Try a little kindness- how to treat people with kindness

Everyone knows that we should treat people with kindness but sometimes due to stress or tension, we forget that basic manners and treat people poorly. But do you know, your simple act of kindness could make someone’s day and yours too?

To be kind is equally important for us as well as others. Here we discuss, how your kindness could make someone’s day and 8+ ways on how to treat people with kindness.

1. Smile- this world will smile with you

To smile is probably the simplest yet most powerful thing that we can do to spread kindness. Nothing could be better than this if you are the reason behind someone’s smile.

Mostly, people feel warm and happy when someone is smiling at them. When you smile you are inspiring others to smile and their smile could inspire more people to smile.

Smile with kids, smile with elders, smile with the gatekeeper, smile with the liftman of your building, smile with the world. Smile every time when you see someone need it. The world will smile with you and could spread happiness just by a smile.

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2. Give something to charity

Whether it’s money or time, give something that could add value to someone’s life. Try to help elderly people, play with kids or give some food to the needy one.

If possible, give a tip to the boy who delivers food for you, give something extra to the cab driver, share your food with the peon of your office. Share what you can with needy ones.

Do something for stray animals, like shelter, food or water, it’s bare costs anything to you but it acts as a savior in someone’s life. Your little act of Kindness could change someone’s life.

3. Support someone’s in their hardship

Many people feel jealous of other successes or laugh at hardship but you are not one of them. Be the person who helps someone in their hardship and who enjoys other successes stories too.

You could start with something small, if you stay active on social media, give a shout out to your friend’s online business, you could appreciate your friend for their work. If you find someone in trouble text them by saying,’ I wanna help you, how can I help you?’.

Believe me, everyone remembers the person who helps them in their tough times.

4. Be Kind to you

Many people do the mistake, they try to kind with others but forget to take care of themselves. But when you don’t have kindness with you, your kindness with other looks completely fake.

Be humble and kind to yourself, take care of your thoughts and environment, forgive yourself for your past and more important respect yourself.

Your relationship with others is a reflection of how you treat yourself. To treat others with kindness, you need to be kind to yourself first.

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5. Help someone’s to escape past trauma

To criticize or judge someone’s for their past not makes you a person with good humor rather helps someone to escape from past trauma or stand with them makes you great in their perspective.

If you ever going through a breakup or trauma, you better know, how important is someone in that time. Try to help someone’s in this, take the feeling of satisfaction with you. Be the helping hand for someone’s and help them to escape from that trauma.

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6. Just Listen to someone’s

It could seem awkward to you but most of us have a shortage of people who can listen to us. We always need a good listener to which we could express our emotions.

Listen to someone with focus, making eye contact, avoiding all distractions, respect other’s thoughts and giving a person the time of day is one of the greatest acts of kindness.

Minimize your judgemental skills and understand that we all are in a different life, everyone feels special when they find someone who could listen to them carefully.

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7. Give your best without asking

Do you ever see the happiness of a child, when someone gives him his favorite toy? We are the same when someone gives us our favorite thing without asking.

Try to give happiness to someones without asking. Give a hug to your friend, family or someone who is close to you. A good hug can lift the mood of a person and boost positive emotions.

8. Be Grateful

Kind people have the power to express their gratitude easily. They are always ready to appreciate people for their efforts toward them. Observed nice things around you and send positive notes to people.

A simple text of you could be the reason for a smile for someone. Send positive notes to people via social media and more special if you send someone’s handmade notes or greeting.

Appreciate people with a warm hug, energetic handshake or a happy smile.

Treat people with kindness, it brings joy to our lives.

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