do something great for your life, you continue your journey even result is not favorable.

When you feel that you find something that gives you a reason to live your life, give your precious life to your passion.

If you feel that you didn’t find your passion till now, answer the passion of life quiz.

Here are some questions that you should ask yourself to find your passion.

Find your passion of life Quiz

Ask yourself

  • What’s that: You don’t need to look at the time while doing this, a certain thing which forces you to go with the flow of life
  • What’s that: for which you are always ready to talk and read about, a certain thing which you want to explore more and more every time.
  • What’s that: field in which you want to be best. or want to earn the confidence to be the best.
  • What’s that: that you wished for yourself in childhood.
  • What’s that: if we keep family pressure, money, and social anxiety aside, what is that give you real happiness in your life.
  • What’s that: that you want to achieve before death.

Reasons why you are not finding your passion

We don’t discuss too many but comes to a list that stops you to find your passion.

Believe me, everything is cured, but first, you have to be on your own side. We write a detailed article on each of the reasons, click on the link to read dedicated articles to get rid of these reasons.

And the last thing you should do to find your passion

If you are not able to find your passion till now, then this may be the last thing that will help you.

Give yourself some time, try to live one week without the influence of your family, friends, society, social media, mobile, and other things. Try to calm down your mind, feel your heart.

Now figure out the thing which you miss the most when you disconnected from all distraction, now try to figure out the thing which you want to do as soon as you connected to this world.

And here you find the answer, what is your passion.

End this article with a inspiration note by Leslie Fieger

“A life without passion is not a life – it is merely an existence.”