What is self-respect and how to gain self-respect?

Self-respect is the root of self-discipline. Most people find it difficult to respect themselves. The main reason for it that they indulge in the activity that didn’t comes on good terms anyway. Lying, cheating, laziness, drugs, or many bad habits become the reason to disrespect yourself. To gain self-respect we need to be in our good books first.

If you don’t respect yourself then no one will respect yourself and also it becomes more difficult for you to respect anyone else. If you really want to respect yourself you need to be in your good books at least.

You should make a set of rules to follow in life to earn your respect. In this article, we will discuss self-respect and how we can gain self-respect.

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Key points to discuss

  • What is self-respect
  • Why self-respect become important in life
  • How to gain self-respect
  • Benefits of having self-respect
  • Don’t let Ego overshadow your self-respect
  • Why it is difficult to respect ourselves
  • Your self-respect has to be stronger than you feelings

Let’s start

What is self-respect

Self-respect means to value yourself and live a life with your own set of ethics. When you respect yourself for what you are and what you achieved in life, self-respect comes in life.

It starts from when you start to take care of yourself after accepting your pros and cons of life. When you see yourself in the mirror and the positive vibes come, that is self-respect. Self-respect is When you don’t let yourself down in any situation.

Why it is become difficult to respect ourselves?

Self-respect comes when you are happy, full of confidence and you know you are doing good in life. And most important when you live your dream life.

But if you find that you have a lack of confidence and have a feeling that you are on the wrong track that it becomes difficult to respect yourself.

You start disrespecting your thoughts, views, choices, and decisions. Literally, having low self-respect give you a feeling of uselessness.

Why self-respect become important in life?

I recently meet a fitness freak and he avoids junk food because he respects his body and he knows junk food has a negative impact on his health. Respecting your body, your soul becomes more obvious to live the best life.

Our life is the reflection of how we treat ourselves. Self-respect helps to take the right decision in life. It is quite important to live the quality of life that you deserve to live.

it is responsible for the boost in self-confidence, self-esteem, focus, and self-discipline.

How to gain self-respect

Here are 10 tips to gain self-respect

1. Accept yourself

Accept yourself for what you are. By Accepting your pros and cons you become eligible to respect yourself. Accepting your reality is becomes most important to respect yourself.

2. Forgive and move on

Many people find it difficult to forgive them for the mistakes they have done in past. Self-forgiveness is the key to maintain self-respect. Maybe you feel guilty for previous mistakes but forgive yourself and move on is the best solution to live. Forgive yourself for the cheat day, forgive yourself for misusing alcohol, forgive yourself for every fault you made in past. You need to move on and live in present, now you are a well sustainable character.

3. Set a task for the day and achieve it

I am a big fan of setting the daily task, the first thing in the morning that assign the task to you for the whole day. The feeling of achievement after competence of task gives you more power to respect ourselves. Live up to expectations will give you more reasons to respect ourselves.

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4. Talk to yourself

talk to yourself

Talk to yourself about everything. Take an opinion from you in any decision. Get to know yourself. The more you talk with yourself, the more you know yourself, and the more you know, the more you respect yourself. Show faith in you. Respect your thoughts even in front of the mirror

5. Take Responsibility

Take responsibility for the task in the office, in-home, or in a relationship. Don’t step back from a responsibility. Responsibilities help you to grow and make you more mature. Every responsibility makes you strong every time.

6. Respect others

If you don’t respect others, how anyone can respect you, and if others did not respect you, how can you respect yourself? Don’t break the cycle, respect everyone. It is one of the most important factors to gain self-respect. Respect others and expect the respect you deserve from others. and if anyone disrespects you don’t take them seriously because they don’t even know the meaning of respect.

7. Respect your emotions

You emotion are as important as you. You are angry, feeling sad or happy, or in love, respect them. Emotions are a way to express ourselves. Don’t wait for the approval of anyone to take a decision for you. If you have any feeling, express it. Don’t be guilty about not expressing your emotions.

8. Add ethics and value in life

Ethics and value are necessary to live a respectful life. Be strict about ethics and value. Establish your rules, principle, and own standard of living. Tell about correct, incorrect to you, and try to be in your good books.

9. Improve your physical and mental health

Love your body, love your mind. Give at least 30 minutes to you for the workout, 30 minutes is about 2% of the day but this 2% has a huge impact on your life. Work to improve your life by improving your physical and mental health. Do Gym, yoga, running, or meditation on daily basis. it will grow your love towards your body by day by day.

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10. Live your dream life

We all have a dream life in our minds about what we want to be in life. But situations are different and we are not living it. The reason could be many but at least we should try to achieve it. We should follow our passion and don’t forget we just have one life. We need to work harder to achieve our dream and ambition. This chasing will boost your self-respect. If it is possible then motivate others to chase their dreams. it will give you a special respectable place in their life.

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Benefits of having self-respect

A long of benefits that could help you to understand the value of self-respect and gives you a clarity that why you gain self-respect.

  1. You have a positive perspective to see yourself.
  2. You have guts to the stand-alone even in odd situations.
  3. Your ethics help you to identify right and wrong.
  4. You feel confident in every situation.
  5. You will love yourself.
  6. Don’t feel demotivated and could be a self-motivator.
  7. You respect others because you know the value of respect.
  8. Peoples respect you because you respect them.
  9. You take responsibility for right and wrong.
  10. You set a standard for your life.
  11. It could preserve from addictions.
  12. You have more clarity about life.

Self-respect vs Ego

There is a thin line between self-respect and ego.

Self-respect is related to your attitude about your life while ego mentions others and sometimes comparison to others.

Self-respect means I can do it while ego tells that only I can do it. Don’t let ego overshadow your attitude of respecting yourself.

Ego is a feeling of not accepting that someone do it better than you and live in a fear of losing while self-respect is a balance between your feeling and others feelings.

Is your self-respect has to be stronger than your feelings?

Love is stronger than anything, if there is love then you both become one, and one’s respect is of others. So, here is a need to respect each other.

If you know relation is permanent, then there is no need to distinguish between you and your partner respect. But if you know your feeling is one-sided or your partner is not permanent then the answer will be yes, your self-respect has to be more strong than your feelings.

If your partner didn’t have a concern about your respect then there is no matter to compromise with your self-respect.

The biggest mistake we did in a relationship to lose our self-respect in front of people who don’t even care for you. We did everything for them to be in our life but in this scenario, we lose our self-respect.

A person may go from your life and your all efforts may go to vain for them but the worst thing that you lost your self-respect in this process.

You feel broken, stressed, even low at that of life because you lose one of the most important assets of your life, you lose your self-respect.

Sometimes, controlling your emotions could strength your self-respect, you should maintain a level of respect for yourself even in front of the mirror.

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